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A new approach to subscription that increases the king of all metrics, LTV.

Finally, a platform built from the ground up to actively grow your subscription revenue via a suite of AI powered acquisition, retention, and churn reduction tools. Designed by and for marketers. Built by world-class engineers, data scientists, and AI experts.

Increase subscriber AOV (revenue) by 10-15% with our ExperienceEngine™

Ever wonder what adding a free gift on the second order would do for retention? How about testing different discount types for add-on products? We have no shortage of tools, but start with our proprietary experience builder and scale promotions that help reduce churn, bump AOV, and of course, increase LTV.

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Stay Ai

Reduce subscriber churn by up to 47% with RetentionEngine™

Use the most powerful churn reduction tool in the market ( now part of Stay Ai ) to build dynamic cancel flows. Capture insights on why your customers are canceling, use personalized treatments to retain them, and let the powerful AI continue to improve your program.

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Stay Ai

Everything else you expect, just better.

Customer Portal

A supercharged customer portal with no-code editing, up-sell carousel, and banner ads to feature all your latest and greatest products.

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Subscription Basics

Setup the subscription program that’s right for you. Create sophisticated programs with trials, sample kits, bundle builders, and so much more with ease.

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Robust Analytics & A/B Testing

Which offer works better? Is churn reduced if we offer a GWP every other month? Test all your lifecycle offers with automated A/B testing.

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And if you don’t want to take our word for it…