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Blog/Why Cobranded Landing Pages Matter

Why Cobranded Landing Pages Matter


Contributed by Anders Bill at Superfiliate

Superfiliate empowers brands to run end-to-end affiliate, influencer, and referral programs, turning every link shared by a creator into a cobranded landing page.

Stop leaving money on the table. 

Anders: Let’s start with why… why you should leverage cobranded landing pages is simple, you will drive more revenue from your influencers, affiliates, and customers. In other words… you are leaving money on the table without them. How cobranded landing pages drive more revenue breaks up into two categories:

(1) Conversion Rate Optimization

(2) Deepened Sense of Partnership

Conversion Rate Increases When Leveraging Cobranded Landing Pages With:

Personalization: Every customer who hits a cobranded landing page is greeted with the ultimate form of social proof. These pieces of social proof include a Superfiliate’s video content, photo, name, and personalized review. The Superfiliate who shared their landing page is still the most important part of a customer’s buying decision. Layering in authentic cobranded content is what drives a customer to buy. Instead of generic videos showing the product, it’s the Superfiliate’s video that will push the shopper to convert; instead of random customer reviews, it’s the Superfiliate’s review that holds the most weight for the shopper.

Curation: Decision fatigue is at the root of so many abandoned carts and massively hurts conversion, even when there are limited product options to choose from. That’s why every Superfiliate cobranded landing page turns a traditional shop all or product page into a curated product feed. This deepens the sense of trust from the end shopper who looks to this Superfiliate as a curator of top-quality products. The brand and the creator can control this curation across all Superfiliate pages. Some of our merchants have seen a lift of 25%+ from just adding this curation component.

Reduced Number of Clicks: The majority of word-of-mouth traffic comes directly from social media or an SMS platform like iMessage or WhatsApp. The attention span of this ecommerce traffic is exceedingly low as it’s competing with the most dopamine-fueled content. With that in mind, your front-end strategy needs to be both highly engaging and easy to navigate. With high-quality Superfiliate content and curation, most shoppers will find that they don’t need to navigate to shop all, collections or specific product pages. They have everything they need to go from product discovery to conversion. See our funnel below.

Deepened Sense of Partnership

Increase the Propensity to Share: Let’s face it, it’s nice to be recognized. In a world of ‘pay per post’, influencer and customer relationships have become overly transactional. This also reflects directly into the quality of content you as the brand receive from a customer or creator and in turn, how their audience feels when they watch a piece of content. The word ‘authenticity’ gets thrown around in these types of partnerships but building a cobranded experience actually allows you to live up to that promise. Instead of giving a creator a transactional link or code, the language shifts to, “We’re so excited to work with you that we built you this landing page on our website to showcase our partnership.” We have seen this be extremely effective when communicating with customers and creators. It makes them feel valued and deepens their sense of partnership. In turn, we’ve found that Superfiliates who are activated in this way have a much higher propensity to share their page with their audience. The experience goes from getting their followers to buy something to announcing a long-term partnership with your brand.

Net Creator Retention: Increasing the propensity of a Superfiliate to share their page not only drives more sales, it also increases the longevity of the partnership. The most effective brands on Superfiliate are focused on ‘Net Creator Retention’, aka over the course of a year, how many creators they continue to work with. This lessens the burden of constantly discovering new creators and creates a lasting relationship with the creator’s audience. I think one of the least discussed points in creator marketing is that shoppers may not be convinced to buy until the 4th or 5th post. That’s why you should try to turn any ‘pay per post’ relationship into a long-term partner. Not to mention, if you’ve selected the right partners, their audiences will continue to grow over time, giving you a constantly growing base of new shoppers. We think these trends are here to stay and that cobranded landing pages will become a standard across the industry.

Real Results, Meaningful Revenue: Equip’s Success Story 

Anders: Let’s talk about real results. One of our clients, Equip, tested our cobranded landing pages vs their traditional affiliate links… the result was a 30-35% increase in conversion rate. To go deeper, 32% of all traffic added an item to the cart and over 19% of traffic began checkout. Cobranded landing pages drive $10,000+ of additional revenue every month and have now become a standard for their top creators, some of which have generated over $75,000 in just the last 30 days. For Equip, cobranded landing pages have maximized Average Order Value (AOV), Return on Investment (ROI), and Lifetime Value (LTV) on every creator post. They’re not leaving money on the table anymore – they’re capturing every bit of revenue and treating influencers like true partners of the brand!

Major shoutout to Anders Bill & the team at Superfiliate!

To learn more about Superfiliate, you can [check out their website here].


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