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Surely Wine Continues Scaling Recurring Subscription Revenue 76% QoQ with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in QoQ Recurring Subscription Revenue
Decrease in QoQ Subscription Churn
QoQ Subscription Growth

Surely Maximizes Subscriber LTV with Stay AI’s Comprehensive Subscription Feature Set


Surely is a dry, award-winning, non-alcoholic California wine made for happier hours. They source grapes from the warm and breezy California coast & work with top winemakers to craft a dry & crisp profile you can’t get anywhere else, for drinkers and non-drinkers alike. Made with all natural ingredients, Surely offers one of the purest non-alcoholic wines on the market.


Surely moved to Stay AI in the spring of 2022, and they’ve continued to see tremendous growth in their subscription program since. The initially migrated in anticipation of an upcoming subscriber sale, looking for a solution that was both more customer-friendly and more effective at upsells & cross-sells.


Surely’s post-migration sale was a smashing success – but the wins didn’t end there. The team continues to leverage Stay’s comprehensive subscription feature set, as well as benefiting from the ongoing strategic customer support. They continue to find that Stay’s team of dedicated CSMs help Surely streamline their subscriber campaigns and optimize their program for revenue growth.

Here are some of the strategies the Surely team implements to maximize subscriber LTV with Stay AI:


“Stay AI has truly transformed our Wine Club’s subscription experience, leading to a significant boost in revenue. The improved experience it offers has played a pivotal role in driving subscriber growth. It has become an indispensable tool for our success.”

Brenda Godinez Head of Marketing, Surely

Leveraging Banner Ads for Exclusive Subscriber Offers: Surely maximizes the real estate of their customer portal, adding banner ads that display on the customer’s desktop and mobile view. This allows them to highlight important updates, new product releases, and more – just for their subscribers.


Increasing Subscriber AOV with Add-On Items: Surely offers their subscribers flexible subscriptions, allowing them to add-on products, as well as swap out items in their upcoming order based on their preference. They also test custom subscriber discounts for both recurring and one-time purchase items to maximize AOV.

Engaging Subscribers with Klaviyo Quick Actions: Utilizing Stay’s robust integration with Klaviyo, the Surely marketing team sends subscribers emails with CTAs powered by Klaviyo Quick Actions. This allows customers to add products or create one-time orders with just one click.

With Stay Ai, Surely offers a seamless and personalized subscriber experience, leading to continued growth in revenue, as well as customer satisfaction. Cheers to Surely – and scaling that recurring subscriber revenue!

“Stay Ai helped us take our subscription experience to the next level. We were able to use their features to create an exclusive Black Friday promotion for our Wine Club members (subscribers) directly in their subscription portal, and we saw an impressive 300%+ growth in add-on revenue. The support we receive from the Stay Ai team has also been outstanding.”
– Brenda Godinez, Head of Marketing, Surely


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