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$24m+ for subscription innovation
$24m+ for subscription innovation

$9m+ in fresh funding to continue to build the most innovative and impactful growth tools available.

Obvi increases 2nd orders by 85%
Obvi increases 2nd orders by 85%

Stay is the only platform with a full suite of A/B testing tools that Obvi could use to optimize the perfect GWP program.

Curie increases revenue by 153%
Curie increases revenue by 153%

Learn how Stay’s platform and strategy support helped Curie double in less than three months.

Lifeboost Reduces Churn By 35% Using Stay’s Proprietary Churn-Busting Features
Lifeboost Reduces Churn By 35% Using Stay’s Proprietary Churn-Busting Features

Moving off an outdated legacy app unlocks 7-figure annual growth.

Lifeboost Grows Add-On Revenue 120%+
Lifeboost Grows Add-On Revenue 120%+

Stay AI Ramped Subscriber AOV with an unparalleled customer portal experience.

Upsell Revenue
Upsell Revenue
ARR Saved Last Year
ARR Saved Last Year
Reduction in CX Tickets
Reduction in CX Tickets
Ave. Reduction in Churn
Ave. Reduction in Churn
Subscriber AOV
Subscriber AOV
Increase in Subscriber Retention
Increase in Subscriber Retention
Churn Rate
Churn Rate
Join top Shopify brands that have upgraded and are supercharging revenue growth.

Why Stay AI

Subscription Innovation Leader

Stay’s strategy and research flywheel is second to none. We drive the industry forward with more first-to-market features then every other provider combined. Don’t get left behind!

Powerful AI Powered Features

Stay is the only Shopify subscription app leveraging AI to produce better revenue outcomes. Typically, our AI powered features beat human settings by 20-30%. Sit back and let the extra revenue stack up.

Full A/B Testing Suite

We moved the industry from “set it and forget it” to gamification and optimization. Our robust A/B testing suite makes it possible to manager your subscription program like a performance channel.

A Stable & Reliable Platform

Enterprise-quality products require a different level of rigor around scaling, feature quality, and configuration. Our engineering leadership has decades of experience in scale and stability from Fullstory, Google, etc.

Built To Increase Revenue

We focus on building features that meaningfully change your business. Data informs our product roadmap and we ensure that what we’re building is truly impactful in increasing your revenue.

Industry Leading Support

Stay’s founding team built a highly regarded CPG focused growth agency. Our CX function mirrors the level of service and strategy you’d expect from a boutique agency. Let us help you grow!

The subscription growth platform with unparalleled features and performance

Designed by marketers, for marketers. Built by world-class engineers and data scientists. Stay’s constant innovation will keep your recurring revenue growing. 

1. Subscription Programs
Reliable tools for every program
2. ExperienceEngine™
A promo builder to maximize LTV
3. RetentionEngine™
Cut churn by 20-40%
4. Analytics & Proprietary AI
Robust A/B testing & personalization

Features to make your
subscription program awesome.

Increase recurring revenue with meticulously optimized subscriber touchpoints and unique experiences.

No-Code Portals

Leverage the most comprehensive out-of-the-box portal available as a loyalty-driving microsite. Or build a custom portal off our robust API.

Dynamic Bundle Builder

Your bundling problems, solved. Let your customers build and manage dynamic bundles right in the customer portal — now with personalized upsells built in.

Banners & Personalization

Promote upcoming launches, new content, and more using our banner builder combined with a product carousel with extensive logic rules.

Automations & Workflows

Everything you need to build a unique subscription program: trials and intro offers, SKU swapping, discount tiering, boxes, and more!

Prepaid & Giftable

Stay powers a split portal experience, so gift givers and recipients can manage their preferences and payments for a seamless experience for all.

Flexible Bundle Options

No duplicate products, parent product rule sets, flexible discount options, flexible min/max bundle quantities, and post purchase editing.

Cut CX tickets in half with frictionless subscriber touchpoints and a best-in-class merchant toolset.

Simple Subscriber Login

Use passwordless login to send your customers a 4-digit code via email or SMS, or utilize our tokenized login once a customer logs into Shopify.

Out-of-Stock Notifications

Don’t cancel orders. Let customers know they need to swap their product, or automatically send a partial order if the rest of the cart meets requirements.

SMS Chatbot

Save your subscribers time and increase LTV via a customizable SMS chatbot for order reminders, product swaps, one-time add-ons, and more.

Flexible Shipping & Billing

Complex rules for price, area, weight, etc. that set the right shipping rules for your business. Choose the billing time that works best for your 3PL and CX teams.

Drag & Drop Email Builder

A WYSIWYG editor lets you customize your email notifications so you can easily keep your visuals consistent and branded across all platforms.

Universal URL Builder

Go beyond Klaviyo with 12 universal “quick actions” that can be customized and deployed anywhere in your marketing mix.

Bulk Edits & Quick Actions

Countless tools to reduce ticket response time including bulk actions, advanced filtering, audit logs, and CX quick actions right on the subscriptions page.

Experience Engine

Increase AOV and proactively reduce churn with our fully integrated promotions builder.

Reduce Churn With Gifts

Surprise and delight your subscribers with free gifts and special offers to cut down churn and increase loyalty.

Increase AOV With Smart Upsells & Offers

Deliver unique, subscriber-only offers to the right customers with a robust segment-builder for personalization.

