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Blog/The AI Behind Stay: Unlocking Peak Subscription Performance

The AI Behind Stay: Unlocking Peak Subscription Performance

Consumer behavior and trends change at lightning speed, so being able to make data-driven decisions isn’t just a nice to have — it’s critical. This is where AI sheds its hype and steps up as your secret weapon.

Our proprietary AI is a game changer, enabling you to understand and predict subscriber behavior to reduce churn, increase AOV, and ultimately improve your bottom line. And we’ve been refining these models for years, putting us way ahead of the rest of the market.

This article explores how Stay’s AI-powered features work, then digs in to how you can leverage that AI across the platform to increase customer LTV. Let’s get started!

Stay’s Proprietary AI

Stay Ai uses a variety of reinforcement learning and predictive models to predict business outcomes and improve performance at a rate of 20-30% higher than human settings alone. Here’s how we do it:

Reinforcement Learning
Our brand-specific and aggregate models aren’t just sophisticated — they’re seasoned. Think of reinforcement learning like a really experienced coach tailored just for your brand, with training on billions of data points over 3+ years.

Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
Using a combination of regression, forecasting, and clustering techniques, our learning models take in a ton of data and give you clear, useful insights so you can make more strategic decisions.

What Stay AI’s Power Means for You

We leverage AI in a few different places across Stay, unlocking several opportunities to scale your subscribers’ lifetime value (and your bottom line):

1) Increasing subscriber save rate after they click the cancel button
2) Illuminating subscribers at risk of churn, for proactive intervention
3) Boosting subscribers’ average order value with add-on products

1) Increasing Customer Save Rate

When a subscriber clicks the cancel button, Stay’s AI will help you deploy the perfect counter-offer.

Our machine learning-powered RetentionEngine analyzes the complete customer profile — spending habits, preferences, and comparable customer journeys — to craft and deliver a personalized rebuttal that resonates.

Check out some example rebuttals from Kettle & Fire.

The result? A save rate soaring beyond the old-school man-made cancellation rebuttals, typically reducing churn by 30% in just 90 days.

2) Proactively Decreasing Churn

Stay Ai identifies subscribers with the highest risk of churning, so you can work proactively to keep them engaged.

Leveraging insights from our RetentionEngine, we can pinpoint high-risk subscribers before they hit the cancel button, offering you a proactive shield against churn.

Our predictive analytics scrutinize patterns so you can use our ExperienceEngine promotions builder to intervene before subscribers ever hit cancel, offering targeted incentives to reignite engagement. 

3) Increasing Average Order Value

If you want to deliver the most effective add-on promotions to increase your AOV, you don’t have to guess at what will work. Stay’s AI solutions are designed to serve and test different offers for you.

Our predictive analytics considers a huge pool of data points to identify and target the most receptive customer segments with the most compelling offers. Split-test up to four different offers with ExperienceEngine, and Stay will zero in on what’s most effective and personalize upsells for maximum AOV.

You can also present exclusive promotional offers to subscribers identified as churn risk, incentivizing them to stick on subscription before they even get to your cancellation flow.

Stay Ai is more than a subscription app — it’s a powerful revenue generation and retention marketing tool. AI-powered features enable you to effortlessly turn your subscription program into an optimized performance channel, so you can spend your workdays focusing on the the big decisions that AI can’t make for you.

At the end of the day, Stay is designed to make you more money, while ensuring that your customers have an unparalleled subscription experience along the way.

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