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The Basics

Monthly Fee $499/month $299 $499/month $399/month Transaction fee 1%+19¢ 1%+20¢ 1%+19¢ 1%+20¢ Unified Shopify Checkout
1-click checkout with Shop Pay to increase conversions
yes yes no
Available on Native app but not Legacy
Passwordless Login
And a variety of other login options for your customers
yes yes yes
Whiteglove Onboarding With Dedicated Team
Subscription contract migration and white glove buy-box setup
yes yes no yes
Hundreds of Live Merchants yes yes yes yes 0 Churned Merchants yes no no no

Subscriber Loyalty via ExperienceEngine™ - Increase Revenue by 15% in 90 days!

Gift With Purchase/Order Cycle
Suprise and delight customers with a free gift on order X
yes no yes
Gift With Purchase Testing
A/B test effectiveness of free gift offers
yes no no
Automated Upsell on Order X
Offer dynamic upsells on order X based on what customers have in their subscription
yes no no
Fixed amount sampling
Set a limit to how many customers can receive an experience like a sample of a new product
yes no no no
Monthly Promo Testing
Set date ranges to your experiences
yes no no
Comprehensive built-in A/B testing
Automated testing on offering a promo vs not, offering two different discounts on an upsell, or different products as an upsell, etc.
yes no no
Promo Analytics Dashboard
Check the stats of your A/B test, the take rate of your upsells, and the increase in revenue they're driving
yes no no no
Dynamic notifications
Easily customize smart block in your upcoming email or SMS notifcations for when a customer has a free or upsell experience
yes no no no
AI personalization and optimization
Our powerful machine learning personalizes each shipment experience on a 1:1 based on the customers risk analysis
yes no no no

RetentionEngine™ - Reduce Churn By Up To 47%

Cancellation Surveys
Eliminate recency and primacy bias in your exit survey
yes yes yes
Cancellation Rebuttals
Based on cancel reason, offer customers the ability to skip, swap, or pause their subscription
yes no yes
Advanced Cancellation Flows
Create custom flows based on how long a subscriber has been active, SKUs, LTV, and other variables
yes no no no
Video Experiences
Use videos to overcome churn
yes no no
AI Optimization
Artificial Intelligence that learns and delivers the treatments most likely to save each unique subscriber
yes no no
Cancellation Analytics
Identify trends in your churn data, see how your cancel flow is performing, and how much MRR you're saving
yes yes yes yes
Churn Risk Forecasts
Powerful forecasting to identify high churn risk subscribers
yes no no no

Advanced Subscription Programs - The Most Robust Features Available on Shopify

Basic Build-A-Box Subscriptions yes yes yes yes Advanced Build-A-Box Functionality
Bundle products of different prices and customize further
yes no no no
Build-A-Box Landing Page
White label build-a-box page for easy implemenation of sophisticated programs
yes no no no
Basic Pre-Paid Subscriptions
Ability for customer to prepay for a set duration
yes yes yes yes
Advanced Pre-Paid Functionality
Pre-paid subscriptions that autorenew and additional advanced settings
yes yes no
Gift Subscriptions
Allow customers to gift a prepaid subscription
yes no no no
Multiple Portal Support (For Gifting)
Portals for both the giver and receiver for a seamless experience for all
yes no no
Basic SKU & Price Swapping Workflows
Power trial to subscriptions and other unique subscription experiences
yes yes yes
Advanced Workflow Functionality
Single workflow to check price, quanity, cyle # or line item property to trigger sku swap, price change, remove item, etc.
yes no no no
Anchor Dates: Box Subscription Support
The ability to set an anchor date for all box subsribers
yes yes yes no
Flexible Calendar Subscriptions
Allow customers to pick dates of their choosing vs a set cadence
yes no no no

Subscription Basics - Flexibility To Fit All Use Cases

Various Out of Stock Policies
Retry OOS orders, check inventory prior or order options
yes yes yes yes
Ship Partial Out of Stock Orders
Stop losing revenue with our advanced out of stock rules
yes no no
Editable Billing Windows
Change the time of day your recurring orders go out
yes no yes
Flexible Dunning Settings
Set up retry days, number or atempts, and auto cancel
yes yes no
Multicurrency Support yes no yes yes Headless Support
Compatible with popular Headless solutions like PACK Digital and Nacelle.
yes yes yes

Customer Portal - Increase Revenue By An Average of 40%

Native Upsell Carousel
Native upsell carousel cycling through your top products
yes no no no
Upsell Rules
Set different discounts based on if someone is swapping, subscribing, or just adding a product one time.
yes no no no
1:1 Personalization
Leverage AI personalization to recommend the right products
yes no no no
In Portal Banner Ads
Easily deploy banners in your portal to let customers know about sales, new products, or company updates
yes no no no
Pause Subscription
Push customers to pause instead of cancelling
yes no yes yes
Gift or Skip on Pause
Save subscribers from pausing by prompting them to gift or skip
yes no no yes
Custom "Theme Builder"
Comprehensive "Theme Builder" for developing portal deriatives
no no yes no
No Code Color & Branding Editor
Adjust anything from color, boarders, width, rounding, etc without code
yes yes no no
No Code Copy Editor
Change the copy of anything in your customer's portal without development support
yes no no yes

Customer Communications - Reduce Customer Tickets by 32%

Klaviyo "Quick Actions"
Reactivate, add item with or without a discount as a 1 time or ongoing, get it now, delay order, and more
yes no yes yes
Drag & Drop Email Builder
No code editor to make beautiful branded emails
yes no no no
SMS Chatbot to Manage Subscriptions
Allow customers to manage subscription via SMS
yes yes yes yes
Magic Links via SMS
All chatbot responses give customers the option to magic link (no login needed) to their portal to make additional changes
yes no yes no
SMS Conversation Management
View all SMS conversions customers have had even if they didn't open a ticket
yes no no no
SMS Quiet Hours
Send SMS communications during specific time windows
yes no yes yes

Reporting & Analytics - The Most Extensive Features Availble

Native Analytics Dashboard
All of your usual subscription KPIs
yes no yes no
Revenue Forecasting
Forecasting available for 30, 60, 90 days, or end of month
yes no yes no
Interactive charts
Dive into day by day stats on what's happening in your account with graphs you can pull in or out
yes no no no
Churn Risk Forecasting
Assess churn risk by day, lifetime, or order number to identify high risk cohorts
yes no no
Cohort Analysis
Assess customer retention
yes yes yes
Customer Portal Analytics
View how many people, skip, swap, gift, add item, etc.
yes no no no
Churn Survey Reporting
Analytics for churn survey, churn by product, etc.
yes no yes no

Merchant Admin Portal - Make Your CX Team's Life Easier WIth The Most Intuitive Tools

Basic Audit Logs yes yes yes Advanced Audit Logs
Shows logins, edits, and any integration events (Like a Klaviyo event)
yes no no
CX Quick Actions
Editing subscriptions from the search page to save CX's time
yes no no no
One Time Merchant Magic Links
Get a 1-time link that allows you to view the customer's portal or send it to them
yes yes no
Failed Billing Report
View all failed billings and reasons why they failed
yes yes no
Bulk Editing
Update SKU, order date, prices, etc. across an entire customer cohort at once
yes yes no

Strategy & Support - Let Our Team Help You Grow

Dedicated Account Manager yes no yes Dedicated Onboarding & Migration Team yes no no yes Immediate Migration Available yes no no Free Chat Support yes no no yes 24/7 Chat Support yes yes yes 0 Churned Merchants yes no no no

Select Integrations - Looking for something? Let us know and we might have it!

Klaviyo yes yes yes Gorgias yes yes yes Webhooks yes yes yes API yes yes yes Churnbuster yes yes no SourceMedium yes yes yes Peel Analytics yes yes no RetentionEngine yes yes no Wonderment yes no no And More... yes yes yes yes

Let’s get to it.

So as you can see, we’re the most extensive subscription provider known to man.