RetentionEngine™ (Now part of Stay.Ai!)

Cut active churn by up to 47% with advanced AI that has already saved 300+ brands $100m in lost revenue in the past 12 months.

No-Code Cancel Flow

Save customers from churning

RetentionEngine lets you build a dynamic cancel flow that captures insights on why your customers are canceling, works to retain them, and then reactivates former customers.


Run a churned customer survey to understand the reasons why customers stopped their subscription and prevent future churn.

Cutting Edge AI

Our AI (reinforcement learning models) learns what treatments work best for different customers. After spending 5+ years building and optimizing the RetentionEngine™ AI, it can “solve the puzzle” of saving your customers for you.

Easy Setup

Setting up RetentionEngine™ takes 15 minutes, making it an easy way to boost revenue and one of the highest ROI tool sets in a subscription program’s arsenal.

Personalized Treatments

Save customers with personalized followups based on their behavior

Create dynamic experiences that treat each customer just as you would if you were handling the cancellation attempt in person.


Create rules for each customer based on why they want to cancel, lifetime value, product/plan, location, and much more. Or you can simply turn over the logic to the RetentionEngine AI that will deliver the optimal treatment for each customer.

Dynamic Treatments

Deliver personalized treatments based on the reasons your customers provide for canceling. Use discounts, messages, pause options, and more to keep your customers from churning.

Video Messages

Use founder or personalized video messages to save customers. The save rate on video messages is 40%+, making it one of the most effective save tactics.

Smart Reactivations

AI that reactivates former customers with a click

You are 40% more likely to convert a former subscriber than you are to convert a brand new one. Our AI helps you take a data-driven approach to winning back customers.

Reactivation Hook

The most important element for reactivating former customers is understanding the reason they left in the first place. Stop sending one-size-fits-all reactivation emails and let RetentionEngine™ optimize your win-back efforts.

Timing Optimization

Set your desired rules, and the AI takes care of the rest, learning when former customers are most likely to resubscribe.

One-Click Reactivation

When a former customer decides to reactivate a subscription they are greeted with friction, like having to remember their old usernames and passwords. RetentionEngine lets your former customers resubscribe with a single click.

Powerful Churn Analytics

Clean up the holes in your subscription program

Keep track of why customers are canceling, what can be done to keep them, which segments are churning, and how churn is trending over time.

Cancel Reasons

Use our no-code editing tool to quickly toggle on and off different reasons for canceling so you can understand how your subscribers identify the issues/problems they are having.

Overcome Cancels

Learn what works to retain customers and what doesn’t. Quickly iterate on new ideas for making your subscription offers more sticky.

Segment Analysis

RetentionEngine™ learns how different customer segments (based on location, acquisition channel, LTV, or product) behave over time.

Churn Forecasts

See which segments of customers are at risk so you can take proactive actions and improve your program.

Let’s get to it.

So as you can see, we’re the most extensive subscription provider known to man.