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Aura Bora Scales Subscription Revenue 207% in 4 Months

Migrated from: Smartrr
Industry: Food & Beverage

Active Subscribers Growth

Active Subscribers Growth
Increase in Recurring Subscription AOV
Subscription Revenue Growth

How Aura Bora Grew Subscriber AOV by 10% and Overall Revenue by 207% After Moving to Stay AI


Aura Bora is one of the fastest growing companies in the food & bev space, with a diehard fan base that loves their “weird water” — sparkling water infused with herbs, flowers, and unheard-of flavor combinations like Basil Berry and Elderflower Grapefruit.

Many of these fans drink multiple cans of their favorite water daily, so it’s crucially important for Aura Bora to have a strong and engaging subscription program.

After migrating from Smartrr to Stay Ai, they saw a 10% spike in subscription AOV and a 207% lift in overall subscription revenue.



1: Great Gifts Every 5th Order with ExperienceEngine

Aura Bora loves keeping their customers 1) happy and 2) on their toes. One way they do this is with surprise & delight gifts on every 5th subscription order. This promo leads to brand loyalty through happier subscribers, longer retention rates, lower churn, and more brand awareness through more of their merch being out in the wild. They send fun things like bandanas, koozies, and more. In addition to driving increased retention, it’s also a great perk to drive increased subscription acquisition.


2. Adding Klaviyo Quick Actions to Emails

A key part of Aura Bora’s strategy centers around dropping inventive LTOs every other month – new flavors that only last for a few weeks. They’ll then build hype for these flavors and sell them out fully via email and SMS. It’s crucial that Aura Bora’s most important customer segment, their subscribers, are easily able to try these new flavors. With this in mind, the LTO announcement emails they send to subscribers have “Add it to your upcoming order” CTAs that allow subscribers to quickly add the new LTO to their next box with just a click, rather than going through the whole checkout process. They also slate these buttons into their “upcoming order” transactional emails, again reminding subscribers about the new flavor that is currently available and letting them quickly add it. These tactics help them see major bumps in subscriber AOV come LTO season.


3: Implementing RetentionEngine Cancel Flows

Aura Bora also uses Stay Ai’s proprietary Retention Engine to survey churned customers and get deeper insights into cancellation reasons such as “too much product”, “too expensive”, etc. Based on their responses, RetentionEngine can then utilize smart reactivation tactics to deploy personalized winback strategies to churned customers, rather than a one size fits all approach. By following up proactively and with the right approach, they’re able to reactivate churned customers and grow recurring revenue even further.



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