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Lifeboost Reduces Churn By 35% Using Stay’s Proprietary Churn-Busting Features

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Decrease in Subscriber Churn
Growth in Add-On Revenue, in 90 Days
Growth in Add-On Revenue, MoM

With a focus on sourcing the healthiest and most sustainable ingredients, Lifeboost elevates your favorite daily ritual – coffee. Easy on your stomach, eco-friendly, 3rd party tested, and certified organic, it’s no wonder they’re a favorite amongst coffee fanatics.

When Lifeboost first migrated to Stay AI, they witnessed a 120% growth in add-on revenue in their first 90 days on the platform. Since then, Lifeboost has continued to innovate, iterate, and expand their subscription program with the help of Stay AI’s churn-busting technology and our predictive churn analysis forecasting, powered by our proprietary machine-learning software.


When Lifeboost first migrated to Stay AI from their previous provider, their goal was to scale their subscription program while also reducing churn.

You are 40% more likely to save an existing subscriber than to acquire a new one. This is one of the reasons that Lifeboost focused efforts on optimizing retention rates and prioritizing existing customers rather than battling rising CAC across major acquisition channels.

“For us understanding why behind customer churn was a priority and was the reason we switched from our last subscription provider.” Michelle Hendren, Director of Operations

The Solution: ExperienceEngine

Stay AI’s ExperienceEngine is an all-in-one churn-busting tool that allows merchants to split-test different products as upsells or the same product with different discount amounts to optimize their program for the highest-converting offer(s). Stay’s machine learning capabilities also allow for smart segmentation of subscriber cohorts based on behavior and predictive churn risk to deploy a variety of targeted offers, free gift-with-purchase(s), and more.

Using ExperienceEngine, Lifeboost reduced overall subscriber churn by 35%.

Our Strategy

Reduced Churn with ExperienceEngine: Alongside their usual subscription offering, Lifeboost wanted to test a unique premium subscription model known as “Lifeboost First Class” that leverages free gifts and an occasional free bag of coffee throughout a subscriber’s order lifecycle in hopes of boosting subscriber retention and satisfaction while still maintaining a healthy margin per order. To narrow down the right timing for each gift, and which gifts resulted in the lowest cohort churn, Lifeboost leveraged the robust capabilities and smart split-testing gift-with-purchase features of ExperienceEngine.

The products, gifts, and limited-time offers included in this model have been tested and optimized over several months with the help of Stay’s dedicated CSM team and their strategy recommendations that have allowed Lifeboost to build out a truly unique and customer-centric experience that has reduced churn by 35%.

“What we do with ExperienceEngine is give somebody a free item every month and [this] has proven to reduce our turn rate for the first three months at least by 35 percent.” Michelle Hendren, Director of Operations

Stay AI’s Signature Upsell & Cross-Sells: Lifeboost also regularly updates their available flavors based on seasonality. These seasonal offerings are perfect for Stay’s upsell and add-on functionalities, allowing subscribers to add one-time upsells to their orders – and usually at an exclusive subscriber price. By running promotional campaigns across cohorts to cross-sell subscribers into ancillary product categories or upsell one-off items to increase AOV, Lifeboost has built out a robust subscriber experience that optimizes toward a greater LTV.

These promotional campaigns and upsell opportunities can be split-tested and optimized for the highest conversion rate across subscriber cohorts using our ExperienceEngine.

I’ve been kind of dabbling in the ExperienceEngine and doing some of our flavors and we only do one-time offers for, just to try to get them to upsell inside of there and really push the higher AOV.” Michelle Hendren, Director of Operations

Advanced Churn Forecasting & Reporting: The Lifeboost team also leverages Stay’s robust churn analytics forecasting and reporting to pull data from our customer cohort analysis and performance dashboards to inform their strategy around subscriber retention and overall recurring revenue growth. Using ExperienceEngine, Lifeboost is able to pull powerful reporting behind every experience so you can see cohort LTV, take rate, and retention rate. 


