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Alleyoop Slam-Dunks Subscription Scale with 27% Growth in Recurring Subscription Revenue

Migrated from: Smartrr
Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Recurring Subscription Revenue
Growth in Subscription Cart Revenue
Growth in Add-On Revenue

Alleyoop is redefining beauty with efficient, multi-functional products, so you can spend less time getting ready and more time living life to the full. As they like to say, they’re “on a mission to reinvent the beauty game with efficient tools that empower you to get in, get out, and make moves that matter — because you matter.”


Alleyoop’s business continues growing, but like many subscription brands, the team was itching to find a solution that allows them to test new ways of maximizing the AOV and LTV of their existing enthusiastic subscriber base. They were also seeking clarity in their subscription data – so they could understand more deeply how their subscription business was performing.

The Solution: Stay AI

Alleyoop switched to Stay Ai in 2022. They now leverage Stay’s suite of features to offer subscribers VIP discounts, exclusive promotions, and beautifully branded email notifications – all contributing to the brand’s impressive 27% growth in recurring subscription revenue in 2023. The team especially loves Stay’s Customer Portal, which features a dynamic product carousel highlighting products available for one-time add-ons. They can then track the revenue generated from these add-ons directly in Stay’s dashboard, alongside related metrics such as average subscription revenue and recurring subscription revenue.

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“Stay AI is a no-brainer for any brand that wants to crush it with subscriptions. So many other apps lack in functionality and features where Stay shines. We’re huge fans!”

Autumn Knudson Senior CRM Manager, Alleyoop


Here are just a few of the strategies the Alleyoop team has implemented to result in such incredible growth!

Offering Subscriber-Exclusive Discounts for One-Time Add-Ons: One of the ways Alleyoop engages its large subscriber base is by offering their subscription discount on current subscribers’ one-time add ons. With this strategy, the Alleyoop team is able to increase subscriber AOV, enhance LTV and subscriber loyalty by offering a VIP experience, and boost subscriber acquisition by offering a tangible sub program benefit.

Displaying One-Time Add-Ons in the Customer Portal: Stay Ai’s no-code solution allows Alleyoop to select which products they’d like to offer and display as one time add-ons in the customer portal. The add-on carousel populates these items front and center, making the items and their associated discounts easy to view at a quick glance. It’s the perfect way to introduce new products for customers to fall in love with and add to their beauty routine!

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Upselling Customers from One-Time-Add-On to Recurring Subscription Products: Alleyoop’s beauty products are fan-favorites, and they often see those one-time add-ons turn into recurring subscription add-ons once customers try them out. Using the same carousel, after a customer has tried out the product, they can then add the product as a recurring order along with their existing subscription. The team can easily send emails to customers encouraging the upgrade from one-time purchase to ongoing subscription leveraging Klaviyo Quick Actions, as well as the in-app email builder.


In 2023, Alleyoop has seen massive growth in their subscription program – boasting 39% growth in subscription cart revenue, 27% growth in recurring subscription revenue, and a 58% growth in add-on revenue.

Needless to say, add-on products – as well as Stay’s comprehensive suite of subscription features – enable brands to boost the core subscription KPI’s.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Flewd Keeps Subscribers In the Loop with Stay AI’s Rich Klaviyo Integration

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Beauty & Personal Care

Learn How Flewd Uses Stay Ai’s Deep Klaviyo Integration to Connect with Their Subscribers

Flewd is revolutionizing the stress care industry – and their ever-growing, fervent subscription base backs that up with the data. The brand specializes in stress-making soaks, and with such a dedicated consumer base, their team knows just how critical it is to keep customers in the know at every touchpoint.


The Upcoming Order email is a key communication for any subscription brand. After migrating to Stay Ai, Flewd dug in to the robust Stay Ai x Klaviyo integration to get unlock deeper insights and further customize these emails.

The Flewd team kicked off their project with a clear vision for optimization. First, they wanted to know just how many subscribers were opening & clicking received upcoming order emails. Next, they wanted to run targeted A/B tests on elements such as subject lines and one-time order messaging within the emails, to see how they could boost performance.


