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Gleefull’s Subscription Revenue Soars 81% Within 60 Days of Switching to Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Subscription Cart Revenue, within 60 Days
Growth in First-Time Subscription Revenue, within 60 Days
Growth in Recurring Subscription Revenue, within 120 Days

How Stay Helps Gleefull Scale, Save More Subscriptions, and Engage Customers Like Never Before


Gleefull specializes in menopausal and hormonal health for women over 40. The brand’s founder, a female naturopathic specialist, had a mission to create a brand with products that actually worked by focusing on deliverability and bioavailability of supplements in the body. Founded less than a year ago, the brand has seen outstanding growth, fueled in part by a subscription program they debuted shortly after launching.


After several months of managing their new subscription program with their previous provider, the Gleefull team started to feel some pain. They noticed more and more the lack of usability — on both the merchant and the customer side — getting in the way. Battling buggy and difficult-to-read analytics, Gleefull’s Co-Founder, Mike, reached out to support. Unfortunately, the team quickly found their support experience was lacking as well.

“We had a pretty bad experience with support on our previous platform. When we had a support call, our rep just ignored everything I said and tried to upsell me to a higher tier program.”
– Mike Zhang, Co-Founder & CEO, Gleefull


The Solution: Stay AI

After hearing about how another health & wellness brand solved similar challenges after moving to Stay, the Gleefull team decided it was time to learn more. Since making the switch in April 2023, the team has been much happier with the experience and is seeing the results of improved program performance. It’s also been much easier for the team to pull the data they need to make the right business decisions moving forward.


“Stay has been really working out for us. Even before going in and making a bunch more nuanced changes, at baseline, it’s performing so much better. […] Just starting out with all the best practices from Stay has been such a big upgrade. I feel like we still have a lot of areas we can improve, and I’m excited about that because there are so many things we can test.”

Marissa Asperjan Founder & COO, Gleefull


Here are just a few of the strategies the Gleefull team has implemented to achieve such massive subscription program growth:

Increasing Customer Engagement with a User-Friendly Portal: With Stay, Gleefull’s customer portal isn’t just easier to sign into and use — it offers a lot more options for cross-sells, upsells, and actions other than cancellation (skip, swap, delay, etc.). And customers are using it, too. Thanks to a merchant dashboard that surfaces the right information at your fingertips, the team can see how much all of these different interactions are used. “The interface in terms of what the customer sees is a lot more user friendly, and from the metrics we can tell that they’re taking advantage of all their different options.” Marissa said.


Optimizing Subscription Offerings Based on Stay Ai’s Easy-to-Digest Analytics: With their prior provider, digging in to subscription analytics was a hassle – slow to load, at times inaccurate, and sometimes even required emailing the provider’s support team directly to access the metrics they needed. With Stay, Marissa & Mike are able to quickly access the metrics the matter most, and action on their data with ease.


Saving More Subscriptions with RetentionEngine’s Cancel Flows: The Gleefull team can now easily find out just why subscribers are looking to cancel, then deliver tailored responses or offers to get them to stay. For example, if a subscriber responds that they’re canceling because “the product doesn’t work,” they get a message prompting them to swap products or even contact customer support.

“Stay has been really working out for us; even before going in and making a bunch more nuanced changes, at baseline it’s performing so much better.”
– Marissa Asperjan, Founder & COO, Gleefull


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