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OLIPOP Grows Subscription Revenue 35% with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth of Subscription Revenue
Reduction in Active Churn
Subscription Revenue from Add-ons

How OLIPOP Boosted Subscription Revenue by 35% After Switching to Stay AI


One of the original creators of the ‘functional soda’, OLIPOP has paved a new territory in the soda category. The brand touts a thoughtfully crafted ‘new kind of soda’™ that caters to consumers looking for low-sugar beverages, and healthier ingredients. Fan-favorite flavors include Vintage Cola and Classic Root Beer, mouthwatering tastes that transport consumers back to their childhoods. But recreation wasn’t the end – their team has also developed innovative new flavors, such as Crisp Apple, Strawberry Vanilla and more.

OLIPOP is customer obsessed. They’ve built one of the most loyal audiences by creating superior products and prioritizing exceptional customer experience. So as a brand that offers the classic soda flavors with no harmful ingredients, it’s no surprise that OLIPOP has a thriving subscription program.

Since migrating their subscription program from Recharge in June of last year, they’ve seen a 35% increase in monthly subscription revenue.

They also have record low churn rates — as well as the highest customer portal interactions of any brand we’ve seen.



One of the ways they addressed this concern was utilizing ExperienceEngine to provide incentives for subscribers to add limited edition flavors to their upcoming order.

One of OLIPOP’s biggest subscription challenges has been retaining customers when launching limited edition flavors that aren’t available on their subscription. They needed a solution to make sure their subscription customers had a better way to purchase limited edition flavors with their subscription discount, and not purchase outside of their recurring plan.

OLIPOP sets up the ExperienceEngine to help manage retention and increase subscriber average order value (AOV). They set this up to offer anyone without the new flavor in their order a chance to add it with a single click, via an upcoming order email and SMS. Subscribers who didn’t add the product via the quick action button in the new product launch email, have the option to do so.


Other Stay AI features OLIPOP is using to boost subscription revenue

Klaviyo Quick Actions

OLIPOP releases new flavors regularly, and they want to make sure their subscribers are able to try all new flavors whenever they want. They use Klaviyo to create several email campaigns with quick actions at the launch period just for subscribers.

Subscribers receive exclusive emails with early access to new flavors before they are available to the general public. The new flavor launch email includes a ‘click to add’ call to action button, allowing customers to easily add products to their upcoming order with a single click, without having to go through the checkout process.


Product Carousel

OLIPOP sees 30% of Crisp Apple soda sales from add-ons in the first month of launching the flavor.

In the product carousel, you can ask your customers if they’d like to add on to their upcoming order. OLIPOP uses this feature to highlight new flavors and limited time products to their subscribers. In the first month of launching the Crisp Apple flavored soda, subscription add-ons accounted for 30% of the sales of this flavor. After launching the Doctor Goodwin and Cream Soda flavors, subscription add-ons accounted for 18% of the sales.


“We were completely sold on switching from Recharge to Stay Ai after seeing this feature for the first time on the demo. This was it for us. It’s so much easier to navigate than our old portal”

– Michelle Paulhus, Sr. Growth Marketing and Retention Manager at OLIPOP

In Portal Banners

When customers sign in to their portal, they’re greeted with a banner that highlights new products. OLIPOP changes this banner with the release of each new flavor to make sure customers know about the new products and know how to add it to their order.



RetentionEngine allows you to take actions like skipping an order, swapping for another flavor, or even watch a personalized video message in the popup banner before you cancel. OLIPOP utilizes RetentionEngine to capture more information about why subscribers want to cancel, leveraging personalized treatments based on the cancel reason. OLIPOP has seen over 25% reduction in active churn since turning on RetentionEngine in their Stay Ai portal.


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