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A Huge Impact With Minimal Setup

Incentivize Customers To Subscribe

10% off and free shipping isn’t enough! Visually show prospective subscribers their potential rewards pre-purchase to incentive them to subscribe. Knowing about future rewards not only increases conversion rate but also pre-wires subscribers to stick around longer.

Keep Subscribers Engaged To Maximize LTV

Research into human behavior shows that the closer customers can see themselves reaching a goal, the more likely they are to accelerate towards it. This is called the Goal Gradient Theory and the TL;DR is: digital punch cards reduce churn by keeping subscribers engaged and excited about upcoming rewards.

Get Started In Minutes

Easy-to-use settings make it quick to define the rules around your program and how you want customers to be incentivized.

Simple, No-Code Customization

Beyond a quick and painless setup you can customize the visual style and placement of the punchcard within the customer portal.

Get Early Access!

The beta launch of Digital Punch Card is now available for current Stay AI merchants. Already a Stay AI merchant? Let us know you’d like to be one of the firsts to utilize Digital Punch Cards!


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