A new name & three new AI powered features

Retextion is now Stay Ai

Building the future of subscription ecommerce for Shopify

When we first started building Retextion we had no idea how ambitious our product vision would ultimately become. Back then, our core feature was a set of subscriber retention tools delivered via SMS, hence “Retextion” was born.

“Stay” represents where we’re headed in the future as we go beyond subscription enablement and offer a full array of retention marketing tools. While “AI” might seem like a buzzy addition, our focus in 2023 is applying machine learning across our entire product to improve subscriber personalization and loyalty. 

In September we were excited to announce our acquisition of Bellwethr and their RetentionEngine app, which utilizes machine learning to reduce churn. That was just the beginning…

We’re thrilled to announce three new feature sets that leverage a variety of machine learning models and years of data to deliver business transforming results.

1 | Leverage AI For 1:1 Personalized Subscriber Loyalty

The ExperienceEngine™ was our first major feature set in early 2022, which makes it possible to map out promotions and offers across an entire cohort of subscribers. For example, an upsell on order one, or a gift with purchase at order two.

“While deploying cohort based loyalty strategies was a great start, we wanted to revolutionize subscriber retention. Utilizing hundreds of thousands of subscription based trends, we’ve leveraged AI for data enrichment and classification to understand and proactively treat at-risk customers.” – Jordan, Lead Data Scientist 

AI personalization allows brands to leverage a gift with purchase only when a customer is predicted to churn and focus on upsells for those that aren’t. This new iteration of the ExperienceEngine pushes us closer towards a fully automated loyalty program that continues to learn on its own and improve subscriber LTV with minimal human intervention.

2 | Using Predictive Analytics to Forecast Churn Risk

In Stay Ai dashboards you can now leverage predictive models to forecast churn risk. Leveraging dozens of unique data points, you can analyze cohorts based on SKU, order number, total spend (LTV), or days subscribed.

It’s easy to identify high risk cohorts and really zero-in on problem areas in your business so you can take action.

If you’re seeing high risk cohorts step in and run A/B tests in our ExperienceEngine to figure out the best way to preemptively reduce churn. Take a look at how Obvi reduced churn by 85%.

3 | AI Powered Product Recommendations and Portal Personalization

We’ve already seen Stay’s customer portal having a substantial impact on subscriber AOV via our smart carousel and banner ads. Taking things a step further, we’re thrilled to announce the addition of AI-powered upsells and cross-sells, which is currently being tested with Beta merchants and rolling out next month.

Brands utilizing Stay will be able to leverage personalized product recommendations across the customer portal, with additional automated portal personalization points coming later in the spring.

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