FLEWD - Migrated off Recharge

Keeping subscribers in the know with the Klaviyo integration

How Flewd uses Klaviyo to effectively communicate with subscribers at key points throughout their customer journey.

Flewd, maker of stress-melting soaks, has a fervent subscription base and knows it’s crucial to keep them in the know at every touchpoint.

For example, the Upcoming Order email is a key communication for any subscription brand and Flewd decided to leverage the robust Stay Ai<>Klaviyo integration to get better insights and customizability on these emails. They wanted to know key metrics such as: how many subscribers were opening these and clicking through them, and then test key drivers to optimize these metrics such as subject line A/B tests and adding one-time order messaging within the emails.

The integration allowed them to build out beautiful emails that showed the user exactly what was coming in their shipment and notified them that they could make any changes to their order before it shipped. With Klaviyo analytics, they were able to measure the above key metrics on these emails and optimize accordingly. With our dynamic block that pulls in any subscription info you could desire, it’s now easier than ever to create informative, beautiful, and measurable subscription emails.

The most comprehensive lineup of triggers in the space also let them reach out to users at any touchpoint whether it be hyping them up after they start a sub, winning them back after they cancel with a quick actions URL, checking in with anyone who skipped multiple orders, and much more.