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Wall of Love

What our merchants have to say about us.
Emmet Kulka, Head of CX + Retention |
Stay Ai has been a huge upgrade over our previous subscription app. Their support + onboarding team have been exceptionally helpful in getting everything set up correctly, would absolutely recommend to anyone considering switching to a better subscription app.
Darren Middlesworth, President |
The Stay Ai team have demonstrated a commitment to partnership with our subscription strategy that is unparalleled in our 10 years of Shopify DTC experience. Our loyal subscribers are loving the seamless interface and customizability of their subscription plans. It’s a win win partnership!!
Adam Hepburn, Director |
The onboarding experience was amazing. They hunted me down to get it done. Very responsive and the app is far better than recharge (which I used for roughly a year back in 2019). There's more options to build out packages and the analytics I have are amazing.
Ash Melwani, Chief Marketing Officer|
If you are not using Stay Ai for your subscription needs, you need to re-evaluate your entire business. I don’t even know where to begin about why you need to be on Stay Ai. The tech in incredible, the team is amazing, and the most important thing that everyone seems to forget is that customers LOVE how easy it is to manage their subscriptions. There’s so many features built in to the app that other apps don’t have that drastically increase your customers LTV and decreases Churn. HIGHLY recommended.
Nate Hampel, Director of Ecommerce |
Kaged Muscle
These guys are rockstars. We were super worried about a messy transition and it ended up being the cleanest migration I could have hoped for. Support is next level. They're always available to help. Things we need to get figured out, we can get taken care of quickly with their fast response times. Also - the reporting dashboard is so simple. No need to run through endless reports. These guys are the real deal! Definitely recommend.
Grace Greenwood, Senior Manager – CX |
Happy Viking
We added Stay Ai to our Shopify site and have been totally impressed with their team! They patiently answered questions about implementation, are helpful with troubleshooting, and are always super speedy to respond. This app has been an upgrade from our previous solution and we look forward to seeing how the features continue to grow :)
Selom Agbitor, Cofounder |
Mad Rabbit
Legendary App, Happy, we switched to it. Hoping they release more features in the future, but everything is going in the right direction.
Eddie Zelenak, Founder & CMO |
Buoy Hydration
We've had three subscription platforms before Stay Ai—yes, even that one. This is the only subscription tech that has the features and tools a DTC brand needs to turn your recurring orders from a glorified payment processor into a retention channel. Features that seem like a no-brainer for a subscription program are missing in the other options.
Brittany Harshbarger, Associate Director – Growth Marketing |
Vita Coco
Enables us to create custom subscription cadences based on our unique Hangover needs - couldn't have done it without this app, honestly. Clean, intuitive user experience & platform - highly recommend.
Brenda Godinez, Head of Retention |
Surely Wines
We wanted a better subscription portal UX because we're launching a brand new subscription program (Wine Club!) and Stay Ai's UX delivers. It's on-brand, visually pleasing, clear and super easy to use. They make it ultra easy for people to manage their subscription - customers can add 1-time or recurring items to their shipments in just a few clicks, swap their products, gift their subscription (!), pause for X amounts of time, or just cancel. They can also manage their subscriptions through SMS with their chatbot! It's the type of portal I'd like to have as a user. Their team made the transition really easy, which is a lot to say because changing tools is often hard.
Stephanie Mina, Growth Manager |
Ever & Ever
Stay Ai is the best-in-class subscription platform for modern day, savvy, time crunched consumers (and marketers!). Best decision ever. We're so happy that we switched over. They provide our consumers with a unique subscription experience that is unparalleled.
Kyle Seebohm, Director of Growth |
Stay Ai is a significant upgrade over the legacy subscription apps with its functionality actually being geared towards the customer lifecycle. The white glove onboarding was a significant help to our resource-constrained team and we can't wait to see what functionality comes out next.
Cameron Faist, Director of Ecommerce |
Aura Bora
After installing Stay Ai, our revenue from subscriptions grew by 73%. Hard to argue against that. Migration from previous platform was straight forward and the merchant portal allows us to get the insights we need to drive actionable updates to our strategy. The customizations with offers and the chat service are unmatched to any other subscription app, allowing us to drive incremental growth and reduce CX tickets regarding subscriptions. Would highly recommend.
Ruth Marriott, Cofounder |
A Pup Above
Super happy with our move to Stay Ai. It's been a big upgrade from Recharge. The portal is much more user friendly and doesn't require dev work like with other subscription apps. It's been a positive experience for our customers who can now more easily manage their subscriptions and for our customer service team who can now help out customers more quickly than before. Onboarding is super smooth and support is very responsive. Highly recommend.
Matt Feldman, Founder |
Moku Foods
Switched from Recharge to Stay Ai and am SO happy we made the move. Everything about Stay Ai is better and cleaner than Recharge. Our subscribers are also seeing the benefits which makes us the most happy.
Nathan Woods, COO |
Run Gum
Stoked about what Stay Ai already has and even more so pumped about what they are building. The experience our CX team has within the Admin dashboard is so much easier than other subscription apps and our customers love interacting with their dashboard. The tools Stay Ai has to create a better experience and grow your subscription biz are the best around.
Paul Janowitz, Founder |
Stay Ai is amazing. Super clean, intuitive, easy to use with great migration support and customer service. It has the subscription features we have been looking for, all out of the box with a ton of of additional features to increase AOV and reduce churn. Can 't recommend highly enough.