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Aura Bora Sees Massive 128% Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue by Switching to Stay AI

Migrated from: Smartrr
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Monthly Subscription Cart Revenue, Since Switching to Stay
Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue, Since Switching to Stay
Growth in 2023 QoQ First-Time Subscription Revenue

Since Moving to Stay in 2022, Aura Bora Has Scaled their Subscription Program to the Moon


Aura Bora is taking the food and beverage world by storm, winning the hearts of their consumers with their innovative sparkling water flavors. A standout player in the F & B space, the brand’s loyal advocates affectionately call their drinks “weird water”. Their playful and adventurous flavor combinations encourage consumers to try flavor combinations outside of their normal routine, as Aura Bora’s best sellers are infused with herbs, flowers, and a slew of other natural ingredients. Needless to say, the brand offers an unforgettable taste experience you won’t find anywhere else, featuring flavors like Basil Berry and Elderflower Grapefruit.

With such whimsical web experiences, product packaging, and digital communications, it’s no surprise that Aura Bora strives to offer a unique brand experience for their customers. Since moving their subscription program to Stay, the Aura Bora team has taken this to the next level – redefining what a delightful subscription program looks like.


Aura Bora offers their beverages both in retail and via DTC. In 2022, they had their eye on expanding their ecommerce sales, and given the economics of shipping beverages, they knew a thriving subscription program would be critical for efficient scale. The team was looking for a subscription provider that could offer the level of customization critical to maintaining brand integrity, all while delighting their enormous customer base of thousands of customers, many of which who drink multiple cans of Aura Bora per day.

Aura Bora’s previous subscription provider just wasn’t cutting it. They lacked the ability to offer flexible subscription options for customers, the brand’s access to subscription analytics was poor, and the prior provider’s customer support team left much to be desired. They also were feeling the pain of churn, with no simple way to win back customers in their subscription cancellation flow. Ultimately, they were stuck with what felt like a “set it and forget it” subscription program – and the Aura Bora team was looking for an performance recurring revenue channel they could optimize.

The Solution: Stay AI

Aura Bora came to Stay because they wanted to infuse (no pun intended) the brand’s whimsy and playfulness into their subscription program. Stay offered the team the ability to delight subscribers with gifted surprises, exclusive offers, and a customer portal that makes subscription management just plain fun. In addition to the customer benefits, Stay’s feature set helped Aura Bora achieve key business goals – like boosting subscriber LTV, reducing subscriber churn, and more.

4 Months After Moving to Stay Ai, the Aura Bora Team Saw:

Growth in Active Subscribers
Growth in Recurring Subscription AOV
Growth in Subscription Revenue

1 Year After Moving to Stay, Here’s How Aura Bora’s Subscription Performance Stacks Up:

Increase in Monthly Subscription Cart Revenue
Increase in Monthly First-Time Subscription Revenue
Increase in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue

And all this said, Aura Bora’s subscription program has only continued to scale. Here are some of the strategies the Aura Bora team has implemented since moving to Stay Ai:

Label: Strategy

Delighting Subscribers with Gifts via Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine: With Stay, Aura Bora is able to implement surprise & delight gifts for subscribers, like bandanas, koozies, stickers, and more. After analyzing the data, they’ve determined that offering a freebie on every 5th subscription order has been a massive win for boosting brand loyalty – as demonstrated by Aura Bora’s increase in subscription retention rates and decrease in subscriber churn.


The team also highlights these freebies as a means to drive subscription acquisition, along with their additional subscription perks like free shipping, exclusive discounts, early access to new flavor drops, and more. With ExperienceEngine, Aura Bora is able to easily set up these unique offerings, no dev support required.


Boosting AOV by Implementing Klaviyo Quick Actions for Limited-Time Offers: A core component of Aura Bora’s revenue strategy hinges on their limited-time offers, as they launch new limited flavors on a monthly basis. The brand’s fervent fans flock to buy the drops, leading to massive spikes in revenue. Because these flavors are limited in supply, it’s critical that Aura Bora’s most loyal customers – their subscribers – are given a frictionless offer to add these SKUs to their upcoming orders.

With this in mind, Aura Bora sends subscribers LTO announcement emails with “Add It To Your Upcoming Order” CTAs. These buttons allow customers to add the SKU to their next order with one-click, rather than going through the whole checkout process. They also slate these buttons into their “upcoming order” transactional emails. These CTAs boost subscriber AOV by $4+ during LTO promo periods.



Combating Subscriber Churn with RetentionEngine: Aura Bora uses RetentionEngine to gather data via customer cancellation surveys, and automatically win-back customers without CX intervention. When subscribers go to cancel, they’re offered a menu of cancellation reasons, such as “I have too much product” or “This is too expensive.” Based on their responses, RetentionEngine’s AI powered smart reactivation tactics deploy personalized winback strategies, rather than applying a one size fits all approach. With RetentionEngine, Aura Bora’s subscription save rate is as high as 16%.


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