Old School Labs - Migrated off Recharge

Seamless Subscription Management Via Text

With a focus on bringing back the Golden Era of fitness through supplements for serious bodybuilders, Old School Labs is changing the way people revamp and maintain their physiques. As a product that needs to be taken as consistently as one works out, their subscription business is the crux of their revenue model. 

With this comes the need to make managing their subscription as easy as possible for subscribers, especially with a product with a usage model that can be variable depending on the customer’s needs. For example, subscribers could go on vacation and not work out for a week or two, leaving them with excess supply and wanting to push their next order back a week. 

To optimize the subscription experience for their customers, Old School Labs turned to Stay Ai. With built-in Stay Ai SMS management, subscribers can manage their subscription with a quick text direct from their phones, resulting in increases in LTV and AOV. 

Old School Labs deployed a branded chatbot that enthusiastically welcomes subscribers when they first subscribe and keeps them in the loop with their subscription every step of the way. With the SMS chatbot, subscribers have access to a plethora of customizable order management options including: adding products, changing next delivery date, changing billing address, swapping products, and much more with just a quick text message.Old School Labs also uses the chatbot to notify  subscribers of key events, such as when their order is shipping and if their card was declined, prompting them to update their card, rather than relying on emails that could go unnoticed in a crowded inbox.

The SMS chatbot also allows Old School Labs to bring their unique voice to life and craft the messages that will best resonate with their customers. Rather than a flat, neutral voice that doesn’t reflect the brand, Stay Ai makes it easy to show personality and connect with subscribers in a way that engages them personally.

Unlike the old days of subscription platforms, Stay Ai knows that today’s subscribers are on their phones – and they expect to be able to manage everything from there. Old School Labs is showing them they can do just that, while pumping up LTV with branded, customized messages that make it easy to adapt and manage a subscription right there in the chat.