Turning Subscriber Management Into A Performance Channel

Stay Ai is excited to announce the acquisition of Bellwethr Inc. and their popular churn reduction app RetentionEngine. The merger will support Stay Ai’s vision to bring the most innovative and performance driven solutions for Shopify brands that want to offer subscription programs.

“RetentionEngine is hands down the best churn reduction tool on the market. We’re thrilled to have the talent and resources to layer powerful machine learning into every aspect of subscriber acquisition, retention, and winback.” – Gina Perrelli, Co-Founder & CEO of Stay Ai

RetentionEngine’s entire feature set is now integrated into Stay Ai for free for all Stay Ai merchants. Migrate to Stay Ai today and access dozens of new-to-market features that will have an immediate and substantial impact on your revenue.


Subscription AOV lift when using ExperienceEngine


Average active churn reduction when using RetentionEngine


Average revenue growth increase in the first 90 days on Stay.Ai

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Leveraging AI & Predictive Analytics To Maximize LTV

Stay.Ai is already the most powerful subscription platform available on Shopify. Over the next 30 days we are thrilled to be rolling out additional feature sets powered by RetentionEngine’s sophisticated machine learning algorithms that will continue to revolutionize subscription management.

“At RetentionEngine we’ve always been limited by the data we could pull out of Recharge and other partner’s APIs. Merging with Stay Ai and building together will allow us to deploy the full firepower of the AI we’ve been developing for our enterprise clients the last six years.”
– Mat Moody, Founder & CEO of Bellwethr

First up will be a refreshed set of dashboards that is focused on predictive analytics. The ability to quickly identify groups of high churn risk customers and use machine learning to find improvements will propel Stay Ai based subscription programs to the next level.

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The Future

An AI Powered Retention Operating System

What does the future have in store at Stay Ai? We’re excited to continue to build new feature sets for our merchants at dizzying rates. While applying AI to reduce churn and power predictive analytics is a great start, it is truly just the start.

Want to learn more about Stay Ai’s future and product roadmap? Hop on a demo and meet our team.

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About Stay Ai

Stay Ai is quickly becoming the leading solution for recurring payments on Shopify with $6m in funding, 40+ full-time team members, and the most sophisticated technology available. Founded in the fall of 2021, Stay.Ai already powers nearly 100 brand’s subscription programs and processes hundreds of thousands of transactions a week.

About Bellwethr d.b.a. RetentionEngine

Originally founded to address churn issues for enterprise customers in banking and telecommunications, Bellwethr has some of the most sophisticated machine learning and “AI” in ecommerce enablement.