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Trial & Sample Offers

Allow customers to sign up for a trial or sample version of a product, and then use workflows to automatically upgrade them to a monthly subscription version of the product they’ve tested out.

Starter Kits

Offer new customers a starter kit offer with first-timer items, then automatically move them to a standard subscription with their second order. For example, Tenzo sends new subscribers a reusable tin, matcha scooper, whisk, and whisk stand with their first order. On following orders, subscribers just get the tea.

Cascading Discounts

Leverage automations to move subscribers through a pre-planned set of discount changes to help with retention or build a unique subscriber journey.

SKU Swaps

Leverage SKU swapping to move subscribers through a multi-shipment journey.


Subscriptions don’t have to be boring; let us help you build the right programs to maximize value for your customers. Launch a quarterly club with limited edition products, send trial flavors, or supply a starter kit in the first purchase.

Easy Back-End Configuration

Set up custom sequences to manage a more sophisticated set of offerings, like a trial offer that switches to a full-priced SKU or a starter kit that swaps to a replenishment SKU.

Looking for targeted promotions and surprise and delight offers?

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