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A powerful promotion engine with automated A/B testing and AI optimization.

ExperienceEngine™ is a thoughtful and fully integrated toolset to manage your subscriber base like a performance channel. Don’t be fooled by the copycats. We moved the industry from “set it and forget it” to performance and gamification.

Stay AI Recharge, etc.
AI Powered Personalization

Let our AI and predictive analytics put the right promotion or upsell in front of each subscriber on a one-to-one personalized basis.

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25 KPI Dashboard

We automatically track 25 KPIs so you can fully understand how a promotion or offer impacts your subscription program

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Fully Integrated System

Stay’s ExperienceEngine™ automatically personalizes email notifications and portals

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first day
Increase in add-on revenue
Increase in add-on revenue
Increase in 3rd Order Conversion
Increase in 2nd Order Conversion

Powerful Promotion & Offer Management

Manage a sophisticated subscriber retention program without all the headaches. Build promotional campaigns in less than 30 seconds. Segment your subscribers based on attributes like order cycle, product, and more; then deploy gifts, upsells, and cross-sells with ease.

Segmentation & Rulesets

Deliver unique, subscriber-only offers to the right customers with the most robust segment-building functionality available on a subscription platform.

Boost AOV With Targeted Offers

Segment and offer different subscriber cohorts a variety of targeted offers. Have a new product? Let’s sample it with a cohort of customers and monitor the take rate at different discount levels.

Reduce Churn with Gifts & Samples

Reduce churn with surprises for your top customers. Will a gift with purchase on order three reduce churn? Let’s find out!

“Always On” Cross Sells Testing

Run evergreen promotional campaigns across cohorts to cross-sell subscribers into ancillary product categories or upsell one-off items to increase AOV.

Seamless Automation

ExperienceEngine™ was built into our platform from day one. The fully integrated feature set automatically updates dynamic blocks within your email notificaitons.

In-Portal Offers

Deploy personalized offers automatically in the customer portal 1:1 based on promotions rules or automated AI optimization.

Automated Testing & AI Optimization

Test everything to maximize your AOV. What’s the best discount to offer a subscriber on a new product? We’re not sure either, so we built automated testing so you can try different discounts, offers, etc. and figure out exactly what is going to move the needle for your brand.

Automated A/B Testing

Test different products as upsells or the same product with different discount amounts to see what the most successful upsell offer is. Or try a gift at a high churn shipment (ex: order three) and see if it moves the needle and improves subscriber lifetime value.

Detailed Promo Analytics

For each promotional test we provide detailed reporting on 25+ KPIs like lifetime value, take rate, and retention rate. No manual calculations. Our detailed reporting ensures you have everything at your fingertips.

AI Optimization & Personalization

Let our AI engine power one-of-one personalized lifecycle experiences for your customers. Reduce churn and bulk up your LTV with powerful machine learning.

Dedicated Strategy Support

Not sure where to get started? Our dedicated team of strategists can help you implement the right promotions to maximize AOV at every shipment cycle and reduce subscriber churn.


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