HAPPY VIKING - Migrated off Recharge

Migration Made Easy – A White Glove Experience

How Stay Ai Worked Hand in Hand with Happy Viking to Migrate their Subscription Program

Happy Viking aims to build a plant based lifestyle for all. Founded by tennis superstar Venus Williams, their lineup of superfood powders and protein shakes is rooted in what powered her rise to the top of tennis. With consistency mattering above all when it comes to a nutritionally sound lifestyle, maximizing subscribers is a core component of Happy Viking’s strategy.

Happy Viking saw the same issues with their old subscription provider that thousands of brands across the globe see – limited customer portal, confusing dashboards, and more. They looked around for the best alternative and chose Stay Ai which offered solutions to all of their issues.

They knew migrating to Stay Ai would mean enhanced support – the platform provides speedy technical support as well as a dedicated account manager to ensure long term subscription success and optimize the program on an ongoing basis.

The Happy Viking team also loved that the merchant portal is best-in-class, offering a UX that is lightning fast and designed to make things easy for their CX team to manage subscribers and rapidly adjust subscriptions. To top it off, the analytics are unparalleled. Whereas metrics and graphs in other providers took minutes to refresh, often showed incorrect data, and were generally tricky to navigate. Stay Ai offered a dashboard that was easily digestible, holistic, and allows you to take action on the metrics that you’re seeing.

Knowing all this, they wanted to switch all subscribers over ASAP and worked hand in hand with the Stay Ai team to make it happen in just days. The Stay Ai team implemented custom subscription buy boxes onto the Happy Viking website and created a fully branded portal for Happy Viking. Then it was time to port over all subscribers, which took just under 3 hours. The Stay Ai team also wrote a script to consolidate all subscriptions so that if someone had multiple subscriptions, they would all register as one larger subscription under a single subscriber, to make for easier analysis and management for the Happy Viking team.

Working in tandem with the Stay Ai team allowed Happy Viking to revamp their subscription program in just days, with little to no effort expended on their own part, allowing them to focus on helping their customers live their healthiest lives.