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Yumwoof Scales Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue 24% in Just 60 Days on Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Pet Care

Subscription growth, by the numbers:

Growth in Monthly Subscription Revenue, in 60 Days
Reduction in Monthly Subscriber Churn, in 60 Days
YoY Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue

About Yumwoof

Yumwoof is a new kind of dog food brand, on a mission to delivery the highest quality pet food, nutrition support, and meal plans created by holistic veterinary nutritionists. Founder & CEO Jason Lukas and his wife started the company with a goal of completely rethinking dog nutirtion, personalizing pet health to reduce inflammation that causes allergies, digestive issues, and more.

The Brand was facing challenges with their previous solution, Recharge

After using Recharge to manage their subscription program, Jaron and team started to run into challenges with the app, making it difficult to continuously scale their subscription program. The platform’s merchant-side user interface was difficult for the team to navigate, causing team frustration with accessing and actioning on subscription data. Additionally, customers found their self-service portal confusing to work with, negatively impacting the subscriber experience. Yumwoof needed a subscription solution that was easier to use — both for their team members, and their most valuable customers.


The Solution: Stay Ai

Jaron came across Stay Ai in early 2022 and found himself impressed with the app’s usability and the team’s forward-thinking innovation. After moving to Stay Ai, his team has been able to massively scale their subscription program. The time lost on wrangling a frustrating app has instead been spent on strategically building a high-performing, customer-loved subscription program.

“Subscriptions are a critical part of our dog food company and the ability to customize our order flows with a trial and provide a good customer experience are really important parts of our business that Stay Ai supports.”

Jaron Lukas
Label: RetentionEngine.

Reducing subscriber churn with RetentionEngine.

When Yumwoof’s subscribers go to cancel, they’re now met with a smart cancellation survey that collects their cancellation intent reason, and then serves personalized rebuttals. Rebuttals include discounts, the option to change order frequency, and more.

Each rebuttal presented is strategically determined based on RetentionEngine’s robust AI, delivering each customer a response most likely to save them from cancellation. Within just 3 months of implementing RetentionEngine, Yumwoof was able to achieve a 20% subscriber save rate.

Label: Workflows

Running trial-to-subscription offers, powered by workflows.

Yumwoof has a unique subscriber acquisition offer – new customers a are able to “trial” a smaller-sized (and discounted) pack of pet food that automatically upgrades to subscription. Unless the customer cancels, a workflow built in Stay Ai activates a SKU swap, moving the subscriber from a trial pack to a standard monthly-sized package of pet food. This is a highly effective subscriber acquisition strategy for Yumwoof, and is powered by Stay Ai’s workflows!


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