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Blog/17 RetentionEngine Examples to Slash Subscriber Churn

17 RetentionEngine Examples to Slash Subscriber Churn

No matter how compelling your subscription offer may be, you’ll always have some customers hitting the cancel button. That’s why Stay Ai’s RetentionEngFeature wpine, an AI-powered tool enabling personalized cancellation surveys and follow-up flows, can be such a valuable part of the subscription experience.

In another article, RetentionEngine founder Mat Moody shared his top tips for effective cancel surveys and flows. In this one, we’re showing how these top brands put those best practices to work. Let’s dig in.

Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire’s cancellation survey and follow-up treatments add an engaging splash of humor, adding a relatable, human touch — netting them an impressive 15% save rate.

Quick highlight: instead of just flagging “price” as the villain, they dive deeper. Splitting it into budgetary constraints and value perception helps them decode the root cause of cancellation intent.

The result? Smarter follow-ups and a better understanding of their customers.

They don’t stop with a great survey, though — their cancel treatments with attention-grabbing gifs are impossible to ignore.

This combined strategy minimizes immediate cancellations and the insight they need for future retention fire.


Olipop’s next-level cancellation treatments are tailored specifically to each cancel reason, weaving in a generous 30% discount offer while educating the customer about their products or suggesting a flavor swap. Engaging, on-brand graphics make the offers pop for an impressive save rate of 24%. 


Goli personalizes their cancel surveys with subscribers’ names to emphasize a personal touch. Resulting follow-up treatments align with the brand’s visual identity and offer enticing discounts, landing the brand a save rate of 13.2%.


Lifeboost is killing the retention game with a 38% save rate, showing how much they really get their customers. One example of what really works in their cancel flows: When subscribers indicate they’ve “switched to a different brand,” Lifeboost offers a discount alongside messaging that highlights their product’s value props.


Achieving a notable save rate of 20.2%, V-Dog’s cancel treatments are a genius combination of heartstrings and humor, minus the guilt trip (nobody likes that!). Their consistent branding throughout gives subscribers a familiar experience, complete with the playful pup graphics we all adore.


Sporting an 11% save rate, Obvi’s cancel surveys and flows do a lot of work in just a little time. The cancel treatment below gives customers a sense of care and encouragement and offers some product education driving home the perks of staying consistent. The discount offer as a finishing touch gives subscribers a strong reason to stick around.

Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest’s cancel flows are a masterclass in humanizing the brand-customer convo, helping them achieve a whopping 20% save rate. Their follow-up in response to price objections is spot-on:

  • The simple, “We’d love to make this work for you,” adds a genuine touch. 
  • Odd-numbered discounts like that 14% offer tend to be more eye-catching than your standard 15%. It feels personal, making it even more compelling. 
  • And don’t forget the gratitude. That heartfelt “thanks” goes a long way toward keeping customers’ brand sentiment positive.


Thesis, with a save rate of 11.6%, nails it with the personal touches in their cancel flows. The cancel survey page is personalized with the subscriber’s name and past order count. What could’ve been a mere transaction turns into a thoughtful interaction. Plus, you can tell they’ve been super thoughtful about their cancel reasons, showing their commitment to really understanding their customers.


MUD/WTR, crushing a 13% save rate, seamlessly merges customer insights and their signature brand flair. Their broad range of cancel reasons offers a vivid snapshot of changing customer needs. And the “cancellation confirmed” screen is a perfect mix of cheeky charm and essential info, preempting those common subscriber FAQs.

Schoolyard Snacks

This brand has an insane 22.2% save rate, so let’s look at what they’re doing right. Their cancel survey features a thoughtful selection of cancel reasons, paired with emojis for a dash of personality. Even better? Their tailored follow-up treatments. Customers don’t just feel heard — they get solutions that hit the mark.

Aura Bora

Aura Bora, rocking a 16% save rate, shows us the true meaning of adaptability in an omnichannel world. Subscribers prefer in-store? No problem! Instead of a hard sell, they offer to cover the cost of a can. It’s not just about the money. It’s a heartfelt nod to customer loyalty, no matter how they choose to buy.

Perfect Snacks

Perfect Snacks, with an incredible 17% save rate, shows just how effective simplicity can be. Perfect Snacks goes back to basics with just 4 follow-up treatments, leaning on clear, straightforward messages and simple but relevant solutions. A gentle nudge to brands: sometimes less is more.


Geologie has a save rate of 16%, brilliantly leaning on product education to curb cancels. The brand anticipates some skin irritation concerns and addresses them head-on. They use a follow-up treatment to provide education that alleviates immediate fears and connects customers to further support through the “Chat With Us” CTA.

Psychedelic Water

Psychedelic Water, boasting a 14% save rate, gets personal with a video touch from their CTO, Matt Warren. Picked “It’s Too Expensive” as a cancel reason? Matt breaks down the WHY behind the pricing, giving subscribers a clear view of the value they get. Plus, they sweeten the deal with a 10% discount, fusing personal touch, product education, and tangible perk. 


Momofuku, scoring an 11.4% save rate, masterfully blends product education with a dash of FOMO to boost retention. The follow-up treatment for subscribers lured by initial discounts doesn’t just talk savings — it spotlights the added value of sticking around (with a side of emotion). It’s not just about a deal; it’s about everything you’ll miss if you bail. 


Contributing to Dose’ 10.5% save rate is their commitment to making sure every subscriber feels like a valued part of the community. One example: the Dose Grant Program. For customers finding their wallets stretched too thin, they’re not just throwing a one-time discount — they’re making a real commitment to accessibility. They’ve also got a “Rush My Order” option for speedy deliveries.

Atlas Coffee

With a 17% save rate, Atlas Coffee makes clever use of FOMO messaging around rewards points. Remarkably, even when this FOMO-driven treatment is presented without any associated discount, it still manages to retain 18% of those exposed to it. It’s clear: the allure of missing out on benefits is a potent tool for loyalty.

TLDR: You don’t need to let subscriber churn crush your revenue.

RetentionEngine is a powerful tool that’s here to help. Just click Get Started below to chat with our team of subscription & retention experts.


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