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The industry leader in passive and active churn reduction

The RetentionEngine team has been building an optimizing churn reduction solutions for nearly a decade. We’re proud to have acquired and partnered with their team to continue to build the most robust features for churn reduction.

Stay AI Recharge, etc.
AI Optimized Cancel Flows

Live learning models continuously improve flow performance.

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AI optimized timing pushes reactivation events into Klaviyo to win-back lapsed subscribers.

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Reduction in active churn
Reduction in active churn
Reduction in active churn
Reduction in active churn

Cancel Surveys & Personalized Offers

Reduce churn by over 30% more than other solutions with dynamic cancel flows that capture insights that tell you why your customers are canceling, what works to retain them, and how to reactivate former subscribers. The original Subscription Cancel Flow with over $500m in subscription revenue saved!

No-Code Cancel Flows

Start saving lost revenue with our sophisticated no-code cancel flow builder. It’s easy to set up and manage, and only takes 15 minutes to turn on.

Personalized Offers & Experiences

Deliver personalized treatments based on the reasons your customers provide for canceling. Use discounts, messages, pause options, and more to keep your customers from churning.

Segmentation & Rulesets

Create rules for each customer based on why they want to cancel, lifetime value, product/plan, location, and much more.

Comprehensive Reporting

Stay’s churn dashboard provides the most comprehensive reporting available for cancellation surveys and cancel flow performance.

Ai Optimized Offers

Our AI (reinforcement learning models) learns what treatments work best for different customers. After spending 5+ years building and optimizing the RetentionEngine™ AI, it can “solve the puzzle” of saving your customers for you.

Video Messages & Offers

Use founder or personalized video messages to save customers. The save rate on video messages is 40%+, making it one of the most effective save tactics.

On-Brand Experiences

Don’t sacrifice your brand. Leverage our no-code builder to customize the look and feel of your cancel surveys and save tactics.

A Full 360 Solution

No need for any external solutions or product extensions. Control every aspect of your churn survey and cancel flows via a unified easy to use system.

Proactively Reduce Churn With ExprienceEngine™

For Shopify brands that are serious about growth and performance. Designed by marketers, for marketers. Built by world-class engineers and data scientists.

AI Powered Dunning Solutions

Stay AI’s newest AI-powered tool uses a live learning model to determine the most probable time for a successful retried payment and the best course of action based on the error returned on the billing attempt along with a dunning analytics page to a deep dive into subscription loss due to dunning and clearer understanding of what’s happening.

Standard Failed Payment Logic

Set custom dunning settings manually to help recover failed payments.

AI Powered Retries

With the new Smart Dunning tool, merchants can now access better dunning analytics and utilize AI to determine the best timing for successful retried payments and what to do next when errors are returned on failed billing attempts.

Drag & Drop Email Notifcations

All failed payment emails are controlled out of Stay’s drag and drop email builder making it easy to deploy beautiful on-brand notifications.

Dunning Reporting

Track all aspects of passive churn from failed billing reports to the success of Stay’s AI powered retries and payment failure notifications.

WinbackEngine™ Uses AI to Reactivate Subscribers

Stay AI’s WinbackEngine™ takes out the guesswork of win-back timing and will learn the most probable time for re-acquisition to send tailored emails to the subscribers who have churned. It will pass a Winback Ready event metric to Klaviyo, which you can use to trigger a custom-built flow in Klaviyo or our pre-built Winback Flow template!

Timing Optimization

Currently, win-back flows require being triggered off the Subscription Cancelled metric, and merchants must manually add a time delay. WinbackEngine utilizes Stay AI’s reinforcement learning models to learn the best possible timing to re-engage churned customers.

Reactivation Hook & Notifications

WinbackEngine passes a “Winback Ready” event metric to Klaviyo, which you can use to trigger a custom-built flow in Klaviyo or our pre-built Winback Flow template!

Reactivation Reporting

All KPIs for WinbackEngine™ can be tracked via Stay’s dashboard.


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