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Blog/17 Eye-Catching Customer Portals That Boost the Subscriber Experience

17 Eye-Catching Customer Portals That Boost the Subscriber Experience

Compared to other popular subscription management apps, Stay Ai’s out-of-the-box customer portal isn’t just easier to sign into and use — it offers a lot more options for cross-sells, upsells, and actions other than cancellation (skip, swap, delay, etc.).

This portal enables your customers to take complete control over their subscriptions, without having to contact your support team. This also expands the reach of other products in your catalog, and makes it a whole lot easier for them to purchase, too.

In this article you’ll see how 17 brands leverage Stay Ai’s customer portal and really make it their own, with in-portal banners, consistent branding, and a high-visibility upsell carousel.

1) Aura Bora

What’s unique: Aura Bora’s Flavor of the Month club is one of their most popular subscription offers, giving customers a chance to try new, limited-time flavors before anyone else. The team leverages in-portal banner ads to alert subscribers of their featured flavor, and encourage them to add it on to their upcoming order.

2) Lifeboost

What’s unique: Lifeboost makes great use of in-portal banner ads, encouraging cross-sells. They feature new products, “complete routine sets”, and special offers in their banner ads.

3) Bright Cellars

What’s unique: Bright Cellars uses their portal to showcase a different wine offering each month. Customers look forward to checking their portal every month to see the featured blend – and Bright Cellars benefits from the add-on revenue, too!

4) Curie

What’s unique: We love the way Curie uses in-portal banner ads like these to announce the launch of a new products. They masterfully make great use of the real estate, including eye-catching visuals and clear value propositions (such as “Our innovative component uses 60% less plastic than traditional mini stick packaging”) to preempt objections related to environmental impact.


What’s unique: OLIPOP features products in their add-on carousel and uses the in-portal banner to make a big splash every time they’ve got exciting new launches — from individual new flavors to the new variety packs, as seen here.

In the first month after launching their Crisp Apple flavor, subscription add-ons accounted for 30% of its sales. Read more about OLIPOP’s

6) A Pup Above

What’s unique: A Pup Above always has a bright, exciting portal experience, capturing their playful and pup-loving brand identity perfectly. They also make great use of in-portal banner ads to highlight new product drops subscribers may not have seen yet.

7) Tenzo

What’s unique: Tenzo truly exemplifies how to make exciting and eye-catching banner ads. They leverage banners to build hype for upcoming products, and create more engagement with subscribers by encouraging VIP list sign-up.

8) Mint & Lilly

What’s unique: Mint & Lilly highlights their subscription value propositions in their customer portal by highlighting “Member Exclusives”. Their banner ad calls further attention to their in-portal product carousel, which offers subscribers additional discounts on add-on items.

9) Proper Good

What’s unique: We love the way Proper Good uses their in-portal banner to showcase new products. Even better, subscribers have the option to add one of these products on a recurring basis or just once, to try it — all with their exclusive subscription discount.

10) Perfect Snacks

What’s unique: Perfect Snacks is constantly dropping new snack flavors – and for busy families or entrepreneurs, it’s easy to miss a drop. The team launches banner ads in subscriber portals to give a gentle nudge to add on those seasonal flavors, while keeping it fun and simultaneously highlighting product features.

11) Grinds

What’s unique: Grinds recently brought back a seasonal customer-favorite flavor, and they’ve updated their customer portal to share the good news! In-portal banners are a great way to let your subscribers know that an old favorite — whether it’s a product or flavor — is back in stock. We also love the bold and bright design to get customers’ attention.

12) Clevr

What’s unique: Stated simply, Clevr has absolutely tricked out their customer portal. In addition to pulling each of their branding elements through the interfact, they also leverage banner ad space to share some of the most beautiful product photography we’ve ever seen – all while overlaying that subscriber discount as a reminder!

13) Flewd

What’s unique: We had to mentioned Flewd in here, because we absolutely love their “Get it now” CTA button. The dynamic pop-out style design is not only on-brand, but super eye-catching, too!

14) Harmless Harvest

What’s unique: Harmless Harvest leverages their in-portal ad banner space to encourage subscribers to join their loyalty program. This is a great way to build customer affinity, and boost retention along the way.

15) Magic Spoon

What’s unique: Magic Spoon has fully branded their subscriber portal, and absolutely maximizes on their Portal Banner real estate. The team regularly swaps out the portal banner, featuring new product releases, seasonal flavors, and unique deals.

16) Manukora

What’s unique: Manukora leverages their in-portal banners to encourage a cross-sell up to travel size versions of their best selling products. They masterfully pitch the add-on as a way for customers to build a complete routine.

17) Portland Pet Food Co

What’s unique: This one is so simple, yet so effective! Portland Pet Food Co reinforces their subscription program value prop – 10% off list prices always – in plain text right next to core customer action buttons. Super effective for retention!


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