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Momofuku Grows Quarterly Recurring Subscription Revenue 132% with Stay AI

Migrated from: New to Subscription
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Quarterly First-Time Subscription Revenue
Growth in Quarterly Recurring Subscription Revenue
Growth in Quarterly Add-On Revenue

Momofuku is a household name with restaurants across North America as well as a line of restaurant-grade products for home cooks. Dubbed by Bon Appétit as the “most important restaurant in America,” it’s played a massive role in the rise of Asian American cuisine in contemporary culture. Momofuku prides itself on its elevated branding that lets the quality of its ingredients shine through – which makes it all the more important that every single customer communication touchpoint is true to their brand guidelines and values.

Momofuku launched their home cooks subscription program with Stay Ai, shipping restaurant-grade noodles, sauces, seasonings, and more to loyal cooks across the United States.


Creating Beautifully Branded Subscription Emails with Stay Ai’s Drag and Drop Email Builder

To help their subscribers get the most out of the experience, Momofuku used Stay Ai’s drag-and-drop email builder to craft beautiful customized emails using their own branding – combining their imagery with drag-and-drop content blocks.

From order activation to charge failed to order cancellation, every touchpoint that a subscriber receives is equipped with Momofuku’s stellar branding.

Developing and Optimizing the Easy-to-Use Customer Portal of Their Dreams

Using Stay’s no-code customizable Customer Portal, the team built a an easy access point for customers to manage their own subscriptions, add-on one time purchases, and adjust their subscriptions without CX intervention.

Since their first quarter on Stay, they’ve seen a whopping 58% growth in quarterly add-on revenue!

Testing A/B Promotions with Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine

Using Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine, the Momofuku team has launched A/B promotional tests – like discount offers, free gifts with purchase, and more.

With one test, they found that offering a free gift with an upcoming purchase increased conversion rate (customers didn’t skip, cancel, or pause that upcoming order) by 27%!


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Aura Bora Scales Subscription Revenue 207% in 4 Months

Migrated from: Smartrr
Industry: Food & Beverage

Active Subscribers Growth

Active Subscribers Growth
Increase in Recurring Subscription AOV
Subscription Revenue Growth

How Aura Bora Grew Subscriber AOV by 10% and Overall Revenue by 207% After Moving to Stay AI


Aura Bora is one of the fastest growing companies in the food & bev space, with a diehard fan base that loves their “weird water” — sparkling water infused with herbs, flowers, and unheard-of flavor combinations like Basil Berry and Elderflower Grapefruit.

Many of these fans drink multiple cans of their favorite water daily, so it’s crucially important for Aura Bora to have a strong and engaging subscription program.

After migrating from Smartrr to Stay Ai, they saw a 10% spike in subscription AOV and a 207% lift in overall subscription revenue.



1: Great Gifts Every 5th Order with ExperienceEngine

Aura Bora loves keeping their customers 1) happy and 2) on their toes. One way they do this is with surprise & delight gifts on every 5th subscription order. This promo leads to brand loyalty through happier subscribers, longer retention rates, lower churn, and more brand awareness through more of their merch being out in the wild. They send fun things like bandanas, koozies, and more. In addition to driving increased retention, it’s also a great perk to drive increased subscription acquisition.


2. Adding Klaviyo Quick Actions to Emails

A key part of Aura Bora’s strategy centers around dropping inventive LTOs every other month – new flavors that only last for a few weeks. They’ll then build hype for these flavors and sell them out fully via email and SMS. It’s crucial that Aura Bora’s most important customer segment, their subscribers, are easily able to try these new flavors. With this in mind, the LTO announcement emails they send to subscribers have “Add it to your upcoming order” CTAs that allow subscribers to quickly add the new LTO to their next box with just a click, rather than going through the whole checkout process. They also slate these buttons into their “upcoming order” transactional emails, again reminding subscribers about the new flavor that is currently available and letting them quickly add it. These tactics help them see major bumps in subscriber AOV come LTO season.


