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Blog/Level Up Your Customer Service: Stay AI’s New agnoStack Integration Supports Zendesk

Level Up Your Customer Service: Stay AI’s New agnoStack Integration Supports Zendesk

To provide the highest level of customer support, you need to streamline backend operations for your customer support agents. Stay Ai’s integration with agnoStack delivers your customer support team the seamless efficiency they need to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront with fast, effective resolutions.

Stay Ai’s agnoStack Integration: Designed for Subscription Brands

The Stay Ai x agnoStack integration brings subscription order information right into Zendesk and allows agents to manage those orders without switching applications.

Support agents will have access to an Order Invoices tab, allowing them to view and manage recurring orders associated with subscription items purchased via Shopify through Stay Ai.

There they can directly access subscription order details and process refunds directly within agnoStack, unlocking the most robust subscription management capabilities within Zendesk to date.

The Benefits of the Stay Ai’s agnoStack Integration: ZenDesk Subscription Management

When your commerce and support platforms aren’t talking to each other, agents get stuck shuffling between various tabs and platforms to resolve customer issues.

Whether they’re looking for vital customer order information or managing an order per a customer request, that fragmented approach slows down service times and increases the chance for error — a less than ideal customer experience, to say the least.

With agnoStack, agents can see full customer order information, including subscriptions, right at their fingertips. This consolidated view enables agents to provide more efficient, effective, and personalized service to enhance customer satisfaction and the agent experience.

Up Your Customer Service Game with Stay Ai and agnoStack

When it comes to customer service, every second counts. By eliminating the need to toggle between multiple tabs and platforms, agents can focus on what matters most.

Ready to Maximize the Value of Your Subscription Program?

In addition to lessening the CX load, Stay Ai’s unique subscription management feature set enables brands like OLIPOP, Aura Bora, and more to maximize subscriber AOV & reduce churn. Our team of subscription and retention strategists are just one click away. Book a chat with our team using the button below.


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