EVER & EVER - Migrated off Recharge

Fighting Churn with Alternate Options on Cancel, Skip, and Pause

Presenting subscribers with viable alternatives to canceling, skipping, and pausing helps support Ever and Ever’s efforts to reduce churn.

Ever & Ever is a brand redefining how we drink water via fully recyclable aluminum packaging. When you’re working towards lofty environmental impact goals like Ever & Ever is, every subscriber counts, and that means keeping churn rates low.

One of the keys to fighting subscription churn is providing viable alternatives to cancellation. Stay Ai has these in spades—rather than simply canceling, customers have the ability to either pause their subscription, skip an order, or even gift their next shipment to someone.

Stay Ai is equipped with a dynamic logic tree that optimizes user actions for the most desirable outcome for your business. When someone goes to cancel their order, we pop open a screen with possible alternatives. When someone goes to skip, we ask them whether they’d like to gift it to someone. And when someone goes to pause, we ask them whether they’d like to just skip this next shipment. Ever & Ever is seeing consistent redemptions on these alternate offers, allowing them to maximize their monthly active subscriber base and cut down cancellations and skips.

We’re so happy that we switched over! Stay Ai seamlessly provides our consumers with a unique subscription experience that is unparalleled.

Stephanie Mina, Marketing & Digital Growth at Ever & Ever