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Golde Supercharges Recurring Subscription Revenue by 42%

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Recurring Subscription Revenue, in 60 Days
Growth in First-Time Subscription Revenue, in 60 Days
Growth in Active Subscribers, in 60 Days

Since its founding in Brooklyn in 2017, Golde has been expanding its loyal fanbase with an assortment of superfood essentials for health and skincare. Today, you can find Golde products in Target and Ulta — but they’re also super focused on growing a subscription program their DTC shoppers love.

“We wanted to expand our subscription offerings, but didn’t feel confident doing so with Recharge. It just felt a little clunky on both ends.” — Nina Coppin, CX Manager, Golde

How Golde Grew Their Active Subscriber Base by 49% and Improved the Subscriber Experience with Stay AI


After offering a basic subscription program for some time, CX Manager Nina Coppin says the team realized how much it resonated with customers, so they started to build out a more robust strategy around the channel. That’s when they came face-to-face with some of their previous provider’s shortcomings. Customers had a hard time managing their own subscriptions and needed a lot of support, which took a lot of time for Nina and team to manage. And on the backend, analytics were just kind of a mystery, so they weren’t getting all the insights they needed to optimize their program.

“We wanted to expand our subscription offerings, but didn’t feel confident doing so with Recharge. It just felt a little clunky on both ends.” — Nina Coppin, CX Manager, Golde

The Solution: Stay AI

After evaluating at least five other subscription platforms, Nina says they found a fit with Stay. The customer experience was exactly what they were looking for, and the easy-to-understand analytics dashboard helps them better optimize based on changing customer needs and behavior.


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“We had such a great experience meeting the Stay team. We loved the platform, and felt like it hit our number one priority – having a great user experience for our team and our customers.”

Nina Coppin CX Manager, Golde


Engaging Subscribers with an Easy-to-Use Customer Portal: With Stay Ai, Golde customers have easy options to manage subscriptions, all laid out in a way that’s intuitive to use. Nina says that customers love the passwordless login, and that the new portal reduced CX tickets almost immediately. “As soon as we launched with Stay,, we saw a significant decrease in CX tickets,” she said. The team also loves being able to customize the portal to align with their brand guidelines and give it the Golde look and feel.

Empowering Data-Driven Decision Making: The easy-to-use merchant dashboard has encouraged Nina and other team members to more frequently seek out data for insights to make better business decisions. “It’s very clean and inviting and makes you want to dig into the data more,” she said. She benefits from the ease of segmenting just the data she needs, like how many new subscriptions they have, their current churn rate, top products, average order value, and more.


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“As a small team, we’re all pulled in so many different directions. If I have a question, someone on the Stay team will get back to within the same day oftentimes within minutes. They immediately give me direction, help me pull reports, whatever I need. It’s been such a wonderful partnership, because it genuinely feels like Stay is a part of our team.

Nina Coppin CX Manager, Golde

Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI