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Funk It Wellness Boosts Subscription Revenue 44% with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Subscription Revenue
Decrease in Monthly Subscriber Churn
Growth in Monthly Active Subscribers

First-time founder Kate Morton, a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Human Clinical Nutrition, launched Funk It Wellness to help women deal with a variety of women’s hormone health needs – like PMS, PMDD, PCOS, and more. With her team, Kate has developed a suite of wellness products based on years of research and made of 100% real food, that can help women effectively balance their hormones and embrace their bodies.


The crux of Funk It Wellness’ business is its subscription program and, while they also sell on Amazon, Kate is currently focused on boosting and retaining the brand’s DTC subscribers. She knew that meant the Funk It team would need a highly tailored retention strategy — but with the brand’s previous subscription provider, they ran into challenge after challenge.

Kate was disappointed with the level of both technical and strategic support, and her team was struggling to understand performance across the subscription lifecycle. Lacking platform support and data clarity made it tough to master subscriber retention. Ultimately, Kate knew she needed a partner that would give her business the white glove treatment it deserved. After a friend referred her to Stay, she migrated from their previous solution in November 2022.


The Solution: Stay AI

Since migrating to Stay, Kate and team have been thrilled with their much-improved customer service experience — plus, she’s seen first-hand how valuable the ExperienceEngine features are in crafting a richer, more rewarding subscriber experience, based on actual customer behavior.

“We’re trying to make our DTC ordering experience as fun as possible, so we really like using the gifting opportunities to increase retention. And then on top of that, the reporting from Stay is really helpful — especially in recent months as I’ve been fundraising.”
— Kate Morton, Founder, Funk It Wellness


“Retention is super important to us. We’re really focusing only on subscriptions versus one time purchases, so we wanted to have a retention strategy in place to keep the people that we’re getting.”

Kate Morton Founder, Funk It Wellness


Since migrating to Stay AI in November 2022, Funk It Wellness is still growing and optimizing, having seen significant increases in overall subscription revenue and a decrease in churn. Some strategies they’ve implemented to achieve these results include:

Leveraging Stay’s Churn Reporting to Understand Subscriber Dropoff: After using Stay’s robust reporting, Kate identified trends in subscriber churn behavior and worked with her CSM to come up with a plan.


Improving the Subscriber Experience & Reducing Churn with ExperienceEngine Promotions: With ExperienceEngine, it’s easy for Kate to set up promotions that deliver a free gift along with a specified order number, and A/B test those gifts to analyze how effective they are for retention. Since switching to Stay, Funk It has reduced subscriber churn by 22% and increased subscription revenue by 44% in 150 days.


“We love using Stay. Our CSM is amazing — I email her all the time, and she’s so helpful. There’s always going to be issues with tech, so it was important to us to have someone who could actually help us with it. That’s the thing I think Recharge just doesn’t care about. They don’t care about small businesses and they don’t give you the time of day if something’s wrong.”
— Kate Morton, Founder, Funk It Wellness

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