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Blog/Leveraging Email Notifications to Improve Your Subscriber Experience

Leveraging Email Notifications to Improve Your Subscriber Experience

Stay Ai’s automated subscriber email notifications keep customers up-to-date with everything they need to know about their subscription: upcoming charges, out-of-stock notifications, payment failures and more.

With Stay, you can easily automate email notifications based on any of the following triggers , which can be toggled on and off at your preference.

  • Order Activation
  • Upcoming Charge
  • Subscription Cancellation
  • Payment Processed
  • Item Out of Stock
  • Payment Declined
  • Account Access
  • Security Code
  • Prepaid Order Fulfilled
  • Prepaid Order Completed
  • Order Partially Fulfilled
  • Gifter – Thank You
  • Giftee – Gift Received
  • Gifter – Gift Sent
  • First Giftee – Gift Received
  • First Gifter – Gift Sent
  • Gifter – Last Gift Sent

With Stay’s drag-and-drop editor, brands can easily build beautiful, optimized emails that capture their tone of voice in minutes. Dynamic blocks seamlessly integrate subscription information, and the integration between Klaviyo and Stay makes sending them a breeze. 

Olipop – Upcoming Charge

What we love:

  • Fun, branded header image to get customers excited about their upcoming shipment
  • A reminder about adding, swapping, and other subscription management capabilities, so customers know they can personalize their order
  • A clean CTA – “Manage Subscription” – at the bottom, to direct customers to their self-service subscription portal
  • Support contact information, in case customers need help making changes

Momofuku – Item Out of Stock

What we love:

  • Eye-catching and mouth-watering header image
  • Lighthearted header & body copy
  • Information highlighting that the customer’s order will be delayed due to the stock outage
  • A clear CTA encouraging the customer to swap for an alternate product that’s in-stock
  • Friendly footer encouraging the customer to reply directly to the email with any questions or concerns

Aura Bora – Subscription Cancelled

What we love:

  • Simple, clean, clear, and on-brand
  • Kind, gentle, and non-pushy copy
  • Easy CTA button linking to customer portal, so cancelled subscribers can re-subscribe

A Pup Above – Activate Your Account

What we love:

  • Beautiful and eye-catching design
  • Easy-to-read infographic informing subscribers of how their subscription works
  • 3 CTAs for a variety of subscription management options – account creation, order management, and SMS self-service subscription support – giving flexibility to manage their subscription via their preferred method

Alleyoop – Payment Declined

What we love:

  • Simple, clean, and clear design.
  • Friendly messaging
  • Bolded reinforcement of subscription value propositions.
  • Clear CTA linking customers to their self-service portal to update payment

Grinds – Upcoming Charge

What we love:

  • Eye catching, yet easy-to digest design
  • Icons to reinforce subscription value props within the email header
  • Direct CTA for customers to make any desired changes to their upcoming order
  • One-click add on buttons for customers to add cross-sold products to their upcoming order

V-Dog – Payment Declined

What we love:

  • Extremely adorable header puppy image – one V-Dog’s team knows will resonate with subscribers
  • Taking a lighthearted approach to a potentially sensitive message
  • Clear and bold CTA for customers to access the portal and update their payment method

L’Elevate You – Upcoming Charge

What we love:

  • Bright, attention-grabbing images
  • Clear, legible, and informative body text
  • Great example of a dynamic promo block featuring a free surprise and delight gift

Medterra – Upcoming Charge

What we love:

  • Beautiful product imagery to get customers excited about their upcoming order
  • Email copy, particularly the customer support section below the CTA, reinforces that relaxed vibe and makes subscribers feel taken care of

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