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Blog/Why Stay AI is the Best Subscription App for High-Performing eCommerce Brands

Why Stay AI is the Best Subscription App for High-Performing eCommerce Brands

Say goodbye to all the headaches that come along with your legacy subscription management. Stay AI makes it easier to engage customers, drive AOV, and slash churn — all while providing a great experience on both the customer and the merchant side.

Let’s dig into the top five reasons why Stay Ai is your best choice against any legacy player in the market.

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Stay AI’s unique subscription management feature set enables brands like OLIPOP, Aura Bora, and more to maximize subscriber AOV & reduce churn. Our team of subscription and retention strategists are just one click away – book a chat with our team using the button below.

1. Stay Ai’s Transparent Pricing Policy

Transparency isn’t just a buzzword for us, it’s a foundational principle. We’re committed to being open about our pricing structure and helping every brand really understand the total cost of ownership.

Stay AI’s founders have been working with subscription brands for years, so they’ve seen firsthand the impacts of insidious subscription pricing strategy, ranging from confused and frustrated operators, to massive overage bills that fundamentally impact the company’s financial modeling.

Stay AI does it differently. Our pricing strategy is rooted in years of experience with real brands, plus direct feedback from merchants in the industry. We don’t believe you should be penalized for growing slower or faster than a revenue target. Our pricing is designed to scale with you.

2. Best-In-Class, Responsive, & Personal Support

Every minute counts when it comes to running your business, so there’s nothing worse than reaching out for support and being left on read. Our 24/7 technical support ensures you won’t lose out on revenue waiting for a response.

But we don’t stop there — we’re invested in your long-term success. That’s why we also offer white-glove migration from your current platform and a dedicated CSM to provide continued strategic support.

White Glove Migration
Whether it’s your subscription app or any other part of your tech stack, we understand why brands are wary of switching to new platforms. That’s why we provide white-glove support for your migration, making sure everything goes off without a hitch — for you and your subscribers.

Lifetime, Dedicated CSM
With Stay AI, you get a dedicated CSM to meet with you regularly about performance. We’re about more than just troubleshooting — we offer strategic support for your subscription acquisition and retention strategies.

3. Stay’s Customer Portal is the Most Intuitive & Highest Revenue Generating On-Market

Stay AI offers the most intuitive customer portal than any other subscription app on the market — that’s why so many others have tried to imitate it. But we keep moving the needle to optimize and refine, while others struggle to keep up.
With passwordless login and intuitive interface, your customers will find it easy to manage their own subscriptions. That cuts churn, keeps customers engaged, and drastically reduces your support tickets. Plus, features like customizable banner ads and an add-on carousel — all managed without messing with a line of code — help drive up AOV and LTV.

4. Stay AI’s Proprietary Experience Engine Offers Countless More Ways to Optimize Subscription Performance

Stay AI’s proprietary ExperienceEngine gives you more opportunities to turn your subscription program into a performance channel. With it, you can test optimizations across your entire program and get clear insights into what’s actually moving the needle.

Automated A/B testing of promotions like discounts and free gifts helps you proactively fight churn and reward your subscribers for their loyalty. The possibilities are nearly endless — and it’s all built for marketers to use without setting up a bunch of extra stuff you need your developers for.

5. Stay Ai’s RetentionEngine Offers Integrated Cancel Surveys and AI-powered Treatments to Maximize Retention and Prevent Subscriber Churn

Our innovative, out-of-the-box retention tools are designed to not only help you understand the underlying reasons behind churn, but also stop it in its tracks. Plus, our no-code cancel surveys track why your subscribers are canceling, then follow-up flows deliver churn deflections tailored to each subscriber’s cancel reason.
RetentionEngine enables you to use your own logic to set up responses, or take advantage of our advanced AI — primed to optimize and deliver the most effective results. Plus, we enable using video messages in those tailored follow-ups to make the experience feel even more personal for your customers.


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