Improve All Your KPIs With A/B Testing

Stop the guessing game. Stay is the only platform with real A/B testing tools. Test with confidence and monitor every data point along the way.

AI Personalization & Optimization

Leverage our predictive analytics to identify customer cohorts based on most likely actions, then let our AI personalize and optimize for you.

Manage your subscriber base like a performance channel and build the lifecycle management and promotional strategy that transforms your business

Stay’s ExperienceEngine™ automatically quarterbacks touch points across the customer portal, transactional emails, Klaviyo marketing emails, and more! 

Build experiences for every part of a subscriber journey in 30 seconds: 

  1. Build a segment based on attributes like order number, product, etc. 
  2. Configure your offer by choosing a product, discount etc.  
  3. Setup an A/B test or flip on Stay’s AI to auto-optimize 

Monitor every aspect of your promotion via comprehensive real-time reporting that tracks 25 KPIs. No need for any manual work or 3rd party tools.

Increase in add-on revenue
Increase in 2nd order conversion
Increase in 3rd order converion
Increase in add-on revenue
The original Cancel Flows

RetentionEngine™ has saved $500m in subscription revenue from active & passive churn

RetentionEngine lets you build a dynamic cancel flow that captures insights on why your customers are canceling, works to retain them, and then reactivates former customers.

Clean up the holes in your subscription program. Keep track of why customers are canceling, what can be done to keep them, which segments are churning, and how churn is trending over time.

Want to learn more? Stay acquired RetentionEngine in 2022 including years of built-up IP.


The only app leveraging AI to improve outcomes – reduce churn up to 30% more than other platforms.
No-Code Cancel Flows

Start saving lost revenue with our sophisticated no-code cancel survey builder. It’s easy to set up and manage, and only takes 15 minutes to turn on.

AI Optimized Cancel Offers

Our reinforcement models have been trained on billions of data points to drive optimal offer personalization.

Dunning With AI Powered Retries

Beyond standard dunning logic Stay leverages machine learning and a variety of data points to minimize failed payments.

WinbackEngine™ Saves Lost Subscribers

Leverage our new time optimized win-back offers to trigger the right reactivation messages at the right time.

Reduction in churn
Reduction in churn
Reduction in churn
Reduction in churn


And that’s not to mention a game
changing data platform 

Stay is the industry-leading pioneer in leveraging AI to optimize subscription and retention efforts.
Executive Dashboard

Digestible, actionable, and holistic dashboards. From product performance to customer portal interactions, to revenue forecasting, everything is at your fingertips and exportable.

Predictive Analytics

Leveraging supervised and unsupervised learning models, Stay incorporates regression, forecasting, and clustering to predict outcomes and power personalization across the platform.

Cohort & Churn Reporting

Robust cohort comparison graphs allow you to do side-by-side comparisons of 16 metrics to truly track performance over time. Additional dashboards capture cancellation survey data, save rates, and so much more.

Portal Interaction Dashboard

Review how customers are engaging with your portal, and drill down into the number of subscriber behaviors per date range including skips, reactivations, SMS opt-ins, swaps, pauses, and next-order gifting.

AI Powered Surprise & Delight

Step into the future with churn risk predictions paired up with live learning models that automatically identify if a customer is a churn risk and put the right offer in front of them to reduce churn and maximize AOV.

AI Optimized Churn Reduction

Stay’s proprietary AI saves customers with personalized treatments based on their behavior. Our AI model learns how different customer segments behave over time, and then applies those learnings to deliver the optimal churn rebuttal treatment to each customer.

Increase in subscription revenue
Increase in subscription revenue
Increase in subscription revenue
Increase in subscribers

Seamless onboarding. Transformational business outcomes.

“Super happy with our move to Stay Ai. It’s been a big upgrade. The portal is much more user friendly and doesn’t require dev work like with other subscription apps. It’s been a positive experience for our customers who can now more easily manage their subscriptions and for our customer service team who can now help out customers more quickly than before. Onboarding is super smooth and support is very responsive. Highly recommend.”

Ruth Marriott, Cofounder – A Pup Above

“If you are not using Stay Ai for your subscription needs, you need to re-evaluate your entire business. I don’t even know where to begin about why you need to be on Stay Ai. The tech in incredible, the team is amazing, and the most important thing that everyone seems to forget is that customers LOVE how easy it is to manage their subscriptions. There’s so many features built in to the app that other apps don’t have that drastically increase your customers LTV and decreases Churn. HIGHLY recommended.””

Ash Melwani, Chief Marketing Officer – Obvi

“Enables us to create custom subscription cadences based on our unique Hangover needs – couldn’t have done it without this app, honestly. Clean, intuitive user experience & platform – highly recommend.”

Brittany Harshbarger, Associate Director, Growth Marketing – Vita Coco

“So happy we made the switch from ReCharge! Great customer portal, and even better support! The Stay AI team has been so incredibly helpful with setting up our subscription program, and helping grow it!”

Sarah Moret, Founder – Curie

“We were completely sold on switching from Recharge to Stay Ai after seeing this feature for the first time on the demo. This was it for us. It’s so much easier to navigate than our old portal.”

Michelle Paulhus, Sr. Growth Marketing and Retention Manager – OLIPOP

Tech Partners: Integrations With 50+ Of Your Favorite Tools

Beyond integrating directly with Shopify, Stay seamlessly works with the rest of your tech stack. Have questions or don’t see what you need? Reach out and we’ll make it happen!