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Blog/13 Examples: High-Converting Subscription Welcome Offers

13 Examples: High-Converting Subscription Welcome Offers

13 Ideas for Subscriber Welcome Offers from 2023’s Top DTC Brands

Welcome offers are one of several ways you can consider to entice new customers to subscribe. Stay Ai merchants have mastered the art, deploying a range of innovative welcome offers to incentivize new subscribers. Let’s delve into some of the most effective strategies employed by these brands.

1. Calming Co.

Calming Co., a wellness brand specializing in kava-based relaxation tonics, offers a super practical gift to new subscribers: a complimentary shaker bottle. Not only are new customers excited about the added bonus in their order, but they’re given a functional piece of merch that further enables regular product usage.

2. Buoy

Hydration brand Buoy greets prospective subscribers with a dual approach. They offer a 23% discount on subscriptions for those who sign up for their newsletter, coupled with a complimentary welcome kit filled with resources and tools for effective hydration.

3. Roma Designer Jewelry

Roma Designer Jewelry’s monthly jewelry subscription service delights new subscribers with an even deeper discount on their first month of subscription orders – 30% off – layering on an additional incentive to subscribe.

4. Feel Goods

Feel Goods gifts a free wisk to new subscribers when they sign up for a 30 or 60-pack subscription. This offer not only encourages shoppers to invest in a higher-volume bulk purchase, but also provides them with a useful tool for using Feel Goods’ products effectively.

5. For Wellness

For Wellness’ supercharged supplement coffee subscription welcomes new customers with a complimentary canister and scoop, branded tools for enjoying their subscription offerings.

6. L’Evate You

L’Evate You’s greens subscription gifts new subscribers with a free shaker bottle, designed to enable regular and effective product usage.

7. Portland Pet Food Company

Portland Pet Food Company’s pet food delivery service entices new subscribers with an extra discount on their first order, making it more affordable to try their products. This offer encourages trial and incentivizes potential subscribers to make the switch to Portland Pet Food.

8. Arterra Pet

Arterra Pet leverages pop-up offers to capture subscriber attention. By offering a 10% discount on the first subscription order for those who sign up for their email list, Arterra Pet effectively gathers leads and encourages potential subscribers to explore their offerings.

9. Mint and Lilly

Mint & Lily’s monthly jewelry subscription service delights new subscribers with a gift – a free piece of jewelry with their first month’s subscription order! All new subscribers that enroll in December of 2023 will be gifted a Herringbone Chain necklace, their featured freebie of the month.


Skincare brand 2BETRUE new subscriber offer is more of a teaser than a direct offer! They captivate prospective new subscribers by metnioning a surprise free gift with the second month’s subscription order – a product worth at least $30, if not more.

11. Proxies

Alcohol-free wine brand Proxies sends new Wine Club subscription members a free, limited edition champagne stopper “to ensure your sparkling Proxies stay bubbly and delicious”.

12. Clevr

Superfood latte brand Clevr sends new subscribers a free SuperLatte scoop with each new subscription order – another example of a merch item that enables regular product usage!

13. Feals

Feals, a CBD brand, offers a super unique new subscriber offer – a 1:1 consultation with a expert to help guide customers on determining the right CBD dosage.

Wrapping Up

These examples illustrate the diverse ways subscription brands can use welcome offers to drive subscriber acquisition. Each brand’s approach not only demonstrates a deep understanding of their target audience but also lays the foundation for building long-term brand loyalty. Welcome offers are more than just initial perks — they’re strategic tools in cultivating a lasting subscriber base.


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