3: Implementing RetentionEngine Cancel Flows

Aura Bora also uses Stay Ai’s proprietary Retention Engine to survey churned customers and get deeper insights into cancellation reasons such as “too much product”, “too expensive”, etc. Based on their responses, RetentionEngine can then utilize smart reactivation tactics to deploy personalized winback strategies to churned customers, rather than a one size fits all approach. By following up proactively and with the right approach, they’re able to reactivate churned customers and grow recurring revenue even further.



Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Moon Juice Scales Subscription Add-On Revenue MoM with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Monthly Add-On Revenue, within 30 Days
Growth in Monthly Add-On Revenue, within 60 Days
Growth in Monthly Add-On Revenue, within 90 Days

Moon Juice is a beauty and wellness brand, specializing in adaptogenic supplements, skincare, and haircare products. Moon Juice’s scientific approach to synergy sets it apart from other wellness brands: many of their products work in tandem with and amplify the effects of other products, creating powerful stacks tailored to specific needs.

How Moon Juice Skyrocketed Add on Revenue with Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine™ and More


Prior to switching to Stay Ai, the Moon Juice team was using Recharge. They ran a stable subscription program, seeing largely steady revenue month over month for the five months prior to migration. Knowing their brand has cult-favorite products that pair well together – and benefit from monthly use – the team knew there was plenty of opportunity to continue scaling. That’s when they discovered Stay Ai.

The Solution: Stay Ai

After migrating to Stay in late 2022, Moon Juice saw measurable and consistent growth in their subscription revenue each month. Stay’s intuitive customer portal with built-in product carousel, in addition to ExperienceEngine™ promotional testing, enabled Moon Juice to leverage those aforementioned product synergies to scale up their add-on revenue.

Sleepy_Wakey_Stick_Stack-1 Moon-Juice-Graph


Driving AOV with ExperienceEngine™ Promotions: Moon Juice uses Stay’s ExperienceEngine™to easily deliver targeted promotional offers. Stay’s AI-powered promotional testing solution allows them to strategically serve offers to the right clients, at the right time, with the right incentive. Combined with the no-code email notification builder, launched promotions automatically add dynamic promotional blocks to upcoming order emails, enabling the team to make more money, with much less manual effort. For customers, adding promotion-applied items to upcoming orders is as frictionless as one click.

Optimizing and Refining with Post-Promotion Analytics: After launching promotional offers, the Moon Juice team can view the ExperienceEngine™ promotion’s analytics directly within the app. Key metrics like take rate, AOV, and total next order revenue are accessible within minutes, providing the team with the actionable insights necessary to continue running successful promotions in the future.


Driving AOV with the Customer Portal Carousel and Banner Ads: Moon Juice also leverages Stay’s no-code portal carousel and banner ads, which both surface add-on products to subscribers directly in the customer portal. With just a few clicks, subscribers can add full-price or discounted products to their upcoming orders. Because Moon Juice carries so many fan-favorite products, they’ve found that many of their one-time add ons turn into recurring stack subscriptions, further scaling subscription revenue.

Flexible Bundling: In alignment with the above, Stay’s super-flexible bundling solution makes it easy for Moon Juice customers to add complementary products to their upcoming orders, as well as taking advantage of the brand’s thoughtfully pre-bundled stacks of synergistic products.

Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Beekeeper’s Naturals Sweeter Subscriber Journey Brings 62% More Recurring Revenue

Migrated from: Upscribe
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue
Growth in Monthly First-Time Subscription Revenue
Growth in Monthly Active Subscriptions

Beekeeper’s Naturals is reinventing the medicine cabinet with clean, effective bee-based products for immunity, energy, gut-health, and brain-health. For the brands’ loyal customers, running out product(s) central to a daily routine puts the whole routine at risk. That’s why the team at Beekeeper’s Naturals offers a subscription program to power the healthy habits core to their brand’s mission.


Before coming to Stay, Beekeeper’s Natural’s previous subscription provider didn’t offer the flexibility or capabilities needed to stand out. They felt like they were leaving money on the table — and they were right. That’s when they found Stay AI.

The Solution: Stay AI

Since migrating to Stay AI, Beekeeper’s Naturals has grown monthly recurring subscription revenue by 62% with enhanced subscriber communications and strategic surprise and delight opportunities — like personalized notes, unexpected gifts, and exclusive offers.


Here’s how Beekeeper’s Naturals achieved such incredible growth after moving to Stay AI.

Crafting Subscriber-Benefit Driven Onboarding Emails with Stay AI’s In-App Email Builder:  To combat first-order churn, Beekeeper’s Naturals designed new onboarding emails that reinforce subscription benefits like free shipping, discounts, and early access.


These emails educate customers about subscription perks, building excitement and anticipation.

Building these same emails using the brand’s previous subscription app would have required developer intervention, but Stay Ai’s intuitive drag-and-drop builder made this easy – no code required!

Leveraging Churn Analytics for Subscriber Surprise & Delight: Stay Ai’s churn risk analysis graph helped Beekeeper’s Naturals identify the optimal time to send gifts and other offers to keep subscribers engaged. After identifying the fourth subscription order as a high-value gifting opportunity, the brand now sends a surprise to build affinity and keep the brand top-of-mind.

Implementing New Upsell Offers with Stay’s Customer Portal to Boost Add-On Revenue: Upsells complement recurring subscription revenue to help drive growth and increase AOV, but other subscription apps can make it challenging to present these juicy offers to subscribers.  With Stay Ai, Beekeeper’s Naturals’ customer portal features a native, AI-powered upsell carousel (right out of the box) that recommends the right products to the right customers – no development required!


When subscribers log on to manage their subscriptions, they see a visually appealing display of featured products they can add to their orders with a single click, plus clear visual indicators to emphasize subscriber-exclusive savings.

Offering Free Samples to Boost Future Order AOV: Another way Beekeeper’s Naturals introduces subscribers to new products is by surprising them with free samples! The team adds samples of the brand’s lip product, for example, to allow customers to try the new product for free. After receiving the sample, many subscribers add the lip product to their regular upcoming subscription orders, increasing subscription AOV and contributing to the brand’s increase in add-on revenue.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Aura Bora Sees Massive 128% Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue by Switching to Stay AI

Migrated from: Smartrr
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Monthly Subscription Cart Revenue, Since Switching to Stay
Growth in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue, Since Switching to Stay
Growth in 2023 QoQ First-Time Subscription Revenue

Since Moving to Stay in 2022, Aura Bora Has Scaled their Subscription Program to the Moon


Aura Bora is taking the food and beverage world by storm, winning the hearts of their consumers with their innovative sparkling water flavors. A standout player in the F & B space, the brand’s loyal advocates affectionately call their drinks “weird water”. Their playful and adventurous flavor combinations encourage consumers to try flavor combinations outside of their normal routine, as Aura Bora’s best sellers are infused with herbs, flowers, and a slew of other natural ingredients. Needless to say, the brand offers an unforgettable taste experience you won’t find anywhere else, featuring flavors like Basil Berry and Elderflower Grapefruit.

With such whimsical web experiences, product packaging, and digital communications, it’s no surprise that Aura Bora strives to offer a unique brand experience for their customers. Since moving their subscription program to Stay, the Aura Bora team has taken this to the next level – redefining what a delightful subscription program looks like.


Aura Bora offers their beverages both in retail and via DTC. In 2022, they had their eye on expanding their ecommerce sales, and given the economics of shipping beverages, they knew a thriving subscription program would be critical for efficient scale. The team was looking for a subscription provider that could offer the level of customization critical to maintaining brand integrity, all while delighting their enormous customer base of thousands of customers, many of which who drink multiple cans of Aura Bora per day.

Aura Bora’s previous subscription provider just wasn’t cutting it. They lacked the ability to offer flexible subscription options for customers, the brand’s access to subscription analytics was poor, and the prior provider’s customer support team left much to be desired. They also were feeling the pain of churn, with no simple way to win back customers in their subscription cancellation flow. Ultimately, they were stuck with what felt like a “set it and forget it” subscription program – and the Aura Bora team was looking for an performance recurring revenue channel they could optimize.

