Introducing: Subscriber Rewards that Pack a Punch 👊 Digital Punch Cards are here! Learn More
Blog/Introducing Digital Punch Cards 👊

Introducing Digital Punch Cards 👊

Our First-to-Market Rewards Solution is Here: Meet Digital Punch Card 👊

If you run a coffee shop and offer one free coffee for every 10th punch on a punch card, customers are more incentivized to come back to buy your coffee more often. 

But why is that?

Research into human behavior reveals that the closer customers see themselves reaching a goal, the more likely they are to come back and order again until they reach it.

This is why we’ve built our new first-to-market feature, Digital Punch Cards!

Using a format most everyone can recognize, Digital Punch Cards are embedded directly into your customer portal and allow subscribers to see and visually track their rewards journey in real-time and then seamlessly apply rewards to upcoming orders.

Now, you can engage customers with their favorite punch cards – digitized

How Does It Work?

At Stay AI, we believe in creating highly visual subscriber journeys that keep customers engaged throughout their order cycles and show them their progress toward exciting and exclusive rewards.

This feature is easy to set up and is customizable to your needs. 

  • Step 1: Choose the number of “punches” 
  • Step 2: Select the incentive or reward to give subscribers who reach the last punch on their card – this can be a free order, product, and more
  • Step 3: Select a minimum order value required for subscribers to receive a punch to ensure all rewards are met after passing a specific threshold

Our Digital Punch Card widget lives in the upper portion of the customer portal dashboard, making it seamless for subscribers to log in and view their progress at any time to see how close they are to their next reward.

By gamifying the reward experience with fun, punchy visuals, Digital Punch Cards take rewards strategy to the next level.

Digital Punch Card & ExperienceEngine Work Hand-in-Hand

With ExperienceEngine, you can utilize our AI to split-test different products as gifts or the same product with varying discount amounts on a subscriber’s upcoming order to see which offers are the most successful in reducing churn in the cohorts identified as most likely to cancel. Digital Punch Cards take this a step further by providing an opportunity to surprise and delight subscribers at key milestones. 

By first using ExperienceEngine to determine which incentive works best for your target audience, you can decide what reward(s) will work best as incentives for your Digital Punch Card.

For example, let’s say your brand is trying to determine whether a free shaker bottle or a free key chain best optimizes retention. You can use ExperienceEngine to set up a free shaker bottle on order three and A/B test it against a free key chain. Through that A/B test, see which one has the highest success rate for retention and how the product and order cadence drive AOV. 

That data will directly impact how to set up Digital Punch Cards, allowing you to make data-driven decisions when selecting which product and order number should apply as the punch card incentive.

Stay AI sets your brand up for success with real data-powered analytics, backed by rigorous split-testing, that you can then apply to a Digital Punch Card that will run for six months, a year, or however long you want it to.

Get ready to take the subscriber journey further by offering your customers an unparalleled brand experience—and an even greater LTV.

Interested in Digital Punch Cards?

You won’t see another subscription solution utilizing the familiarity of punch cards with customizable and easy-to-set-up rewards functionality. We’re so excited for you to engage subscribers throughout their journey and give them a rewards system that truly packs a punch 👊

The beta launch of Digital Punch Card is now available for current Stay AI merchants. If you’re interested in being one of the first to use this feature, contact us today!


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Blog/Stay AI Raises Additional Funds to Fuel Innovation in the Subscription Space

Stay AI Raises Additional Funds to Fuel Innovation in the Subscription Space

Stay AI Raises Additional Funds to Fuel Innovation in the Subscription Space

We’re thrilled to announce that in May of 2024 Stay AI raised $9M of additional funding led by Telescope Partners to support further innovation and bring new features to market for our customers. This brings our total capital raised to over $24M, following a successful Series A last summer. 

Founded to address the limitations of legacy subscription tools, Stay has migrated more than 500 merchants to our platform. The funding will be utilized almost exclusively to build new innovative products for Stay’s merchants so that we can continue to push the industry forward. 

So, what’s next for our customers?

Co-founders Gina Perrelli and Pierson Krass are excited to continue bringing first-to-market features to our merchants in 2024 including:

  • More machine learning and AI to expand personalization across every customer touchpoint and to improve business outcomes with automated optimization.
  • Expansion of subscriber rewards and loyalty, to continue to give merchants new options to engage with their subscribers, proactively reduce churn, and build community. 
  • Acquisition tools, to help brands acquire more high-value customers and activate recurring revenue programs in new and unique ways. 

Harnessing AI for Unmatched Retention Strategies 

Stay’s differentiator continues to be our AI-powered features to reduce churn and improve AOV. Trained on brand-specific data sets, these models provide customized and actionable data and performance optimization across key retention tactics. Top Shopify brands such as Armra, Olipop, Lemme, Tru Earth, Magic Spoon, and more, leverage this data in their programs to drive sustained growth. 

Our models have been perfected over the last three years, and as a result, Stay provides the most accurate churn-risk forecasting available for brands. Typically, our AI-powered features beat human settings and manual testing by 20-30%. In the last 12 months, we saved over $150m in lost revenue for our merchants.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

Blog/We’ve raised a Series A to bring even more next-generation subscription and retention tools to our customers.

