Subscription Setup & Basics 

Supercharge your subscription and retention programs by optimizing the most critical touchpoints of the customer lifecycle.

Flexible Subscriptions

Build the perfect subscription program for your brand

Launch a subscription program across your product catalog with flexible billing schedules, shipping plans, discounts, and easy out-of-the-box management. Stay Ai is built to scale with your business and be your standalone service for anything and everything subscription.

Shopify Integrated

Activate the right subscription offerings utilizing Shopify’s checkout for easy enablement and a unified experience.

Beautiful Buy Boxes

Our team builds a branded buy box that sits on your PDPs and makes your subscription value props apparent while being optimized for conversion.

Flexible Billing

Choose the billing time that works best for your 3PL and CX teams to make everyone’s lives easier.

Shipping Rules

Complex rules around price, area, weight, or quantity allow you to set up the right shipping rules for your business.

Bundles & Build a Box

Give customers the ability to build their own custom subscription

Let them pick their products and create a bundled subscription with tiered discounts. Our build-a-box features are available out of the box and ready to go.

No Duplication

No need to create duplicate products and lose inventory tracking. Stay Ai allows you to add a parent product that sets the rules for your bundle then you add in your existing products.

Discount Options

Use percentage or fixed dollar amount discounts for each of your bundle options and setup of a variety of options for your customers.

Flexible Sizes

Set minimum and maximum quantities to your bundle. Have the flexibility to offer tired discounts based on the bundle sizes.

Easy Post Purchase Edits

In their Customer Portal, your customers can easily swap products within their bundles and change things up each order cycle.

Trials, Clubs, & More

Flexibility to create the right program for your brand

Subscriptions don’t have to be boring; let us help you build the right programs to maximize value for your customers. Launch a quarterly club with limited edition products, send trial flavors, or supply a starter kit in the first purchase.


Set up custom sequences to manage a more sophisticated set of offerings, like a trial offer that switches to a full-priced SKU or a starter kit that swaps to a replenishment SKU.

Prepaid Subscriptions (Beta)

Allow customers to prepay for a subscription upfront. This is the perfect structure for subscription programs that last for a finite amount of time.

Gift Subscriptions (Beta)

Let customers gift a subscription or club offering to someone special with seamless subscription management handoff.

Easy Subscriber Management

An intuitive merchant portal that is a CX team’s dream

Our lightning-fast and meticulously designed interface makes managing subscribers easier than ever before. Your team can easily customize all aspects of your subscription program and quickly adjust customers’ subscriptions.

Integrated Shopify Management

All it takes is one click to or from Shopify into the Stay Ai subscription to easily search customer orders. Take advantage of subscription order tags that make it simple to identify first time, recurring, or canceled subscriptions.


Save your CX team time with advanced filtering and search functionality and bulk updates that make it easy to rapidly edit customers’ orders. Utilize our audit logs for a 360° view of every action a customer takes.

Quick CX Functions

Reduce the time it takes the CX team to make edits to subscriptions. Edits like Skip, Swap, Cancel, etc can be made directly from the search page. 

Customer Conversations

View all conversations customers have had with your subscription chatbot. Jump into the conversation to add an even more personal touch or use the conversation history to edit and optimize your chatbot messages.

Let’s get to it.

So as you can see, we’re the most extensive subscription provider known to man.