The Solution: Stay AI

Aura Bora came to Stay because they wanted to infuse (no pun intended) the brand’s whimsy and playfulness into their subscription program. Stay offered the team the ability to delight subscribers with gifted surprises, exclusive offers, and a customer portal that makes subscription management just plain fun. In addition to the customer benefits, Stay’s feature set helped Aura Bora achieve key business goals – like boosting subscriber LTV, reducing subscriber churn, and more.

4 Months After Moving to Stay Ai, the Aura Bora Team Saw:

Growth in Active Subscribers
Growth in Recurring Subscription AOV
Growth in Subscription Revenue

1 Year After Moving to Stay, Here’s How Aura Bora’s Subscription Performance Stacks Up:

Increase in Monthly Subscription Cart Revenue
Increase in Monthly First-Time Subscription Revenue
Increase in Monthly Recurring Subscription Revenue

And all this said, Aura Bora’s subscription program has only continued to scale. Here are some of the strategies the Aura Bora team has implemented since moving to Stay Ai:

Label: Strategy

Delighting Subscribers with Gifts via Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine: With Stay, Aura Bora is able to implement surprise & delight gifts for subscribers, like bandanas, koozies, stickers, and more. After analyzing the data, they’ve determined that offering a freebie on every 5th subscription order has been a massive win for boosting brand loyalty – as demonstrated by Aura Bora’s increase in subscription retention rates and decrease in subscriber churn.


The team also highlights these freebies as a means to drive subscription acquisition, along with their additional subscription perks like free shipping, exclusive discounts, early access to new flavor drops, and more. With ExperienceEngine, Aura Bora is able to easily set up these unique offerings, no dev support required.


Boosting AOV by Implementing Klaviyo Quick Actions for Limited-Time Offers: A core component of Aura Bora’s revenue strategy hinges on their limited-time offers, as they launch new limited flavors on a monthly basis. The brand’s fervent fans flock to buy the drops, leading to massive spikes in revenue. Because these flavors are limited in supply, it’s critical that Aura Bora’s most loyal customers – their subscribers – are given a frictionless offer to add these SKUs to their upcoming orders.

With this in mind, Aura Bora sends subscribers LTO announcement emails with “Add It To Your Upcoming Order” CTAs. These buttons allow customers to add the SKU to their next order with one-click, rather than going through the whole checkout process. They also slate these buttons into their “upcoming order” transactional emails. These CTAs boost subscriber AOV by $4+ during LTO promo periods.



Combating Subscriber Churn with RetentionEngine: Aura Bora uses RetentionEngine to gather data via customer cancellation surveys, and automatically win-back customers without CX intervention. When subscribers go to cancel, they’re offered a menu of cancellation reasons, such as “I have too much product” or “This is too expensive.” Based on their responses, RetentionEngine’s AI powered smart reactivation tactics deploy personalized winback strategies, rather than applying a one size fits all approach. With RetentionEngine, Aura Bora’s subscription save rate is as high as 16%.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Funk It Wellness Boosts Subscription Revenue 44% with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth in Subscription Revenue
Decrease in Monthly Subscriber Churn
Growth in Monthly Active Subscribers

First-time founder Kate Morton, a registered dietitian with a master’s degree in Human Clinical Nutrition, launched Funk It Wellness to help women deal with a variety of women’s hormone health needs – like PMS, PMDD, PCOS, and more. With her team, Kate has developed a suite of wellness products based on years of research and made of 100% real food, that can help women effectively balance their hormones and embrace their bodies.


The crux of Funk It Wellness’ business is its subscription program and, while they also sell on Amazon, Kate is currently focused on boosting and retaining the brand’s DTC subscribers. She knew that meant the Funk It team would need a highly tailored retention strategy — but with the brand’s previous subscription provider, they ran into challenge after challenge.

