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Begin Health Decreases CX Tickets While Scaling Subscriptions with Stay AI’s No-Code Customer Portal

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Increase in Customer Portal Interactions
Growth in QoQ Subscription Cart Revenue
Growth in QoQ Recurring Subscription Revenue

How an Easy-to-Use Customer Interface Increased Portal Engagement by 60% and Drastically Decreased CX Tickets

Founder Madeline Lauf knows how important gut health is for growing kids; that’s why she built Begin Health. Begin Health’s science-forward Growing Up Prebiotics are a daily prebiotic supplement for toddlers and kids ages 1+. Delivering 3g of fiber per serving, Growing Up Prebiotics is tasteless and textureless, allowing it to be easily mixed into a picky eater’s favorite food or beverage.


When it comes to subscription management platforms, Begin Health has tried them all. With their previous provider, lack of customer portal functionality led to a rise in support tickets, leaving the CX team inundated with manual work.

“Stay has helped us cut down dramatically on customer support tickets due to the functionality of self-serve and password-less login.”
– Madeline Lauf, Founder, Begin Health


The Solution: Stay AI

When Begin Health discovered Stay Ai, Begin Health saw the potential for the platform to alleviate their subscriber management challenges. Stay’s user-friendly customer portal and passwordless login seemed perfect for their customer base – busy, hardworking parents.


“We’ve literally tried them ALL! From Recharge > SKIO > Smartr > Stay Al, we can NOW confidently say we have found a home; and it’s not even close. We are continuously impressed with the level of professionalism, thoughtfulness and dedication we receive from the Stay team. We can be tough on the team for product feature requests and minor Shopify limitations, but each time the team handles it with grace and patiently, while they work hard to proactively incorporate and address our feedback to resolve our problems. We are proud to build alongside Gina, Evan and the Stay Ai team!

Madeline Lauf Founder, Begin Health


Since moving over to Stay, Begin Health has seen an incredible 60% increase in customer portal interactions, and continues to benefit from month-over-month subscription program growth.


Reducing CX Tickets and Empowering Customers to Manage their Own Subscriptions: Stay’s customer portal is built to empower customers to take control of their own subscriptions, optimized for performance, and based on A/B testing across hundreds of subscription brands. In addition, passwordless login makes it much easier for customers to sign in to their accounts, improving their engagement and increasing satisfaction. Since switching to Stay, the Begin Health team has seen a 60% increase in customer portal interactions, highlighting the ease of use of the self-serve customer interface.


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