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Flock’s Improved Customer Experience with Stay AI Boosts Subscription Revenue by 28%

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Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in QoQ Recurring Subscription Revenue
Growth in QoQ Add-On Revenue
QoQ Growth in Active Subscribers

How Stay AI Helps Flock Deliver Their Customers a Friendlier, More Intuitive Subscription Experience


Flock Foods was created to fill a need in the market for convenient, nutrient-rich snacks that fit into a low-carb, high-protein diet. Their original product, chicken chips are made from 100% real chicken skins and come in a variety of flavors. They’ve now expanded into an entire snack line, including pork curls and biltong air dried beef snacks.


Flock’s prior subscription management platform took care of the basics, but over time the team noticed there were a lot of things that it couldn’t do — like cross-selling and upselling. Plus, the customer experience wasn’t great, and was taking up a lot of the CX team’s time. Customers couldn’t navigate the portal or reliably complete simple actions like updating billing information or even finding the products they were subscribed to.


The Solution: Stay AI

Emmet first discovered Stay AI after one of the founders reached out to him. The team switched over to Stay in the summer of 2022, and now they’re working on building out an even more robust subscription program than ever before.

“I just felt like Gina [Perrelli, Stay AI’s Co-Founder & CEO] and team knew what they were talking about. They knew exactly the pain points we were having with our prior platform, so it felt like we were in good hands. We trusted that what they were building was better, and it would be in the best interest of the brand to switch.”
— Emmet Kulka, Head of Special Projects, Flock


“We knew we weren’t capturing as much value as we could from our subscribers. It was a group of people that loved our product, but we weren’t engaging with them or offering them anything beyond the subscription. And when we had a new product launch, we typically didn’t even market that to subscribers because we didn’t want them to cancel their subscription in favor of just doing a one-off.

Emmet Kulka Head of Special Projects, Flock Foods


30% quarter-over-quarter growth is nothing short of a feat. Here are some of the strategies the Flock team implemented with Stay Ai to make it happen:

Driving Subscription Sign-ups with Email Upsells and Promotions: The team used Klaviyo to send subscription upsell emails to customers who have purchased twice or more. They’ve also run successful promotions with a 20% off incentive and promise of a free gift on order three.

Saving Customers from Churning with Flexible Subscription Management & RetentionEngine: Emmet and Serena are using RetentionEngine to deflect cancellations with special offers. Plus, Stay’s easy-to-use customer portal makes it easier for customers to manage their own subscriptions, giving them more options aside from cancellation and reducing CX tickets around subscription management.

Increasing Customer Engagement with the Brand’s Product Catalog: It used to be a big challenge for customers to try new flavors, because Flock’s subscription program didn’t support easy add-ons or flavor swapping. With Stay, they got a more flexible experience that made it easy to try other SKUs without impacting their current subscription. “It was a miss that people who loved our product the most and were subscribed didn’t have a chance to try our new stuff, but now it’s super easy,” said Emmet.

“RetentionEngine is a game changer as a quick touchpoint with a person who’s about to cancel. It’s so much easier to have them stay on at that point than it is to have them cancel and resubscribe.”
— Emmet Kulka, Head of Special Projects, Flock Foods


“We always like to use the best in class in our tech stack, and we realized Stay was going to be the best-in-class subscription platform. Putting the subscription page out there for Flock customers, we knew that it would be something our brand could really feel proud of. We trusted that it would do what we wanted it to do.”

Serena Xue Strategy & Operations Associate, Flock Foods
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