Kate was disappointed with the level of both technical and strategic support, and her team was struggling to understand performance across the subscription lifecycle. Lacking platform support and data clarity made it tough to master subscriber retention. Ultimately, Kate knew she needed a partner that would give her business the white glove treatment it deserved. After a friend referred her to Stay, she migrated from their previous solution in November 2022.


The Solution: Stay AI

Since migrating to Stay, Kate and team have been thrilled with their much-improved customer service experience — plus, she’s seen first-hand how valuable the ExperienceEngine features are in crafting a richer, more rewarding subscriber experience, based on actual customer behavior.

“We’re trying to make our DTC ordering experience as fun as possible, so we really like using the gifting opportunities to increase retention. And then on top of that, the reporting from Stay is really helpful — especially in recent months as I’ve been fundraising.”
— Kate Morton, Founder, Funk It Wellness


“Retention is super important to us. We’re really focusing only on subscriptions versus one time purchases, so we wanted to have a retention strategy in place to keep the people that we’re getting.”

Kate Morton Founder, Funk It Wellness


Since migrating to Stay AI in November 2022, Funk It Wellness is still growing and optimizing, having seen significant increases in overall subscription revenue and a decrease in churn. Some strategies they’ve implemented to achieve these results include:

Leveraging Stay’s Churn Reporting to Understand Subscriber Dropoff: After using Stay’s robust reporting, Kate identified trends in subscriber churn behavior and worked with her CSM to come up with a plan.


Improving the Subscriber Experience & Reducing Churn with ExperienceEngine Promotions: With ExperienceEngine, it’s easy for Kate to set up promotions that deliver a free gift along with a specified order number, and A/B test those gifts to analyze how effective they are for retention. Since switching to Stay, Funk It has reduced subscriber churn by 22% and increased subscription revenue by 44% in 150 days.


“We love using Stay. Our CSM is amazing — I email her all the time, and she’s so helpful. There’s always going to be issues with tech, so it was important to us to have someone who could actually help us with it. That’s the thing I think Recharge just doesn’t care about. They don’t care about small businesses and they don’t give you the time of day if something’s wrong.”
— Kate Morton, Founder, Funk It Wellness

Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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NoonBrew Increases Recurring Revenue by 72% with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Increase in Recurring Revenue
Decrease in Monthly Subscriber Churn
Growth in Monthly First-Time Subscription Revenue

How NoonBrew Created the Ultimate End-to-End Customer Experience with Stay AI


For many people, coffee is more than just a beverage — it’s a beloved and necessary morning ritual that signals the start of a new day. But relying on coffee as a pick-me-up in the afternoons just isn’t the same… a challenge the NoonBrew founders identified and sought to counteract with their superfood teas.

To help make customers’ switch to tea just as routine as their morning cup of joe, NoonBrew knew they wanted a compelling subscription offering to keep their customers excited and engaged.

The Solution: Stay AI

Creating an exceptional subscription experience requires attention to detail at every touchpoint. With features like an ExperienceEngine for promotion management, supercharged analytics for better data visibility, price customization, and intricate gifting functionality, NoonBrew found Stay the perfect choice to power their dream subscription program.


Integrating Branded Buy Boxes to Highlight Key Value Props and Drive Conversion: NoonBrew’s buy boxes highlight the subscription’s value and are optimized for conversion. In this case, the brand is able to emphasize the offer of ascending savings, and the page is optimized for subscription conversion with the Subscribe-and-Save option selected by default. These buy boxes are built via Replo, with which Stay integrates seamlessly through its Shopify integration and utilization of selling plans.


Optimizing for Delight Across the Buyer Journey with Gifting & Easy A/B Testing: Using Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine, NoonBrew is able to surprise and delight customers across the subscription journey with gifts on various set subscription orders. For example, NoonBrew offers a free gift on second orders, too — in this case, a free tea storage container. This delights customers and reduces second-order churn. Plus, it has the added effect of reminding customers about the brand every time they’re in their kitchens, building affinity over time.