Flewd Used Stay Ai’s Drag-and-Drop Email Builder to Deliver Beautiful and Customer-Loved Emails

Stay’s integration with Klaviyo allowed the brand to craft stunning, value-rich emails. The refined Upcoming Order emails highlight exactly which product(s) customers are to receive in their upcoming shipment, and allow customers to make any adjustments to their order prior to shipment with Klaviyo Quick Actions. Stay’s dynamic block builder easily pulls in desires subscription information, making it easier than ever to create personalized and informative subscription emails.


The Stay x Klaviyo Integration Allowed Flewd to Review Their Tests & Further Optimize Their Flows

With Klaviyo analytics, the Flewd team was able to quantifiably measure the impact of their tests, and optimize accordingly. After making gains with the Upcoming Order Emails, the team further leveraged the integration’s industry-leading trigger options to send personalized emails for a variety of additional circumstances, such as welcome emails for new subscribers, post-cancel winback emails, and check in emails for customers with multiple order skips.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Curie Increases Subscribers by 153% in 90 Days with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Increase in Subscribers in 30 Days
Increase in Subscribers in 90 Days
QoQ Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue (2023)

Curie Uses Automated Legacy Pricing to Retain their Existing Subscriber Base & Boost New Subscriber Growth with Stay AI

Since its appearance on Shark Tank in 2022, Curie has been gaining popularity and a loyal customer base. Founded by Sarah Moret, this female-owned deodorant and personal care brand is named after the groundbreaking physicist and chemist, Marie Curie.

Starting in 2019, Curie set out to create a line of deodorants that prioritizes clean ingredients without compromising on efficacy. The brand aims to provide its customers with exceptional experiences, by offering products with ingredients that are free from harmful substances like aluminum, parabens, and phthalates, among others.



In light of a noticeable hike in the cost of raw materials, Curie was faced with a difficult decision to make. Earlier this year, after careful consideration and evaluation, they decided to increase the prices of several of their best-selling products by approximately 15%. Their first price increase since the brand started.

Prior to switching to Stay AI, Curie had also faced several challenges with their previous subscription platform. Their customer portal was difficult to use, causing many customers to experience login issues. Additionally, the team had to rely on developers to make changes, and they lacked control over the portal, products, and banners.

The Curie team wanted a more flexible platform that would allow them to make changes easily and A/B test products to make informed decisions.



By switching to Stay AI, the Curie team gained the ability to have more control over their subscription platform. It gave them enhanced control over their portal, products, and banner edits they were looking for.

More importantly, Stay helped them retain current customers by enabling them to grandfather into legacy pricing models, and attracted new ones interested in taking advantage of the legacy pricing before it increased. To ensure that their customers were not blindsided by the price increase, Curie was transparent and proactively communicated the news via email to their subscriber base. The email offered the subscribers the opportunity to lock in the old pricing before the new rates took effect, enabling them to purchase their favorite products at a lower price.

Stay AI made the migration a breeze for the Curie Team. The team at Stay, in collaboration with Curie, utilized bulk updates and customized discount capabilities at the customer profile level so subscribers were able to try new products, make one time purchases, and even swap scents all at automated legacy pricing.


See Curie’s Customer Experience In Action

Check out this short video that shows just how easy it is to swap scents, manage your next order date, pause your subscription and more.

“So happy we made the switch from ReCharge! Great customer portal, and even better support! The Stay Al team has been so incredibly helpful with setting up our subscription program, and helping grow it!”‘

Sarah Moret Founder & CEO, Curie


Following their migration to Stay AI, Curie experienced a remarkable surge in growth. They were able to increase their subscriber base by more than 77%, and in the last three months, they have grown their subscription base by 153%. What’s more, thanks to a seamless migration process, they were able to retain all existing subscribers and avoid any negative impact on their business.

Transparency and a dependable subscription partner were key to achieving these results. By openly and transparently communicating with their customers, Curie turned a potentially adverse situation into a positive one. They not only managed to maintain customer loyalty but also attracted new subscribers, demonstrating the power of proactive communication and customer-centric thinking in eCommerce.

Curie’s success story highlights the critical importance of having a reliable and efficient subscription management system in place. The brand’s decision to migrate to Stay AI allowed them to overcome previous software limitations, attain impressive growth and retention rates, and establish themselves as a leading eCommerce subscription brand.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI