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Blog/7 Subscription Landing Pages To Test in 2024

7 Subscription Landing Pages To Test in 2024

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Landing Pages That Convert

While we do see brands acquire new subscribers by driving directly to the PDP, the brands that have the most success doing so have extremely subscription-optimized product pages.

If you are running paid traffic with the intention of acquiring new subscribers, and want to test out a landing page built specifically for that audience, we’ve got some tips/tactics for you! 

More awesome examples from Stay’s top brands coming up – broken down by a few of the most effective landing page strategies implemented for subscriber acquisition.

The Starter Kit LP

Clevr directs a significant amount of their ad traffic to their “Starter Kit” page, where shoppers select two lattes to start their subscription. The LP includes information on free gifts with purchase, a $15 credit towards future orders, and information on the flexibility of recurring subscription orders. This is a masterclass in nudging a shopper to become a high AOV subscriber!

The Starter Kit LP

ARMRA’s welcome offer landing page presents customers with a $43 discount on their first order, tossing in a free branded glass water bottle with new subscriptions. They’ve got all the juicy elements for strong CVR – pricing strikeouts, free GWP, powerful customer reviews, deep supplement information, and more. A must-see.

The BYO Bundle/Box LP

Beauty by Earth has absolutely nailed their BYO bundle subscription landing page. What we love about it: loaded with compelling UGC, emphasis on flexibility and personalization, callouts for $ and % discounting, spotlights on free GWP…the list goes on and on. We love to see it.

The Welcome Offer LP

Teabox‘s welcome offer landing page checks all the boxes, highlighting the free GWP, subscription discount, order flexibility, and more. Their use of emojis and neon-colored callout boxes is awesome, too.

The Welcome Offer LP

We couldn’t fit all the best parts of Lifeboost Coffee’s welcome offer landing page in the image above, so we recommend visiting the link to check it out. We love how effective the above-the-fold messaging is – it makes the welcome offer feel insanely generous as it includes free coffee, free shipping, and over $350 worth of free gifts.

The Trial-to-Subscription LP

As mentioned in the ads section of this edition, Clean Skin Club runs specific “free trial” ads to a listicle-style landing page – and they don’t let you forget about the free towel offer at any point as you scroll. The sticky CTA combined with regular offer reinforcement infused throughout the page makes it pretty hard not to action on the deal. Super compelling.

The Prepaid Subscription LP

If you aren’t familiar with the brand, Hunt a Killer is known for their murder-mystery game subscription (though you can buy their boxes as OTP as well). They offer 3 core plans: a basic monthly subscription, a six-month subscription at a discount, and a 12-month subscription at an even deeper discount. The 6 and 12 month plans are sold as prepaid subscriptions, and include free GWP based on the tier. If you offer prepaid subscription plans, we recommend checking out this landing page – it masterfully tackles the pricing breakdown, FAQ, and more.

Beekeeper’s Naturals directs traffic from some of their subscription ads to the evergreen subscription page built into their site. It breaks down the subscription discount, additional program benefits, includes reviews from subscribers, and even covers FAQs. Their most-popular subscription products are featured on the page with quick add-to-cart buttons in addition to a button that directs to a subscribe and save product category page.

Similar to the above example, Perfect Snacks also runs some subscription ad traffic to their evergreen Subscribe & Save webpage. We dig how they emphasize core subscription value props above the fold, roll into a “how it works section”, and then include a block featuring best-selling subscription products with quick add to cart buttons.

Technically we’re cheating a little bit with this one, since this example is actually a PDP, not a landing page. But if we’re being literal, MDrive is sending folks who click their subscription ads to land on this page…so we’re going to count it. MDrive has crushed turning their PDP for Boost & Burn into a blend of a traditional product page + landing page. Their subscribe & save option is the default on the buy box, they emphasize subscription value props throughout the page, and overall, it’s insanely compelling when it comes to content.


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