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Blog/How 10 Top eComm Brands Use ExperienceEngine to Enhance Their Subscription Programs

How 10 Top eComm Brands Use ExperienceEngine to Enhance Their Subscription Programs

Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine is a powerful, new-to-market feature that can help you really differentiate your subscription programs — and decrease churn, boost AOV, expand product exposure, build brand affinity… you get the idea.

How? ExperienceEngine makes it easy to set up tests and promotions. And you don’t have to bury yourself in confusing spreadsheets to know whether a tactic moved the needle on your goal — the data’s all right there for you.

Let’s look at how 10 top brands are using ExperienceEngine to enhance their subscription offers and get better results.


Goal: Decrease subscriber churn and further incentivize retention.

Strategy: Set up a promotion in ExperienceEngine to deliver a one-click add-on offer to any subscriber without that flavor in their upcoming order, with the subscriber discount — giving customers another reason to stay subscribed.

Results: Reduced churn, increased add-on revenue, and more customers falling in love with new flavors.


Promo #1 | 85% Lift in Conversion
Goal: Reduce churn at key points in the subscriber lifecycle to extend LTV

Strategy: Target strategic points in the subscription journey and determine if a free gift would impact churn. With ExperienceEngine, they implemented a “free GWP vs no gift” test on orders number 2, 3, and 4.

Results: Customers on order 2 who knew a free gift was on the way? Converted 85% higher than those without the gift offer. (And yes, order 2 was the clear winner vs 3 and 4, also!)

The Obvi team are power users of ExperienceEngine at this point, so we’re going to show you one more test they did — because it also demonstrates a really important point!

Promo #2 | AOV Boost
 Identify the right percent discount to maximize subscriber AOV and the business’ bottom line.

Strategy: Use ExperienceEngine to A/B test the ACV gummy upsell offer at 30% off vs. 50%.

Results: The take rate was just fractions of a percentage point difference. There’s an important lesson here — you don’t always have to give a deep discount to get your customers’ attention. And that it’s always worth an A/B test!

Aura Bora

Goal: Keep customers really engaged with the brand and reward them for loyalty.

Strategy: Use ExperienceEngine to deliver surprise and delight freebies — like branded bandannas, koozies, and more — at regular intervals in the subscription lifecycle, acting like a little loyalty program for subscribers.

Results: “For those that got that offer, retention went through the roof. Reaching certain subscription milestones was the only way that you get these exclusive items,” said Cameron Faist, Aura Bora’s VP of Growth.


Goal: Increase add-on revenue and extend product reach.

Strategy: Use ExperienceEngine to run an A/B test comparing two different upsell offers — pumpkin vs espresso — to see which would be the most effective in generating add-on revenue.

Results: The espresso gift ended up with a 45% higher acceptance rate, leading to more than 2x more additional revenue.


Goal: Reduce churn at a strategic point in the subscriber lifecycle.

Strategy: With ExperienceEngine, offer a free trio pack on every third order to keep subscribers engaged and incentivizing loyalty.

Results: “The initial information for us shows that this has helped retention numbers immensely. We are seeing little to no drop-off from the second subscription order to the third one.” — Daniel Okon

Funk It Wellness

Goal: “We’re trying to make our DTC ordering experience as fun as possible, so we really like using the gifting opportunities to increase retention,” said Kate Morton, founder of Funk It Wellness.

Strategy: Test a free gift on order 4 to find out if it reduces churn.

Results: It’s still early days for this test for Funk It, but early results are showing a slightly higher retention rate among free gift recipients. Overall, since switching to Stay, Funk It has reduced churn by 22% and increased subscription revenue by 44% in 150 days.


Goal: Keep customers engaged to reduce churn.

Strategy: Offer a free GWP on subscribers’ second orders. For free gifts the brand chooses useful items that will help keep the brand top of mind and increase affinity — in this case, a free tea storage container.

Results: Recipients of the free gift on order 2 showed a 31% higher conversion on that order than subscribers who did not receive the free gift.

Clevr Blends

Goal: Increase 2nd-order retention and product reach.

Strategy: Test a free gift of a complementary product on order 2, to find out if it has a measurable impact on retention.

Results: Results showed a 50% higher 2nd-order conversion in the cohort that received the free gift offer versus those who did not.


Goal: Find out what types of free gifts resonate better with customers in terms of churn reduction.

Strategy: Use a straightforward A/B test in ExperienceEngine splitting the offer down the middle to see which product would get the best response.

Results: Found based on the results that the cohort receiving the straws as a free gift showed a 29% higher conversion rate on that order than the cohort that received a shaker.


Goal: Increase 2nd-order retention and further incentivize subscribers.

Strategy: Test Tamari as a free gift-with-purchase compared to a control group who did not receive a GWP.

Results: The cohort receiving the free gift had a 28% higher conversion rate on order 2 than those who didn’t get the gift.

ExperienceEngine isn’t just a feature — it’s really a paradigm shift in how brands structure and manage their subscription programs. These twelve brands’ successes just go to show how thoughtfully crafted promotions and data-driven testing can orchestrate an unparalleled shopping experience, ensuring enduring customer loyalty.


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