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Frey Slashes Churn with Robust Reporting and an Unbeatable Customer Experience

Migrated from: Custom Solution
Industry: Home Goods

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Reduction in Churn Since Migrating to Stay
Increase in QoQ First Time Subscription Revenue
Growth in QoQ Add-On Revenue

Frey Reduces Churn by 35% and Improves Customer and Merchant Experience vs. Their Custom Solution


The average American family cycles through 300 loads of laundry each year. Frey puts a little magic in this tedious task by delivering exceptional laundry products in a variety of scents — made from all natural ingredients. But their impact doesn’t stop in the laundry room: this mission-driven brand plants a tree for every order to make the world a better place.


Frey’s in-house subscription solution led to customer and employee frustration, resulting in higher churn rates. While committed to making laundry even more convenient with their product subscription program, existing management solutions fell short of their high standards. In response, they decided to build a custom solution in-house, which proved to be a significant and ongoing challenge.

The solution required extensive backend maintenance, consuming a large portion of internal development resources. On the frontend, customers struggled with managing their subscriptions, leading to a surge in support tickets and churn rates.

In addition, the lack of integrations with other key backend systems like Gorgias and Klaviyo led to missed acquisition and retention opportunities. The absence of revenue forecasting made efficient inventory planning almost impossible.

The Solution: Stay AI

After switching from a custom solution to Stay AI in 2022, Frey’s customers are enjoying more laundry magic than ever: after a seamless migration, subscription churn is down by 35%.


The data speaks for itself – moving over to Stay AI has continued to support the Frey team in maximizing on the value of their subscription program. Here’s how they made it happen.

A quick and seamless migration to Stay AI gave Frey everything they needed out-of-the-box: Frey found everything they needed to manage their subscriptions efficiently right out-of-the-box with Stay Ai. To get started, Frey underwent a short, seamless migration process and was impressed by the Stay Ai team’s ability to build a beautifully branded buy boxes in just a few hours.


Frey personalized their customer portal within minutes : Frey utilized Stay Ai’s user-friendly editor to personalize their customer portal, without the need for coding. They could easily edit content and select colors, streamlining the customization process.

Customer portal and SMS subscription management drastically reduced CX ticket submissions: With Stay Ai, Frey delivers customer-friendly subscriptions and more efficient business operations, ultimately increasing revenue and reducing churn. Stay Ai’s easy-to-use customer portal and other features allowed Frey’s customers to take complete control over their subscriptions, without needing to involve the Frey team — leading to a significant decrease in customer frustration and churn rates. Stay Ai’s passwordless login makes it easy for customers to access their accounts, while in-portal actions give them more control over their orders, minimizing requests for CX assistance. Plus, with Stay Ai’s upsell carousel, customers can quickly add products to their upcoming boxes, while SMS subscription management streamlines reminders, swaps, skips, and expedited orders.


Seamless integrations enabled a full-funnel customer experience: Stay Ai’s robust integration library enabled Frey to plug into platforms like Klaviyo and Gorgias to streamline backend operations and significantly improve customer experience and retention. With the Gorgias integration, all tickets opened through the SMS chatbot automatically transfer to the portal, so support reps can communicate with customers without switching platforms. The Klaviyo integration allows Frey to reach out to churned users with impactful offers and create onboarding flows to nurture subscribers. With Klaviyo’s full trigger bank, Frey is able to send subscribers targeted emails based on triggers like subscription activation or cancellation, and offer one-click quick actions like a 20% discount for reactivating customers.

Analytics and reporting helped Frey make better business decisions: Stay’s revenue forecasting capabilities gave Frey insight into future revenue and inventory needs, so they could adjust with their manufacturing partners accordingly.

With the most in-depth analytics in the subscription space — including cohort analysis, risk forecasting, and other visually digestible graphs — Stay Ai gives brands a comprehensive understanding of their subscription health. This level of insight is crucial to making informed business decisions and contributed significantly to Frey’s overall subscription success.

Frey’s switch to Stay Ai has ultimately supported the team’s transformation of their subscription program into a successful performance channel, meeting both key customer & business needs.


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