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NoonBrew Increases Recurring Revenue by 72% with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Increase in Recurring Revenue
Decrease in Monthly Subscriber Churn
Growth in Monthly First-Time Subscription Revenue

How NoonBrew Created the Ultimate End-to-End Customer Experience with Stay AI


For many people, coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a beloved and necessary morning ritual that signals the start of a new day. But relying on coffee as a pick-me-up in the afternoons just isn’t the same… a challenge the NoonBrew founders identified and sought to counteract with their superfood teas.

To help make customers’ switch to tea just as routine as their morning cup of joe, NoonBrew knew they wanted a compelling subscription offering to keep their customers excited and engaged.

The Solution: Stay AI

Creating an exceptional subscription experience requires attention to detail at every touchpoint. With features like an ExperienceEngine for promotion management, supercharged analytics for better data visibility, price customization, and intricate gifting functionality, NoonBrew found Stay the perfect choice to power their dream subscription program.


Integrating Branded Buy Boxes to Highlight Key Value Props and Drive Conversion: NoonBrew’s buy boxes highlight the subscription’s value and are optimized for conversion. In this case, the brand is able to emphasize the offer of ascending savings, and the page is optimized for subscription conversion with the Subscribe-and-Save option selected by default. These buy boxes are built via Replo, with which Stay integrates seamlessly through its Shopify integration and utilization of selling plans.


Optimizing for Delight Across the Buyer Journey with Gifting & Easy A/B Testing: Using Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine, NoonBrew is able to surprise and delight customers across the subscription journey with gifts on various set subscription orders. For example, NoonBrew offers a free gift on second orders, too — in this case, a free tea storage container. This delights customers and reduces second-order churn. Plus, it has the added effect of reminding customers about the brand every time they’re in their kitchens, building affinity over time.

With Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine, NoonBrew can now easily A/B test different types of offers like this and see what’s most effective for increasing LTV. With it, the brand knows can quickly identify types of offers and incentives work best across which customer cohorts — all without having to spend hours manipulating hard-to-understand analytics. This ExperienceEngine reporting alongside Stay’s enhanced churn risk analytics and cohort tracking allow NoonBrew to better understand where they want to optimize and emphasize retention.

Keeping Customers In the Loop with Stay’s Native Email Notification Builder & Deep Klaviyo Integration: Keeping customers updated and educating them on everything they can do to personalize and customize their subscriptions can contribute to higher lifetime value and a reduction in churn. So when NoonBrew switched to Stay Ai, they immediately began taking advantage of its powerful Klaviyo integration.

Dynamic blocks seamlessly integrate subscription information, so it’s easier than ever to create informative, visually appealing subscription emails. For example: the Upcoming Order email is one of the ways NoonBrew keeps their customers informed about gifts or other incentives they might receive with upcoming shipments, and reminds customers of options to add or swap products — keeping them engaged and reducing churn.



The integration between Klaviyo and Stay AI offers the most comprehensive sets of triggers available in the industry, enabling brands to engage with customers at touchpoints like:

  • Hyping up customers after they initiate a subscription
  • Re-engaging customer with quick actions after a cancellation
  • Reaching out to customers who skip multiple orders – and so much more.

Ultimately, Klaviyo analytics enable NoonBrew to measure key metrics on these emails and optimize based on the results.


30 Days After Switching to Stay AI, NoonBrew’s Recurring Revenue was Up 72%
Stay AI has revolutionized NoonBrew’s subscription experience, seamlessly integrating visually appealing buy boxes, delightful surprises, and personalized communications. As a result, NoonBrew has not only captured and retained their customers, but also achieved remarkable growth in recurring revenue.

Just 30 days after switching from their previous subscription provider, NoonBrew witnessed an impressive 72% increase in their recurring revenue. 

Through their unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional experience, and with the support of Stay Ai’s easy-to-use interface for both merchants and customers, NoonBrew is fostering a loyal community of advocates wholeheartedly embracing the brand’s innovative approach to surviving the afternoon slump.


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