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Our Story:

A look at why we built Stay AI.

Stay AI is led by savvy ecommerce industry vets, who have each been building subscription programs for over ten years.

We’ve worked with 500+ subscription-focused CPG brands that have generated hundreds of millions in subscription revenue alone.

During that journey, we noticed all the missed opportunities and the gaps in the current “providers.” We listened to our clients’ problems, and we learned. Our product is shaped by lifelong marketers who specialize in acquisition and retention, not developers—and it shows.

We’ve worked together in a variety of roles—in-house, agency-side, and as co-founders over the last 6 years-and we’re so excited to bundle all our expertise into Stay Ai.


Founding Team

Gina Perrelli

Co-Founder, CEO

Gina previously was a co-founder at Lunar Solar Group, a high-growth full-service digital agency specializing in CPG ecommerce programs. At Lunar she was the Managing Director of the retention division, driving millions of dollars in monthly revenue across countless CPG brands. She is responsible for launching countless high-performing subscription programs from the ground up for brands like Olipop, Obvi, and Vita Coco.


Subscription programs launched and optimized


Time ecommerce enablement founder


Million in revenue generated via email marketing

Pierson Krass

Co-Founder, CEO

Pierson is the founder and CEO of Lunar Solar Group. He’s spent the last 15+ years building brands and digital marketing programs, with extensive expertise in DTC. Pierson has overseen the deployment of over $500m in advertising across every channel and platform available. In 2019, he was recognized on Forbes 30 Under 30 list for his exceptional work in the Food & Beverage space.


Million dollars in media spend managed


Shopify themes launched and optimized


Ecommerce enablement companies founded

Taylor Cawiezell

Co-Founder, CEO

Taylor has been developing internal and external programmatic solutions for companies for the last nine years. He started doing freelance graphic design at the age of seventeen and found a passion for programming after receiving his bachelor’s degree in Web Engineering. At Stay.Ai, Taylor directs the development process, aspiring to bring the most efficient, scalable, and creative ideas to the table.

Why Work With Stay


Stay’s features don’t just check a boX on a marketing page. They are well-crafted and provide substantive value to the businesses that we support. We build to ensure ease of use and to minimize complexity and the need for development support.


We pride ourselves on close relationships with our merchants and we value their feedback on what their needs are at all stages of their growth journey. A high degree of trust and communication creates the best innovation outcomes and ensures our partner’s subscription programs are best-in-class.


Stay isn’t hampered by outdated technology and legacy thinking. We keep our finger on the pulse of the industry and find creative solutions to problems that aren’t being addressed by eXisting providers. Our lack of technical debt allows us to move rapidly as new opportunities are uncovered that help our partners grow.


We focus on building features that meaningfully change our merchant’s business outcomes. By using data to inform our product roadmap and feature improvements, we ensure that what we’re building is truly impactful. We are performance driven at our core with customer lifetime value being the guiding light.

Built For Serious Brands

Enterprise-quality products require a different level of rigor around scaling, feature quality, and configuration. By focusing on working with a tighter group of merchants, Stay can focus on building best in class solutions for your specific needs. We have no desire to service thousands of SMBs and be a “one size” fits all solution like our peers.

Industry Leadership

We don’t just want to build a subscription app. We want to have a transformative effect on the way in which subscription brands engage with their customer base. Stay’s strategy and research flywheel is second to none. We drive the industry forward.

Leadership Team

Stephanie Brubaker

VP of Engineering

Stephanie is an experienced engineering leader with deep technical roots and a passion for product vision and strategy. Previously she helped build FullStory from the ground up as their founding engineer.

Karin Brashears

Product Management Lead

An experienced product leader, Karin helps shape the product’s vision and transforms innovations into action plans, while managing priorities, development, and feature eXpansion. Prev: Anthem,

Jason Bessonette

Lead Backend Developer

A full-stack software engineer responsible for architecting and optimizing the core engine of our platform, ensuring scalability, performance, and security. Prev: MagicQuote, VOMO

Emre Celik

Engineering Lead

A platform engineer with 20+ years experience in cutting-edge, scalable solutions for early-stage startups. Prev: Hulu, NBC Digital Entertainment, and Carro, an ecomm solution for brands and content creators.

Timothy Fraser

Director, Customer Experience

Timothy is customer success expert with 10+ years experience leading support and success teams in the Shopify with a focus on the subscription ecosystem. Previously: Skio, Shopify, and Vidyard

Jordan Roth

AI & ML Lead

Jordan is an eXperienced data scientist working on intelligent learning algorithms that turn vast data into cutting-edge features. Previously, he was an ML engineer at Bellwethr (acquired by Stay Ai).

Maya Maceda

Lead Backend Engineer

With nearly 15 years of experience, Maya architects and optimizes core product functionality, delivering innovative, scalable solutions for a seamless user experience. Prev: TeamSense and ExonMobile

Joshua Hargrove

Senior DevOps Engineer

Josh orchestrates seamless integration between development and operations, ensuring rapid, reliable releases, elevating product quality, and accelerating delivery of a whole host of innovative features. Prev: Angi


Nik Sharma
Founder, Sharma Brands
Our Venture Partners


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