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Custom pricing and features are available for enterprise merchants. Please get in touch so we can figure out the best way to meet your needs.

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What counts as a transaction?

A transaction is any order that includes a subscription product. For example, if a customer has four items in their order — two subscription items and two one-time add-ons — this will count as a transaction.

Contracts: What’s the deal?

No long-term contracts! Our plan is month-to-month, allowing you to cancel at any time with 30-days notice.

What’s the billing schedule?

Our billing period is monthly, with the amount charged upon completion of the billing period.

Sold. When can we start?

How about next week? Hit the “Get Started” button or reach out to us at getstarted@stay.ai. We’ll get you started with one of our Account Executives. Typically, it takes about a week to be fully set up.