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Retextion merges with Bellwethr (d.b.a. RetentionEngine) to create the most comprehensive subscription solution available to Shopify brands.

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Why Gorgias?

Before you can retain, you’ve got to acquire. And that’s the obvious but critical piece the other “providers” miss. We’re the first platform with tools that focus on pre-purchase marketing efforts to help merchants acquire more customers

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Main Features

Unified checkout.

Long gone are the days of needing a separate checkout and all the headaches that caused. We integrate seamlessly with Shopify so the rest of your techstack runs smoother.

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Lose the analysis paralysis.

Zero-fluff dashboards that don’t suck. We determine the KPIs that matter for your business goals so you can focus on what’s important – our reports are lean, mean, and informative.

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Do ALL the A/B testing.

Which discount works better? Are we more likely to retain subscribers if we offer a GWP or add-on every other month? Do people even like our merch? If you can ask it, you can test it.

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About Georgias

Retextion is quickly becoming the leading solution for recurring payments on Shopify with $6m in funding, 40+ full-time team members, and the most sophisticated technology available. Founded in the fall of 2021, Retextion already powers nearly 100 brand’s subscription programs and processes hundreds of thousands of transactions a week.