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Believe the hype:
See what our merchants have to say about Stay.

“So happy we made the switch from ReCharge! Great customer portal, and even better support! The Stay AI team has been so incredibly helpful with setting up our subscription program, and helping grow it!”
“Migrating to Stay AI was simple and a pleasure. The team is great to work with, extremely responsive and efficient.”
“Stay makes subscription management so easy, for both our customers and team. It’s intuitive, offers in depth analytics, and the team provides truly unparalleled support throughout the migration process and beyond. They are consistently working on new features and improvements. Highly recommend!”
“I’m so glad we switched from Recharge. Their team is extremely helpful, and their user interface and features are far superior.”
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Migrating was simple
“Migrating to Stay AI was simple and a pleasure. The team is great to work with; extremely response and efficient.”
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I’m already recommending
“I’ve been working hand in hand with Stay for the last couple months and the result is churn decreasing from around 60% to 30% at Month 2 for a beverage brand. I love the features and how easily it connects with Klaviyo to create a better customer experience with Subscriptions. I’m already recommending it to other e-commerce brands I know!”
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The customer support is phenomenal
“We genuinely enjoy working with Stay Ai, which is certainly saying something if you’ve worked with other subscription apps. The features are there, but more importantly to us, the customer support is phenomenal. Hopping on calls, quick replies to emails & chats, whatever we’ve needed, Stay has helped us get it live. Little things that were a headache with Recharge are easy to handle within Stay’s platform. We have no regrets with the switch and I’ve recommended them many times since migration.”
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Seamless onboarding. Transformational business outcomes.

“Enables us to create custom subscription cadences based on our unique Hangover needs – couldn’t have done it without this app, honestly. Clean, intuitive user experience & platform – highly recommend.”

Brittany Harshbarger, Associate Director, Growth Marketing – Vita Coco

“If you are not using Stay Ai for your subscription needs, you need to re-evaluate your entire business. I don’t even know where to begin about why you need to be on Stay Ai. The tech in incredible, the team is amazing, and the most important thing that everyone seems to forget is that customers LOVE how easy it is to manage their subscriptions. There’s so many features built in to the app that other apps don’t have that drastically increase your customers LTV and decreases Churn. HIGHLY recommended.””

Ash Melwani, Chief Marketing Officer – Obvi

“We were completely sold on switching from Recharge to Stay Ai after seeing this feature for the first time on the demo. This was it for us. It’s so much easier to navigate than our old portal.”

Michelle Paulhus, Sr. Growth Marketing and Retention Manager – OLIPOP