With Stay Ai’s ExperienceEngine, NoonBrew can now easily A/B test different types of offers like this and see what’s most effective for increasing LTV. With it, the brand knows can quickly identify types of offers and incentives work best across which customer cohorts — all without having to spend hours manipulating hard-to-understand analytics. This ExperienceEngine reporting alongside Stay’s enhanced churn risk analytics and cohort tracking allow NoonBrew to better understand where they want to optimize and emphasize retention.

Keeping Customers In the Loop with Stay’s Native Email Notification Builder & Deep Klaviyo Integration: Keeping customers updated and educating them on everything they can do to personalize and customize their subscriptions can contribute to higher lifetime value and a reduction in churn. So when NoonBrew switched to Stay Ai, they immediately began taking advantage of its powerful Klaviyo integration.

Dynamic blocks seamlessly integrate subscription information, so it’s easier than ever to create informative, visually appealing subscription emails. For example: the Upcoming Order email is one of the ways NoonBrew keeps their customers informed about gifts or other incentives they might receive with upcoming shipments, and reminds customers of options to add or swap products — keeping them engaged and reducing churn.



The integration between Klaviyo and Stay AI offers the most comprehensive sets of triggers available in the industry, enabling brands to engage with customers at touchpoints like:

  • Hyping up customers after they initiate a subscription
  • Re-engaging customer with quick actions after a cancellation
  • Reaching out to customers who skip multiple orders – and so much more.

Ultimately, Klaviyo analytics enable NoonBrew to measure key metrics on these emails and optimize based on the results.


30 Days After Switching to Stay AI, NoonBrew’s Recurring Revenue was Up 72%
Stay AI has revolutionized NoonBrew’s subscription experience, seamlessly integrating visually appealing buy boxes, delightful surprises, and personalized communications. As a result, NoonBrew has not only captured and retained their customers, but also achieved remarkable growth in recurring revenue.

Just 30 days after switching from their previous subscription provider, NoonBrew witnessed an impressive 72% increase in their recurring revenue. 

Through their unwavering commitment to providing an exceptional experience, and with the support of Stay Ai’s easy-to-use interface for both merchants and customers, NoonBrew is fostering a loyal community of advocates wholeheartedly embracing the brand’s innovative approach to surviving the afternoon slump.


Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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Obvi’s Free Gift A/B Test Reveals 85% Higher Conversion Rate!

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Health & Wellness

How Obvi increased conversion rate by 85% on second subscription orders.


Obvi was founded with one objective in mind: to provide the most obvious choice in products and ingredient transparency. Obvi makes a variety of health and nutritional supplements, including Obvi Protein, Obvi Collagen, and Obvi Fat Burner. Many look at Obvi’s Collagenic Fat Burner capsules for weight management due to the proven ingredients in the formula.

Obvi takes pride in understanding their customers and the experiences they want to provide with their products. It’s critical to create the best customer experience to retain your customers. For this reason, they migrated to Stay to help optimize their existing subscription program.

One of the tools the Obvi team was most excited about was the ExperienceEngine and the ability to A/B test gifts and upsells throughout the subscriber journey. The new gifting functionality allows the team to empower customers to gift subscriptions to a special someone. Being able to offer free gifts to your subscribers is a great feature, but it’s not a cost-free perk. The Obvi team needed to first understand the impact of offering gifts at different order numbers to fully utilize this functionality.

We implemented a free gift vs no gift test on order number 2, 3, and 4. By testing this, we found that customers on order number 2 who were aware that they would receive a free gift converted 85% more than customers who did not get offered a free gift. Yes, 85% higher, you read it correctly. This was measured by customers who had an upcoming order date in five days than had a completed order. Meaning, these customers didn’t skip or cancel their next scheduled order.

One of the most common questions we get is: Why did the projected order amount not match at the end of a given month? This is both due to order skipping and order cancellations.
Before we implemented this test, Obvi was seeing about $22,000 a month in loss revenue due to order skips. By offering a free gift on the second order, we were able to reduce the order skips and order cancellation on the second order by 85%.


An interesting finding from this test is that the free gift only had a 15% influence on the conversion rate on the third order and had no impact on the fourth. It may seem like a lot of initial effort. But planning and testing your audience is vital before rolling out any changes. Since migrating to Stay, the Obvi team has been able to massively improve their conversion rate, and more accurately predict future sales.

Supercharge Your Subscription & Retention Strategy with Stay AI

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OLIPOP Grows Subscription Revenue 35% with Stay AI

Migrated from: Recharge
Industry: Food & Beverage

Subscription Growth by the Numbers

Growth of Subscription Revenue
Reduction in Active Churn
Subscription Revenue from Add-ons

How OLIPOP Boosted Subscription Revenue by 35% After Switching to Stay AI


One of the original creators of the ‘functional soda’, OLIPOP has paved a new territory in the soda category. The brand touts a thoughtfully crafted ‘new kind of soda’™ that caters to consumers looking for low-sugar beverages, and healthier ingredients. Fan-favorite flavors include Vintage Cola and Classic Root Beer, mouthwatering tastes that transport consumers back to their childhoods. But recreation wasn’t the end – their team has also developed innovative new flavors, such as Crisp Apple, Strawberry Vanilla and more.

OLIPOP is customer obsessed. They’ve built one of the most loyal audiences by creating superior products and prioritizing exceptional customer experience. So as a brand that offers the classic soda flavors with no harmful ingredients, it’s no surprise that OLIPOP has a thriving subscription program.

Since migrating their subscription program from Recharge in June of last year, they’ve seen a 35% increase in monthly subscription revenue.

They also have record low churn rates — as well as the highest customer portal interactions of any brand we’ve seen.



One of the ways they addressed this concern was utilizing ExperienceEngine to provide incentives for subscribers to add limited edition flavors to their upcoming order.

One of OLIPOP’s biggest subscription challenges has been retaining customers when launching limited edition flavors that aren’t available on their subscription. They needed a solution to make sure their subscription customers had a better way to purchase limited edition flavors with their subscription discount, and not purchase outside of their recurring plan.

OLIPOP sets up the ExperienceEngine to help manage retention and increase subscriber average order value (AOV). They set this up to offer anyone without the new flavor in their order a chance to add it with a single click, via an upcoming order email and SMS. Subscribers who didn’t add the product via the quick action button in the new product launch email, have the option to do so.


Other Stay AI features OLIPOP is using to boost subscription revenue

Klaviyo Quick Actions

OLIPOP releases new flavors regularly, and they want to make sure their subscribers are able to try all new flavors whenever they want. They use Klaviyo to create several email campaigns with quick actions at the launch period just for subscribers.

Subscribers receive exclusive emails with early access to new flavors before they are available to the general public. The new flavor launch email includes a ‘click to add’ call to action button, allowing customers to easily add products to their upcoming order with a single click, without having to go through the checkout process.


Product Carousel

OLIPOP sees 30% of Crisp Apple soda sales from add-ons in the first month of launching the flavor.

In the product carousel, you can ask your customers if they’d like to add on to their upcoming order. OLIPOP uses this feature to highlight new flavors and limited time products to their subscribers. In the first month of launching the Crisp Apple flavored soda, subscription add-ons accounted for 30% of the sales of this flavor. After launching the Doctor Goodwin and Cream Soda flavors, subscription add-ons accounted for 18% of the sales.


“We were completely sold on switching from Recharge to Stay Ai after seeing this feature for the first time on the demo. This was it for us. It’s so much easier to navigate than our old portal”

– Michelle Paulhus, Sr. Growth Marketing and Retention Manager at OLIPOP

In Portal Banners

When customers sign in to their portal, they’re greeted with a banner that highlights new products. OLIPOP changes this banner with the release of each new flavor to make sure customers know about the new products and know how to add it to their order.



RetentionEngine allows you to take actions like skipping an order, swapping for another flavor, or even watch a personalized video message in the popup banner before you cancel. OLIPOP utilizes RetentionEngine to capture more information about why subscribers want to cancel, leveraging personalized treatments based on the cancel reason. OLIPOP has seen over 25% reduction in active churn since turning on RetentionEngine in their Stay Ai portal.


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