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Blog/How Stay AI Makes Growing AOV Easy with Cross-Sells & Upsells That Convert

How Stay AI Makes Growing AOV Easy with Cross-Sells & Upsells That Convert

Every dollar counts when it comes to your brand’s long-term revenue, and even small increases in average order value can yield significant results to profitability and lifetime value. 

Stay Ai’s no-code customer portal with add-on carousel and banner ads, native email notification builder, and SMS chatbot all work together, alongside ExperienceEngine, to drive up subscriber AOV by 17% in 90 days. Learn more here!

1. Add-On Carousel

The add-on carousel features an array of items that can be added to upcoming orders, and it’s front-and-center every time subscribers log into their portal. It also enables price crossouts that emphasize savings based on subscriber-specific discounts.

See It In Action: OLIPOP

OLIPOP uses the add-on product carousel to highlight new flavors and limited time products. In the first month of launching their Crisp Apple flavor, subscription add-ons accounted for 30% of its sales!

2. In-Portal Banner Ads

In-portal banner ads also show up in the customer portal and are a great place to highlight new product drops, special sales, or anything else you want to make sure your customers see when they log in.

See It In Action: Tenzo

Tenzo uses the in-portal banner area to highlight special sales, keeping subscribers in the know about all their best deals, like this Fourth of July sale.

3. Dynamic Upsell Modules

Take subscriber emails to the next level with dynamic upsell modules, presenting special products or discounted offers that subscribers can add in just a couple clicks.

See It In Action: LifeBoost

Healthy, sustainable coffee company Lifeboost drove 50% month-over-month growth for add-on products, thanks in part to the dynamic upsell modules in upcoming order emails. All they had to do was pick a product to feature, add in a subscriber-specific discount, and drop the module into their “It’s almost that time!” upcoming order email.


Anytime you’re sending a campaign, you can add a smart block that only shows to active subscribers that allows them to add the item you’re highlighting to their next subscription instead of going to the site and buying it separately.

This also helps subscription LTV because customers are more likely to add the item and hit Get It Now which moves up their next order date and subscription cycle.

See It In Action: Aura Bora

A key part of Aura Bora’s strategy centers around dropping inventive LTOs every other month — new flavors that only last for a few weeks.

They send LTO announcement emails to subscribers with easy CTAs enabling quick add-ons to their next orders. They also put these CTAs into their “upcoming order” transactional emails, to remind subscribers again about the newly available flavors.

It’s Easy to Boost LTV with Stay Ai

The impact of maximizing average order value on your brand’s long-term revenue can’t be overstated. With Stay Ai’s powerful suite of tools, including the no-code customer portal, email and SMS communications, and ExperienceEngine, you have the winning formula to boost AOV.


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