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One plan, no surprises.

Consolidate your tech stack with the most robust subscription platform available on Shopify. Free migrations and a dedicated onboarding team makes switching hassle free!
$499 / Month

1% + 19¢ per transaction

No surprises! Everything is included:

  • Subscription Management Tools
  • ExperienceEngine™ – Offer Testing
  • RetentionEngine™ – Churn Reduction
  • DecisionEngine™ – Data Platform
  • Digital Punch Cards – Loyalty
Custom Pricing

Let us figure out the best way to meet your needs

Everything included in Pro and:

  • Custom development
  • Dedicated Strategist with personalized growth planning
  • Product roadmap feature prioritization
  • And more!

Why switch to Stay?

Subscription Innovation Leader

Stay’s strategy and research flywheel is second to none. We drive the industry forward with more first-to-market features then every other provider combined. Don’t get left behind!

Impactful AI Powered Features

Stay is the only Shopify subscription app leveraging AI to produce better revenue outcomes. Typically, our AI powered features beat human settings by 20-30%. Sit back and let the extra revenue stack up.

Full A/B Testing Toolset

We moved the industry from “set it and forget it” to gamification and optimization. Our robust A/B testing suite makes it possible to manager your subscription program like a performance channel.

Stable & Reliable

Enterprise-quality products require a different level of rigor around scaling, feature quality, and configuration. Our engineering leadership has decades of experience in scale and stability from Fullstory, Google, etc.

Built To Increase Revenue

We focus on building features that meaningfully change your business. Data informs our product roadmap and we ensure that what we’re building is truly impactful in increasing your revenue.

Industry Leading Support

Stay’s founding team built a highly regarded CPG focused growth agency. Our CX function mirrors the level of service and strategy you’d expect from a boutique agency. Let us help you grow!

A comprehensive platform with dozens of revenue driving features you won’t find anywhere else.

Subscription Management
  • Supercharged no-code portal
  • In-portal banners and personalized offers
  • Easy bundle setup, build-a-box, etc.
  • Universal URL builder with 12 “quick actions”
  • Integrated promotion and offer engine
  • Upsells, cross-sells, free gifts, and more
  • Automated A/B testing and reporting
  • AI powered optimization and personalization
  • Churn surveys and personalized offers
  • Analytics: Reasons for cancels
  • Dunning with AI optimized retries
  • Smart winbacks with AI timing optimization
  • Comprehensive executive dashboard
  • Predictive analytics with churn risk forecasts
  • 17 cohort views and multi KPI comparisons
  • A/B testing dashboard with 25 KPIs automatically tracked
Digital Punch Cards (New!)
  • No-code subscriber loyalty program
  • Pre-purchase subscriber incentives
  • Comprehensive rulesets
Merchant Tools & Support
  • Bulk edits, CX quick actions, etc.
  • Robust billing and OOS settings
  • Free white-glove migration
  • 1-2 hour CX ticket responses
Trusted by 500+ High Growth Brands

If you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers.

Is there a free trial?

If you’d like to test Stay in a development or staging environment please contact us.

Is there an additional cost for anything?

No, everything is included.

What counts as a transaction?

A transaction is any order that includes a subscription product. For example, if a customer has four items in their order — two subscription items and two one-time add-ons — this will count as a transaction.

What’s the billing schedule?

Our billing period is monthly, with the amount charged upon completion of the billing period.

Contracts, what’s the deal?

For standard plans there is no long-term contract. Our Shopify app is month-to-month, allowing you to cancel at any time. For custom pricing we require an annual contract.

Do you do guaranteed fee tiers like some of your peers?

No, we don’t believe in locking merchants into fix contacts that could hurt their business.

Sold, when and how can I get started?

How about next week? Hit the “Get Started” button or reach out to us at We’ll get you started with one of our Account Executives. Typically, it takes about a week to be fully set up.