We’ve raised a Series A to bring even more next-generation subscription and retention tools to our customers.

Announcing Stay Ai’s Series A Fundraise

I am so thrilled that we can officially share that Stay has raised a Series A, bringing our total funding to $15.1m. You can read the official announcement on Techcrunch here

Stay Ai was built to solve the limitations in legacy subscription tools, which I was all too familiar with through my previous work building retention programs for 100+ brands as Managing Director of the retention division at Lunar Solar Group.

In just over a year and a half we’ve already delivered: 

  • Built-in marketing tools to incorporate offers into upcoming order notifications and the customer portal 
  • Testing and analytics capabilities, so brands can see what really moves the needle
  • Proprietary machine learning models that deliver more personalized experiences and help automatically improve outcomes

We’re making a huge impact for brands leveraging our tools to drive transformational growth, and we’re just getting started. 

“With the changing macro-environment, it’s been clear to us that brands have to turn their focus to attract and retain loyal customers. Stay Ai puts brands and their consumers first, and we’re confident it will become a leading subscription and loyalty solution for consumer brands.” – Amit Parekh, Principal at Telescope Partners

With $9M in fresh funding, we’ll double down on completely new-to-market features to help brands better reward and retain both subscribers and one-off purchasers.

What Does This Mean for Our Customers?

This fundraise is a means to serving our customers with the most advanced retention features for Shopify, faster. Priorities include expanding our product-centric 50+ person team to drive forward an industry-leading innovation roadmap.

In addition to continued iterative improvements to current features, here’s a sneak peek at what’s coming in the second half of 2023:

1. More machine learning and AI to expand personalization across every customer touchpoint and to improve business outcomes with automated optimization.

Enhanced analytics and reporting, with expanded dashboards, additional exporting capabilities and machine learning to help bring you better insights, faster.

3. A fresh take on customer rewards, to continue to give merchants new options to engage with their subscribers, proactively reduce churn, and build community.

4. Acquisition tools, to help brands acquire more high value customers and activate recurring revenue programs in new and unique ways. 

The Power of AI to Turn Your Subscription Program into a Performance Channel

RetentionEngine’s AI models have been refined and perfected over the last three years, giving us the most advanced solution available on the market today.

Our analytics and AI/ML technologies are designed to seamlessly replace the time-consuming processes too many brands are still slogging through, like downloading data, creating pivot tables, and manually identifying the most successful actions.

It’s Time to Treat Your Retention Program Like a Performance Channel

You work hard and spend big to get new customers. With Stay Ai, you can amp up your efforts to keep them. Join hundreds of brands like Olipop, Obvi, Magic Spoon, and more that use Stay to manage millions of subscribers. 


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

Blog/Retextion is Now Stay AI

Retextion is Now Stay AI

Frame (17)

A new name, and three new AI powered feature sets cement Stay Ai as the most comprehensive and powerful subscription tool for ecommerce.

We’re ushering in the next generation of subscription enablement.

When we started building Retextion in the fall of 2021 we had no idea how ambitious our vision would ultimately become. Back then, our core feature was a set of subscriber retention tools delivered via SMS, hence “Retextion” was born.

“Stay” represents where we’re headed in the future as we ultimately plan to go beyond subscription enablement and offer a full array of retention and loyalty tools. While “AI” might seem like a buzzy addition… Our focus in 2023 is applying machine learning across our entire product suite to improve subscriber personalization and loyalty. 

In September 2022, we were excited to announce our acquisition of Bellwethr and their RetentionEngine product, which utilizes machine learning to reduce churn. That was just the beginning.

We’re thrilled to announce three new feature sets that leverage a variety of machine-learning models and years of data to deliver exceptional customer experiences and business-transforming results.

1 | Leverage Ai For 1:1 Personalized Subscriber Loyalty

Increase customer lifetime value.

The ExperienceEngine™ was our first major feature set in early 2022, which makes it possible to map out promotions and offers across an entire cohort of subscribers (ex: upsell on order one, GWP on order two, etc.). 

“While deploying cohort based loyalty strategies was a great start, we wanted to revolutionize subscriber retention. We’ve leveraged 4 years of data to create a system that does just that.” – Jordan Roth, Data Scientist 

AI personalization allows brands to only leverage a gift with purchase when a customer is predicted to churn and focus on upsells for those that aren’t. While this next chapter is exciting, we look forward to ultimately automating subscriber loyalty for a completely personalized customer lifecycle.

2 | Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Churn Risk

Reduce churn.

In Stay Ai dashboards you can leverage predictive models for churn risk forecasting. Assess churn risk by day, lifetime, or order number to identify high risk cohorts. Use the data to zero-in on problem areas in your business so you can take action. 

If you’re seeing high risk cohorts step in and run a/b tests via the ExperienceEngine to figure out the best way to preemptively reduce churn.

3 | AI Powered Product Recommendations and Portal Personalization

Increase AOV.

We’ve already seen Stay’s customer portal having a substantial impact on subscriber AOV via our smart carousel and banner ads. Taking things a step further, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of AI-powered upsells and cross-sells. 

Brands utilizing Stay will be able to leverage personalized product recommendations across the customer portal, with additional portal personalization points coming this spring.

Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI