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Moon Juice Scales Subscription Add-On Revenue MoM with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Monthly Add-On Revenue, within 30 Days
Growth in Monthly Add-On Revenue, within 60 Days
Growth in Monthly Add-On Revenue, within 90 Days

Moon Juice is a beauty and wellness brand, specializing in adaptogenic supplements, skincare, and haircare products. Moon Juice’s scientific approach to synergy sets it apart from other wellness brands: many of their products work in tandem with and amplify the effects of other products, creating powerful stacks tailored to specific needs.

How Moon Juice Skyrocketed Add on Revenue with Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine™ and More


Prior to switching to Stay Ai, the Moon Juice team was using Recharge. They ran a stable subscription program, seeing largely steady revenue month over month for the five months prior to migration. Knowing their brand has cult-favorite products that pair well together – and benefit from monthly use – the team knew there was plenty of opportunity to continue scaling. That’s when they discovered Stay Ai.

The Solution: Stay Ai

After migrating to Stay in late 2022, Moon Juice saw measurable and consistent growth in their subscription revenue each month. Stay’s intuitive customer portal with built-in product carousel, in addition to ExperienceEngine™ promotional testing, enabled Moon Juice to leverage those aforementioned product synergies to scale up their add-on revenue.

Sleepy_Wakey_Stick_Stack-1 Moon-Juice-Graph


Driving AOV with ExperienceEngine™ Promotions: Moon Juice uses Stay’s ExperienceEngine™to easily deliver targeted promotional offers. Stay’s AI-powered promotional testing solution allows them to strategically serve offers to the right clients, at the right time, with the right incentive. Combined with the no-code email notification builder, launched promotions automatically add dynamic promotional blocks to upcoming order emails, enabling the team to make more money, with much less manual effort. For customers, adding promotion-applied items to upcoming orders is as frictionless as one click.

Optimizing and Refining with Post-Promotion Analytics: After launching promotional offers, the Moon Juice team can view the ExperienceEngine™ promotion’s analytics directly within the app. Key metrics like take rate, AOV, and total next order revenue are accessible within minutes, providing the team with the actionable insights necessary to continue running successful promotions in the future.


Driving AOV with the Customer Portal Carousel and Banner Ads: Moon Juice also leverages Stay’s no-code portal carousel and banner ads, which both surface add-on products to subscribers directly in the customer portal. With just a few clicks, subscribers can add full-price or discounted products to their upcoming orders. Because Moon Juice carries so many fan-favorite products, they’ve found that many of their one-time add ons turn into recurring stack subscriptions, further scaling subscription revenue.

Flexible Bundling: In alignment with the above, Stay’s super-flexible bundling solution makes it easy for Moon Juice customers to add complementary products to their upcoming orders, as well as taking advantage of the brand’s thoughtfully pre-bundled stacks of synergistic products.

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