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Blog/9 Ways to Use Customer Portal Banner Ads to Boost AOV (+ 32 Examples)

9 Ways to Use Customer Portal Banner Ads to Boost AOV (+ 32 Examples)

Implementing a customer portal banner ad is one of the easiest ways to nudge subscriber behavior – from featuring new products as add-on items to boost AOV, or highlighting a subscriber-exclusive sale.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to use your banner ads, or want to see some creative in action, we’ve got you! Let’s dig in to how some of the top revenue-generating subscription brands on Stay Ai maximize their customer portal real estate with banner ads.

9 Strategies for Boosting AOV with Customer Portal Banner Ads

1. Offer Subscriber-Exclusive Discounts

Check out these examples to see how you can leverage a banner asset to highlight subscriber-only discounts for specific add on products, and run this as a VIP promotion.

Moon Juice

Moon Juice’s Q4 banner ad features a limited time offer for subscribers – 20% off their Mini Dew subscription. By leveraging Stay Ai’s out-of-the-box customer portal add-on carousel, banner ads, and promotions run through ExperienceEngine, Moon Juice has scaled their monthly add-on revenue a whopping 131%.

Copper Cow Coffee

This Q4, Copper Cow Coffee is offering a 10% discount to “VIPs only” with their in-portal banner ads. Subscribers can add any product to their upcoming order and save 10%.


Clevr recently launched a customer portal banner that not only highlights a new product release – their London Fog Superlatte – but also nudges subscribers to purchase by calling out a 15% discount.


Marianella is running an incredible Q4 “subscriber special” using the portal banner. For their VIPs, all of the brand’s body oil SKUs are 50% off


2. Nudge Add-On Purchases, Without A Discount

While subscribers always do love discounts, we see across brands that banner ads with no promotional offers can perform just as well as those with discounts. Check out some examples below.


Manukora’s in-portal banner encourages subscribers to add on a single-serving SKU – either 30 pack or 10 pack of their most popular super honey.


Obvi frequently runs deals for their subscribers, as well as offering regular add-on discounts and various discounted upsells using ExperienceEngine promotions. For their portal banner, they’ve chosen to feature their Collagenic Burn product as a recommended add-on.


KAGED offers dozens of supplements, many of which show the best results when paired strategically in a “stack”. Their in-portal banner is designed to drive subscribers to check out their KAGED Elite Series.

Nola Skin Essentials

Nola Skin Essentials offers pre-built bundles for their subscribers, which they call kits. Their customer portal banner ad encourages customers to “reup your bikini kit” as an order add-on, and highlights the products featured within the kit.


Since switching over to Stay Ai from Recharge, Lifeboost has seen an incredible 120% growth in add-on revenue. Their Q4 in-portal banner ad nudges subscribers to try their Everlo Coffee Drops – a “healthier coffee in 10 seconds”.

3. Highlight New Products or New Subscription Offerings

Aura Bora

One of Aura Bora’s biggest revenue drivers in 2023 has been the launch of their “flavor of the month” subscription, which automatically delivers subscribers their newly released sparkling water flavor as soon as it drops. The Aura Bora team has seen an incredible 128% growth in monthly subscription revenue since migrating to Stay Ai from Smartrr.

Sprout Living

Sprout Living recently launched three new products – Maca, Inulin, and Lucuma single ingredient superfood powders. Their banner ad not only features the new products, but their ease of use and supplement benefits.

Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire is keeping it simple with this banner ad, highlighting their newly launched Lentil & Vegetable soup. By clicking the banner, subscribers can add the new soup to their upcoming order as a one-time add on, or as a recurring purchase with each upcoming order



Yumwoof’s Q4 banner ad calls attention to their newly launched pet food toppers, Perfect Digestion and Perfect Immunity. In addition to calling out the new products, the brand’s banner ad includes some compelling copy to further nudge an add-on purchase.

My Serenity Kids

We love this simple & beautiful banner ad from My Serenity Kids, highlighting the brand’s newly launched White Cheddar Cauliflower and Spinach Puffs. The overlaid photo of a super-cute baby might be our favorite part.

A Pup Above

A Pup Above’s banner ad currently features Cubies, a newly launched dry food for dogs. The brand never fails to stick to their core imagery – a photo of their adorable founding family and pup. A Pup Above scaled their subscription revenue by 53% just 30 days after switching to Stay Ai. Click the button below to read the full case study!

