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Psychedelic Water Sees 14% Subscription Save Rate Despite Limited Inventory with RetentionEngine

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Subscription Save Rate, Since Switching to Stay
Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue, in 90 Days
Growth in Subscription Cart Revenue, in 90 Days

How Psychedelic Water Leverages RetentionEngine to Save More Customers, Despite Inventory Challenges


Launched in 2021, Psychedelic Water is a mood-boosting, non-alcoholic herbal supplement enriched with kava root, turnera diffusa leaf, and green tea leaf extract. The brand, whose subscription programs across DTC and Amazon make up about half of their business, has a mission to share the “psychedelic” state of mind.


CTO Matt Warren is one member of the very lean, five-person team behind Psychedelic Water — so as you can imagine, he wears a lot of different hats every day. That’s one of the reasons he started feeling frustrated with their previous subscription management app. When you have a thousand things to do, you need to be able to make decisions fast, but their previous provider’s analytics just weren’t cutting it. That, says Matt, is the biggest reason he started to look for alternatives.

“Our previous provider’s analytics were unbearably slow to load, and getting information out of it was pretty difficult.”
– Matt Warren, CTO, Psychedelic Water

The Solution: Stay Ai

After a full evaluation, Matt moved the brand from their previous app to Stay Ai, where he’s been better able to gain insights from the analytics and reporting – especially by making use of RetentionEngine’s cancellation surveys and flows.


“Stay Ai’s dashboards load fast and the information displayed is easy to understand at a glance. I’m happy with how it looks and we get insights there. It’s definitely better than what we were using before!”

Matt warren Chief Technology Officer, Psychedelic Water


Here are some of the groovy strategies Psychedelic Water has implemented to decrease subscriber churn and grow subscriber revenue, despite stock-related headwinds.

Enhancing Analytics and Reporting with Visibility into Subscriber Cancellation Reasons: In addition to all the metrics you’d expect (subscriber count, performance by SKU, etc.), Matt is getting some of the most usage out of RetentionEngine’s cancellation survey analytics to determine just why subscribers are canceling. “That’s been directing a lot of our efforts behind the scenes,” he said. While price-related cancellations were expected, Matt was surprised to learn that another frequently cited cancel reason was ‘too much product’

“That led us to focus some of our post-purchase messaging around how to use the product,” Matt said. “When to consume it, or recipe ideas — basically just giving people more reasons to consume it and more ideas for better enjoyment.”

Reducing Churn with RetentionEngine Cancel Flows: With RetentionEngine’s automated cancel flows, churning customers receive a last-chance offer based on their cancelation reason. Psychedelic Water is now saving more than 8 percent of churning customers despite their currently limited inventory.

“The thing we found most valuable — that I wasn’t really expecting — was the cancellation survey, both on saving those cancellations and also on just feedback around why people are canceling. That’s been directing a lot of our efforts behind the scenes.”
– Matt Warren, CTO, Psychedelic Water


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