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A Pup Above Lets Branding Shine with Stay AI’s Stunning Subscription Emails

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Industry: Pet
A Pup Above Lets Branding Shine with Stay Ai’s Stunning Subscription Emails

Using Stay’s Drag-and-Drop Email Builder, A Pup Above Effortlessly Creates Beautiful & Branded Customer Communications

A Pup Above’s dog food is a dog’s (and dog owner’s) dream come true, with their inventive flavors and all-natural offerings. Founded by dog parents Ruth & Javier, their business is more than just a business – their mission of providing healthy, sustainable pet food is not just what they do, it’s who they are.

Admittedly, the pet products market is ever-growing, and it’s critical for brands like A Pup Above to stand out and make their mission known. That’s why the team is a fan of Stay Ai’s Native Email Builder.

A Pup Above stands out from the pack with two key branding elements: their bold & bright color scheme, and their stunning dog imagery. The team is passionate about keeping branding consistent across all touchpoints and channels, and their subscription emails are a part of that broader strategy.

All of their subscriber emails are designed down to a T – including upcoming order, payment failed, and subscription activation emails.

Many stores leave these emails unbranded and unoptimized due to the difficulty of customizing them with other providers. With Stay Ai’s drag-and-drop editor, APA has been able to build beautiful, optimized emails that capture their tone of voice within minutes.



Stay’s email editor’s capabilities rival that of a full-fledged ESP, with no coding necessary. Whenever updates are needed, it takes just seconds to swap copy or imagery rather than a full overhaul and code export.

With Stay AI, A Pup Above’s subscription emails not only stand out from the pack – they lead the pack.


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