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Blog/15 Ideas for Boosting Subscriber Loyalty: Building Exciting Subscription Program Benefits

15 Ideas for Boosting Subscriber Loyalty: Building Exciting Subscription Program Benefits

If you’re a regular reader of Stay Ai content, you’ve probably noticed us mentioning “subscription value props” or “subscription benefits”.

Let’s unpack that, and talk about how to pick the right subscription program benefits for your brand. We’ll also share 15 unique subscriber benefit ideas for inspiration!

Subscription Benefits/Subscription Value Props

The subscription industry is evolving – and the brands seeing the most success with their programs are going above and beyond to build subscriber loyalty. While subscribe and save might already feel like a juicy benefit, it’s pretty standardized. Customers are beginning to see additional program benefits popping up, including deals on shipping, unique rewards, and special-access to things like content or IRL events.

For example, take a peek at Surely’s Wine Club subscription page:

In addition to offering their subscribers an ongoing discount, they tease additional program benefits: virtual wine tastings, merch, and early access to new products.

How to Determine the Right Subscription Program Benefits

As much as we’d love to give you the magical answer, the real answer lies in knowing your customers preferences, down to a t. To dig in to this, we recommend:

– Conducting customer interviews with your VIPs, and asking about what would new benefits would be exciting for them
– Sending out a survey asking subscribers to vote on your benefit ideas
– Crowd-sourcing new benefit ideas through a customer community or via email
– Scoping out what your competitors are offering

If you need some inspiration on sweet subscription benefits, we pulled together a roundup of 15 of our favorites here.

15 Top-Performing Subscription Program Benefits

We pulled together a list of the best subscription program benefits we could find, straight from the top revenue-generating subscription brands on Stay Ai.

And a few more honorable mentions…

– Subscriber-only bundles
– Monthly or quarterly subscriber raffles/giveaways
– Exclusive swag or merch unavailable elsewhere

TLDR: Better benefits = better customer loyalty.

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1. Free Shipping, Always

In the era of Amazon prime, customers are always sniffing for free shipping. Offer subscribers life-long free shipping with each order as an added perk.
Brand featured: HOP WTR

2. Free Gift on X Order

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Send your subscribers a free gift on their 2nd order, or on a cadence – like every 5th or 10th order. Freebies don’t have to be spendy – things like shaker cups, tote bags, and hats are often hits. Great for loyalty, and crushing churn!
Brand featured: L’Evate You

3. Special Occasion Gifts

Send your most valuable customers a freebie on their birthday, order anniversary, your brand’s birthday, or at the holidays as a thank-you surprise. Gifts can include merch, tester product, or digital certificates.
Brand featured: Beekeeper’s Naturals

4. Samples & Testers

Give your subscribers a first-glance at upcoming products with free samples or testers. This is a great strategy for health & wellness or beauty & personal care brands – and it makes the upsell easier, too!
Brand featured: Moon Juice

5. Personalized Consultation

We love this benefit from Feals! Upon subscribing, customers are gifted a free 1:1 consultation with a CBD specialist to help personalize their regimen. They also provide future product recommendations, leading to an AOV boost.
Brand featured: Feals

6. Early Access Privileges

Give your subscribers the first chance to purchase limited-edition SKUs or access product drops. SNOW Oral Care sends their subscribers early access emails, encouraging them to try new releases before anyone else.
Brand featured: SNOW

7. Happiness Guarantee

Allow subscribers to return or replace ordered items for free by offering a happiness guarantee. Offer to swap for a different product or send a hassle-free store credit as reimbursement.
Brand featured: Dose

8. Earn Rewards

Reward your customers for each order placed – even if it’s an auto-ship subscription. Rewards can come in the form of product credit, points to cash in for a free gift, or $ off an upcoming order.
Brand featured: Bright Cellars

9. Exclusive Event Invites

Invite your subscribers to exclusive IRL or virtual events to make their experience even more special. Kaskadia Wine, for example, hosts virtual wine tastings just for their wine club subscribers.
Brand featured: Kaskadia Wine

10. Members-Only Community

Allow your subscribers to join a members-only community hosted on the platform they love the most. We’ve seen brands use tools like Discord and Facebook Groups to keep customers engaged and excited.
Brand featured: The Lift Box

11. Exclusive Add-On Discounts

Offer exclusive discounts for add-on or one-time-purchase items to just your subscribers. These discounts can be shared with old-school discount codes, or be implemented through your product carousel/portal banner.
Brand featured: Dr. KellyAnn

12. Subscriber-Only Sale Events

You know what’s better than a sale? A super secret, exclusive, special sale. Let subscribers know you’ll be running special sales for just your VIP customers, and host unique promotional deals for just this cohort.
Brand featured: Obvi

13. Priority CS Support

There’s nothing better than getting a problem solved within minutes. Offer subscribers skip-the-line CX queue access, so they can get the help they need within record timing. Subscriber tagging in your CX platform makes this easy.
Brand featured: Rise Well

14. Product Pipeline Influence

Give subscribers the opportunity to vote on upcoming flavors, product formats, or even new additions to the product line in general. You can conduct polls through your virtual community, email, or SMS.
Brand featured: Surely Wine

15. VIP Content

This is a fun (and free!) one for brands. Share for-your-eyes-only content with your VIPs. Examples: makeup tutorials for beauty brands, recipes for food & bev brands, or workouts for health & wellness brands.
Brand featured: Wine Folly


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