Lifeboost - migrated off Recharge

Grow add-on revenue 120%+ in 3 months with our portal

Ramping subscriber AOV with an unparalleled portal experience

Lifeboost is elevating your favorite daily ritual – coffee. With a focus on sourcing the healthiest and most sustainable coffee, it’s no wonder they’re a favorite amongst coffee fanatics. With rapidly growing subscriber numbers, Lifeboost knew it was time to partner with a subscription solution that would help them continue to scale the program and optimize key KPIs such as subscriber AOV and retention rate. After a diligent process evaluating all the options in the space, they decided to make the switch from Recharge Legacy to Retextion in August 2022.

The Lifeboost team knew a major piece to scaling subscription revenue was an experience that helped upsell and cross-sell subscribers in various ways.

Here’s how they’re driving 50% growth MoM for add-on products in 3 easy steps.

1: One-click add-on’s through Retextion’s optimized portal.

Their portal features Retextion’s signature customizable add-on carousel that shows the user an array of items they can add to their upcoming order every time they log in to their portal. Complete with price crossouts that emphasize how much a subscriber will save on these products with their subscriber specific discount, all it takes is a click.

2: Surprise & Delight via Retextion’s proprietary ExperienceEngine

The Lifeboost team knows how important subscriber satisfaction is – and an underrated element of that is surprising your subscribers with free items and offers. The ExperienceEngine allowed them to give a free gift to all subscribers on every 3rd order. Subscribers would receive their shipment and open it to find their beloved coffee as well as a totally complimentary “thank you for being a subscriber” gift. This also allowed subscribers to see some of the other items Lifeboost had available and become more likely to add on items to future purchases.

3: Adding in dynamic upsell modules to upcoming order emails via the ExperienceEngine

Transactional emails are some of the most important comms your subscribers will receive from you – particularly the upcoming order email that lets them know their order is about to ship and that they’ve got a few days to make any changes or add any products. Lifeboost took this email to the next level with Stay Ai’s Smart Blocks and added an upsell widget. All they had to do was pick a product they wanted to feature, add in a subscriber specific discount, and drop the module into their “It’s almost that time!” upcoming order email. Subscribers opened this email to see details and a discount on a product that interested them, from where all they had to do was click “Add Product” and it was added to their upcoming order. The inclusion of these modules in transactional emails helped Lifeboost push specific products while contributing to the 50% rise in MoM add-on revenue.