4. Call Out Seasonal or Limited-Time Products

Magic Spoon

Just in time for the halloween season, Magic Spoon recently released two new SKUs – their Marshmallow and Chocolatey Peanut Butter treat bars. Their banner ad nudges subscribers to purchase the new bites as a one-time add on with their upcoming orders.


Pumpkin spice lovers, this one is for you. Tenzo recently released a seasonal flavor – the pumpkin spice matcha latte. Subscribers can add this flavor to their upcoming order as a one-time or recurring subscription purchase by clicking the banner ad.

Perfect Snacks

Another awesome seasonal flavor launch example – this delightful Pumpkin Pie perfect bar banner ad! In addition to highlighting the seasonal release, Perfect Snacks leverages the banner ad space to call out some key product features.


With the winter months creeping up, Grinds is using their banner ad to encourage subscribers to “keep summer rolling” with their Orange Citrus coffee pouches. By leveraging Stay’s customer portal banner ads, in-portal add on carousel, and ExperienceEngine promotions, Grinds has seen 120% growth in their monthly subscription revenue. Check out the full case study here:

5. Announce that Products Are Back in Stock


Curie’s “freshly stocked” portal banner ad is designed to inform their subscribers that their fan-favorite SKU, the Hair Freshener, is back in stock. Their portal customizations have drastically enhanced their subscriber experience, contributing to a whopping 200%+ growth in quarterly recurring subscription revenue



OLIPOP made an absolute splash with the launch of their Crisp Apple soda last year – so it’s no surprise that their 2023 banner ad of choice features the product’s return. During launch month of the apple flavor in fall of 2022, OLIPOP saw 30% of the soda’s sales come from add-ons purchases through Stay Ai. Learn more by reading their case study, linked below:

6. Announce Sales, or Offer Early Sale Access to Subscribers

Clean Skin Club

This is one of our favorite banner ads we’ve seen this year! Clean Skin Club has pre-launched their BFCM sale exclusively to subscribers by using their portal banner ad.

7. Feature a Product of the Month


MYSA’s running an awesome promotion for their subscribers using the customer portal banner ad. Their customers can add a featured product – the Rosado Murcia Rose – to their upcoming order for just $15.

Bright Cellars

Each month, Bright Cellars swaps up their portal banner to feature a “sip of the month”. Subscribers can add the wine to their upcoming order with a simple click of the banner ad.

8. Spotlight Loyalty or Membership Programs

Harmless Harvest

Harmless Harvest’s banner ad nudges subscribers to join their loyalty progam, in which they can earn coins for their purchases.

Beauty by Earth

Beauty By Earth offers a membership program entitled “The Essentials Club”. Their banner ad encourages subscribers to become a member for additional savings.

9. Provide Product or Subscription Education

Begin Health

Begin Health specializes in prebiotics for kids, which most subscribers receive on a monthly basis. Their banner ad educates customers on an additional offering – a gut health test – that can help parents get a deeper understanding of their child’s wellness.

JOI Plant Milk

Trendy plant milk brand JOI leverages their customer portal banner to remind customers of their products quality, easy of use, and great taste.


Frey’s banner ad serves as a bit of mini customer-portal education, reminding their subscribers of the ability to skip, add new items, or delay upcoming orders using the buttons provided.

A Few More Ideas: Other Ways to Use Banner Ads

If you’re looking to switch it up and try something different, here are a few more unique ideas for leveraging your banner ad real estate.

Reinforce Subscription Benefits


V-Dog’s adorable customer portal banner ad reminds subscribers of their core program value proposition: free shipping for all subscriptions orders over $29.99.

Share Brand Announcements


Formerly WOOOF, pet brand KAYODE implemented a new customer portal banner informing their customers of the rebrand, but assuring the same high quality products they’re used to.

Further Customize Your Customer Portal with Brand Imagery

Good Protein

Customer-loved supplement brand Good Protein uses their portal banner to show off some gorgeous product imagery, and add a little pizazz to the portal viewing experience.

Wrapping It Up: Customer Portal Banner Ads

As you can see, there are truly endless ways to leverage portal banner ads to maximize subscription revenue, or even just provide your subscribers with a beautiful portal viewing experience. We love checking out your banner creative. When you whip up something awesome, be sure to send it our way! You can always tag us on social @GetStayAi.

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